Chapter 32

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===032 Broken Hand===

“What should we do?” Fatty had a sad face, looking helplessly at Su Hao and He Qingqing.

Obviously, Fatty’s money was stolen, and they didn’t know who stole it. Where could they find it now?

Su Hao sighed and said, “What else can we do? Qingqing and I can help you out a bit. Just eat and drink less, and we can get through it.”

Fatty cried out, “No!”

He Qingqing’s face was angry, and she said, “If I find out who stole it, I won’t let them off without breaking their hand.”

Su Hao turned to He Qingqing and said, “Qingqing, you didn’t leave your money in the dormitory, right?”

He Qingqing shook her head and said, “My dad specifically told me to keep it with me.”

Fatty complained, “Why didn’t my dad tell me about it~”

Su Hao ignored him and turned directly to He Qingqing, “Even if it’s on you, it’s not necessarily safe. You have to be careful at all times.”

He Qingqing nodded.

After thinking for a moment, Su Hao entered the virtual space and instructed Pinball Space, “Extract the data before and after leaving the room.”

“Extraction successful.”

“Compare the differences before and after.”

“Comparing… Comparison successful.”

“Discovered unfamiliar footprints and fingerprints.”

“Footprints recorded successfully, fingerprints unclear, please collect again.”

Then, according to Pinball Space’s prompt, Su Hao picked up the object with fingerprints and placed it in front of him.

“Fingerprint recorded successfully.”

Su Hao exited the virtual space and walked out of the dormitory first, saying, “Qingqing, Fatty, let’s go.”

Fatty followed weakly and asked with a sigh, “Where are we going?”

“To find someone!” Su Hao replied without paying attention to Fatty.

He Qingqing curiously asked, “Are we going to find the thief?”

Su Hao nodded and said, “Yes!”

“How can we find them?””

“I naturally have my own way!” Su Hao said, and once again gave instructions to Pinball Space: search for unfamiliar footprints and fingerprints.

Soon, Pinball Space provided feedback, marking the locations or suspected locations of unfamiliar footprints in Su Hao’s field of vision with red circles.

In the suspicious eyes of He Qingqing and Fatty, Su Hao led them all the way, following the footprints. When the footprints disappeared, he expanded the search at the break point and quickly continued.

In no time, Su Hao and the others arrived at a restaurant outside the Warrior Academy.

The waiter warmly greeted them with a smile: “Please come in, what would you like to eat?”

Su Hao shook his head and said, “No need. We’re looking for someone, you can go about your business.”

The waiter was disappointed and said, “Alright, feel free to do as you please.”

Fatty and He Qingqing followed nervously behind Su Hao, hardly daring to breathe. They wouldn’t have dared to come in by themselves, but seeing Su Hao looking indifferent, they couldn’t help but admire him.

Heading upstairs, Su Hao quickly found his target, a man with short hair and an average physique. It was evident that he had practiced martial arts. His looks were average, but his smile was so bright that all his facial features squeezed together. At the moment, he was busy sharing his success with his companions, laughing, “These past two years have been tough. It’s been a while since I’ve met such a naive kid. I was just following along with a stroke of luck, but didn’t expect it to work out. Today, I’ve made a fortune.”

His companions chimed in, “You did well today, luck’s on your side. We didn’t have any gains, but we’ll enjoy this table of food and drink because of you.”

The man with short hair proudly declared, “That’s right! With this amount, I can live a carefree life for a month.”

“Cheers, let’s get rich every day.”


The three of them laughed heartily, raising their glasses to make a toast.

“Sorry to interrupt, but I need to confirm something.”

Suddenly, a young, mature voice sounded from the side.

The three turned to see that it was actually a boy around ten years old. The man with short hair immediately became impatient and said, “Get lost, go away, don’t disturb your daddy drinking.”

As he spoke, he even reached out to push Su Hao.

Su Hao grabbed the man’s hand and flipped it upward.

“Fingerprint match successful.”

Su Hao smiled brightly and said, “Great, I found you! Now, handover the stolen money!”

The man with short hair was shocked and tried to pull his hand back forcefully, but couldn’t. Upon hearing Su Hao’s words, he shouted, “You little brat, what do you want? Let go of your daddy’s hand!”

Su Hao sneered and said, “It seems you still haven’t remembered, huh.”

Turning his head, he waved to Fatty and said, “Fatty, come over and identify him.”

The short-haired man only noticed Fatty standing by his side at this moment.

Realizing that trouble was brewing, he knew that the owner had found him. In his desperation, his two companions stood up and offered their help.

The two men reached out and grabbed Su Hao, shouting, “Are you looking for trouble? You deserve a beating! Today, we’ll teach you a lesson on behalf of your parents.”

Without even looking, Su Hao lifted his foot and aimed at them, kicking them away. The two men crashed into a pillar and fell down, unable to get up for a while.

The noise caught the attention of the people eating, who quickly stood up and moved away to avoid any harm.

The waiter nearby hurriedly approached, but dared not get too close. Anxiously, he said to Su Hao, “Hey, hey, what happened? Stop it quickly, don’t cause any trouble.”

Su Hao turned to the waiter with a smile and said, “Just wait for a moment, it will be over soon.”

Then, he coldly said to the short-haired man, “So, do you now know what I want to do? Hand over the stolen money!”

The short-haired man tried to argue, saying, “What money? I don’t know what you”re talking about. You”ve mistaken me for someone else.”

Su Hao didn’t waste any more words and quickly twisted his wrist.


The short-haired man’s hand was broken, and he let out a sharp and miserable scream.

Fatty’s heart skipped a beat, his eyes widened in shock. He Qingqing clenched her lips and tightly held her fists, clearly shaken. In her mind, she wondered if she had suggested breaking the thief’s hand, and it was Su Hao who actually twisted it.

The other customers also gasped in astonishment. They didn’t expect this delicate-looking young boy to cruelly break someone’s hand with just a few words!

Fatty and He Qingqing had a big question mark in their minds: “How did Xiangwu determine that this man stole the money? What if he got it wrong?”

Without keeping them waiting for long, after breaking the short-haired man’s hand, Su Hao ignored his begging and flipped him to the ground. Then he reached out and searched him, quickly finding three money bags.

Holding the three money bags, Su Hao asked Fatty, “Which one is yours?”

“This one!!!” Fatty’s eyes lit up, and he immediately rushed forward to hug one of the bulging money bags. He treated it like a treasure, kissing and touching it, almost shedding tears of excitement. This feeling of recovering what was lost almost made him want to kneel down and thank Su Hao.

At this moment, they no longer doubted that Su Hao had mistaken someone else.

The surrounding customers seemed to understand the situation as well. Their gaze towards the short-haired man changed from pity to schadenfreude. They daringly approached and started gossiping, making sarcastic remarks.

The short-haired man was still begging for mercy.

Su Hao shook the remaining two money bags in his hand, revealing a smile.

The short-haired man became overjoyed, thinking that Su Hao was going to let him go.

But Su Hao unexpectedly lifted his foot and stomped on his other hand.


The short-haired man once again let out a scream like a slaughtered pig. His other hand was also trampled and broken.

Seeing the short-haired man’s desperation, the waiter looked at him hesitantly and said, “Um… about this food and wine… the payment…”
Su Hao saw his dilemma and approached to search the bodies of the short-haired man’s two companions, finding some silver coins and throwing them to the teammate, saying, “Is this enough?”

The teammate immediately showed a smile and nodded repeatedly, “It’s enough, it’s enough!”

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