Chapter 320

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Chapter 320: I think it’s feasible.

Two years passed in the blink of an eye, and Su Hao turned twenty!

This made Su Hao mutter to himself, “These two years have been peaceful, with no life-threatening incidents! Could it be that the so-called reincarnation crisis has disappeared?”

Long-term inertia made Su Hao overlook his current strength; no matter what crisis, a light swipe of his sword could settle the score. Once, any female martial artist could be a challenge; now, he was a challenge to all of them. He used to be overwhelmed by floods, but now he could control where they came and went.

The so-called crises Su Hao anticipated might have unintentionally been crushed by him passing by.

In these two years, Su Hao successfully completed his plan: designing a long-distance teleportation array. However, a significant drawback was apparent—it required activating teleportation arrays on both ends simultaneously.

Starting one end alone couldn’t connect to space! Su Hao had no other option but to consider it better than nothing, hoping future technological advancements could optimize it.

During the exploration of the secondary star, Su Hao discovered a unique substance called ‘Life-inducing Essence.’ It was a yellow crystalline substance covering the entire surface of the secondary star.

In environments with high oxygen levels, the ‘Life-inducing Essence’ had a potent stimulating effect on plants, showcasing the unique ecological environment of the secondary star with a low gravitational coefficient.

This ‘Life-inducing Essence’ not only stimulated plant growth but also affected animals similarly.

After understanding the principles, Su Hao gained a new runic symbol—Growth!

Su Hao chuckled, “It can fulfill the dreams of those who can’t grow taller to reach six feet.”

Although he obtained a seemingly useless runic symbol, Su Hao wasn’t disappointed because the research process itself was enjoyable.

Hmm… what if people turn into dwarfs in the future? Better be cautious!

Light warped around Su Hao, and the next moment, he disappeared from the secondary star, appearing on his main star in the depths of the universe. There was no time interval; the distant distance seemed like a mere decoration.

Su Hao appeared in a location exclusive to the Yashan’s laboratory! Calling it a laboratory felt inaccurate; Su Hao thought it should be called Yashan’s kitchen.

Upon returning, Su Hao smelled the lingering fragrance in the air. Turning around, he saw a table full of dishes neatly arranged and emitting steaming heat.

Su Hao unabashedly sat down and began to feast!

Before long, Yashan returned. After finishing the meal with Su Hao, he directly reported, “Boss Wei, you’ve come back at the right time. Let me update you on the progress of the ‘Pet House’ plan. The second phase of the custody facility is set to end tomorrow, pretty much in line with the initial expectations. The third phase is about to begin.

This phase marks the first time the ‘Pet House’ steps onto the world stage, showcased to everyone. Success or failure hinges on this move! However, the custody facility is well-prepared; they’ve even lined up numerous popular novels, comics, animations, and other promotional materials related to the theme.

My main concern is that the Summoner’s Association might interfere! They’ve already sensed our actions during this period and are trying to gather information. However, there’s no need to worry; I’ve made preparations. If the Summoner’s Association causes trouble, I’ll personally expose each of their senators and eliminate them. I’ll claim they are members of the Rebel Association! With my reputation as ‘Rebel Butcher No. 000,’ no one will object!

Moreover, the Rebel has begun to capture children worldwide again! As soon as I point the finger at the Summoner’s Association, they’ll be too busy dealing with their own problems!”

He now knew how to be a good assistant to Boss Wei! Actively report progress, provide hypotheses and results, suggest solutions, and predict outcomes…

Then Yashan heard Boss Wei casually say, “I know about this! There’s a senator in the Summoner’s Association, and she’s the leader of the Rebel!”

Yashan immediately opened his mouth wide, staring blankly at his Boss Wei, “What…”

Su Hao recalled for a moment and continued, “It’s Senator Jiang, she’s currently the sole top-level resistor in the Rebel.”

Yashan never doubted the truth of Boss Wei’s information, but he was still shocked! The Summoner’s Association, representing justice, the world’s most dazzling and dignified top ten senators, the supreme position of humanity…

How could a resistor infiltrate them? No, it should be, how could someone like a senator become a resistor? When he casually accused the top ten senators of being resistors, it was just to smear the Summoner’s Association, diverting their attention from the ‘Pet House’ plan!

Unexpectedly, the smear hit the fan!

Yashan sighed helplessly, “Boss Wei, this world is truly eye-opening!”

Su Hao smiled, “And you think this is eye-opening? You haven’t seen anything more astonishing yet!”

Yashan pondered while saying, “Boss Wei, after you knew Senator Jiang’s identity as a resistor, you didn’t immediately report or kill her. Are you thinking of seizing the opportunity to eliminate them all? Identifying a high-ranking resistor indeed provides an opportunity to wipe them out.”

Su Hao replied, “There’s that reason. Now that you know the information, how to handle it is your decision.”

Yashan said, “Alright, Boss Wei! I think we should wipe them all out, or at least eliminate as many as possible. If Boss Wei gets information about the next gathering of resistors, just let me know, and I’ll personally send them on their way.”

Su Hao said, “No problem!”

In reality, Su Hao knew that even if they gathered, it wouldn’t help because the resistors’ meeting place was on the secondary star. As long as Su Hao couldn’t pinpoint their exact location on the secondary star, he couldn’t wipe them out in one go.

Unfortunately, Su Hao had tried searching for a while but hadn’t found the palace where they gathered.

Yashan tightened his fists and declared, “Give me another two years, and when ‘Pet House’ is complete, it will be the time of the resistors’ demise.”

After Yashan left, Su Hao silently contemplated the matter of the resistors. Targeting defenseless children every day was utterly disgusting. If they weren’t dealt with, it would be like having annoying flies buzzing around the dining table.

Previously, Su Hao hadn’t earnestly searched for the resistors’ meeting palace because he was focused on researching the runic teleportation array and didn’t want to be distracted. Now that the runic teleportation array was successfully designed, Su Hao had the time to figure out how to thoroughly eliminate the remaining resistors.

After organizing his thoughts, Su Hao quickly had an idea!

Firstly, the ‘Pet House’ press conference would undoubtedly cause panic among the resistors. It could be anticipated that within the next month, there would be a large-scale gathering.

Secondly, confirming the palace’s location was possible. If Su Hao found one of the resistors’ [Shijun] hosts, he could create a short sword with thorns from a ‘positioning stone’ marked with his spatial coordinates. He could insert it into the host’s body during a sudden attack and let them teleport away, carrying the ‘positioning stone’ to the palace. This way, he could teleport to the palace through the ‘positioning stone.’

Lastly, seizing the opportunity to quietly go to the secondary star palace and set up a ‘double suppression force field’ runic symbol in advance.

That way, when they participated in the gathering, he could teleport over with Yashan, activate the ‘double suppression force field,’ and then massacre them all with Yashan!

“I think this plan is feasible!”

(End of this chapter)

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