Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Lin Beifan, do not offend!

It wasn’t until the senior brother completely left that chaos erupted on the scene.

“What’s wrong with Senior Brother?”

“Wasn’t he supposed to come to settle scores with Lin Beifan? Why is he protecting him instead?”

“They don’t seem like rivals; it’s more like a brotherly relationship! After a day of observation, I’m completely confused!”

“Something’s not right! Very not right!”

“Did Senior Brother let someone take over his body, or else how could he do such outrageous things?”

“Senior Brother’s strength is so strong, that shouldn’t be possible, right?”

Bai Yiyi was also bewildered, turning her head to ask, “Brother, do you know Senior Brother?”

Lin Beifan shook his head, “Don’t know!”

Bai Yiyi asked further, “Then why is he protecting you?”

Lin Beifan looked puzzled, “I don’t know!”

Wang Chuan looked at Wang Yao with confusion, “Brother, what’s going on? Senior Brother should be settling scores with Lin Beifan, right? Why not only did he not, but he also warned us?”

Wang Yao replied impatiently, “You ask me, who should I ask? I don’t know much more than you!”

“What do we do now?”

Wang Chuan anxiously asked, “With Senior Brother supporting Lin Beifan, can we still seek revenge in the future?”

Wang Yao’s expression changed uncertainly, “Don’t oppose Lin Beifan for now. Let me investigate the situation thoroughly before deciding!”

This matter ended with a whimper.

Everyone guessed the beginning but didn’t guess the ending.

From start to finish, this matter exuded a sinister nature, almost shattering everyone’s understanding.

Some speculated that this might be Senior Brother’s calculated move.

First, numb Lin Beifan and others, then deliver a fatal blow when people are no longer paying attention to the matter.

Some speculated that Lin Beifan might have a mysterious background.

Senior Brother happened to know about this, didn’t want to offend anyone, so he took the opportunity to turn hostility into friendship and befriended Lin Beifan.

Some speculated that Senior Brother might prefer men over women.

Someone like Lin Beifan might be his favorite, hence the urge to protect him.

Various rumors circulated wildly, creating a buzz.

But no matter how the rumors spread, everyone had a consensus: Lin Beifan should not be offended.

The two most outstanding disciples in the outer sect both protected him—one treated him like a beloved brother, the other defended him as a brother. Who would dare to provoke such a person?

As a result, Lin Beifan’s days became much more comfortable.

Although just a newly recruited disciple, his life was more nourishing than many senior disciples.

One day, Lin Beifan, as usual, was reading in the transmission hall.

At that moment, a voice reached his ears.

He calmly put down his books, left the transmission hall without attracting attention, and arrived at the back mountain. In a desolate pavilion, he met Senior Brother Li Xun.

At this moment, Senior Brother was boiling water for wine, and the fragrance filled the air.

On the table were peanuts, fennel beans, two pairs of chopsticks, two wine glasses—clearly waiting for someone.

Seeing Lin Beifan, Senior Brother was very pleased, beckoning, “You’ve come at the right time! The wine has just warmed up, and the flavor is rich!”

Lin Beifan smiled and walked over, sitting across from him, “Thanks for the hospitality, Senior Brother!”

Senior Brother smiled and waved, seemingly indifferent.

He directly reached into the hot furnace, pulled out a jug of wine, poured a cup for Lin Beifan, then poured one for himself, and drank it all in one go.

“Great wine! Rich fragrance, warm as jade, a sip leaves an endless aftertaste. Excellent!”

Lin Beifan chuckled, “Senior Brother, do you like drinking?”

Senior Brother smiled and shook his head, “Didn’t like it before, but I do now!”

Lin Beifan puzzled, “Why?”


Senior Brother couldn’t help but shake his head. Wasn’t it because of the influence of his past life?

In his previous life, he was quite the old drunkard!

Even with a deteriorating health, he couldn’t be separated from alcohol.

Now, given a second chance at life without the ailment, he grew to love drinking even more.

“Let me tell you, alcohol is a great thing!”

Senior Brother leisurely drank, saying with a smile, “Because alcohol can dispel a thousand worries! No matter how much is on your mind, how many troubles you have, just drink, and you can forget everything!”

“That’s true!” Lin Beifan nodded and smiled.

“Enough talking, let’s drink!” Senior Brother shouted.

Lin Beifan raised his wine glass and downed it in one go.

It had to be admitted, the wine was indeed good. However, it had a strong aftertaste, with alcohol rushing straight to the head, causing dizziness.

If he weren’t a cultivator, he might be drunk after two or three cups.

Apart from that, Lin Beifan also felt a slight increase in the divine power within his body.

Although minimal, almost negligible, regular consumption of this wine would undoubtedly have extraordinary effects.

So, Lin Beifan continued to drink several cups.

Senior Brother saw this and was very pleased, repeatedly pouring more wine for Lin Beifan.

A jug of freshly warmed wine, in less than the time it takes to drink a cup of tea, was entirely consumed by the two.

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