Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: Drunken Immortal Tower


The full moon hung in the sky, solitary and bright.

Drunken Immortal Tower.

A bustling wine loft, women on the stage dancing with long sleeves, a group of scantily clad beautiful women wandering in the hall below, laughter and cheer filling the air.



A violent sound from a wooden table silenced the lively wine loft at an eerie speed.

Then the crowd heard,

“Absurd. Absurd! Xu Changge went to the ancient abyss and killed a mere snake demon, yet the Crown Prince himself welcomed him to the capital as a state guest!”

Beside the railing on the second floor, a scholar in a scholar’s robe slammed his hand on the table and stood up, a slightly tipsy expression on his face as he shouted.

As his words fell, the hall fell silent once again, almost everyone turning their gaze towards him.

His companion’s eyelids twitched, hurriedly tugging on his sleeve, and loudly said,
“Ah, Brother Li, you’re drunk, spouting nonsense.”

Saying this, the companion bowed apologetically to the people below:
“Sorry, sorry, he’s just a bit drunk, excuse his words, everyone, please continue drinking, continue drinking.”

Seeing this, the diners in the hall laughed along, raising their cups, listening to music.

At this moment,

The scholar noticed that no one was paying attention to him anymore. Under the influence of alcohol, he swung his robe sleeve, shaking off his companion’s hand. His face filled with sorrow and urgency, he raised his voice again:

“I’m not drunk! His Majesty resides in the palace and has been out of contact for a long time. Now that the Crown Prince is leaving the city, it must be the machinations of that faction led by the Prime Minister’s son!”

As his words fell, the previously lively Drunken Immortal Tower fell into a silence where one could hear a pin drop.

Seeing no one questioning him, the scholar felt a bit excited from the attention. Taking a deep breath, he continued with a raised voice:

“Our Great Yan Dynasty has prospered for over a thousand and three hundred years. That Xu Yinhe held the position of Prime Minister due to us scholars being exemplary models, but now his ambitious nature is evident! Leaving aside their formation of cliques and their selfishness, there are rumors that they have their own private army. The high-ranking officials in the court are all concerned about self-preservation! Xu Yinhe’s third son, Xu Changtian, is even more monstrous. He abducts young women, flagrantly exploits the common people.”

The scholar loudly criticized the current Prime Minister. He completely ignored the gradual darkening of the faces of his companions sitting beside him. Several of them had even quietly distanced themselves from the impassioned scholar’s words.

Criticizing the Prime Minister and criticizing high-ranking officials, is there a problem with that?

Of course not.

Isn’t that what scholars do?

If they don’t criticize them, who will they criticize?

Every time they gather for a private meeting, they have to criticize.


You f**king can’t criticize during our private gathering, right?!

Who said no one offered remonstrance against that Prime Minister?

No one offered remonstrance,

Then who were those heads piled up at the city’s market?

Who were those warriors sent to the northern frontier and southern territories to resist the demonic creatures and barbarians?


After spewing for a while, the scholar let out a long breath. Seemingly addicted to criticizing, he was about to continue his second act when a voice suddenly came from the corner of the hall:

“An insignificant scholar with no achievements, smearing the high-ranking officials of the court. Do you really think Jingjiang City lacks its Secret Investigation Bureau?”

The young scholar, upon hearing someone’s retort, immediately replied with an air of righteousness:

“What can the Secret Investigation Bureau do if they come? I am speaking nothing but the truths that others dare not voice!”

“What can they do? Hehe, how about we notify them to come and witness the one who dares to speak what others don’t?”


The young scholar was momentarily stunned by this, opened his mouth as if to argue, but cautiously glanced around and saw nothing but mocking and derisive looks. Half-sober, his face twitched slightly, turning shades of purple and red. In the end, disregarding his image, he sat down.

Witnessing this scene,

For a moment, everyone burst into laughter again. The Drunken Immortal Tower was lively once more, both inside and outside brimming with a cheerful atmosphere.
Xu Yuan, situated on the top floor, silently observed everything transpiring below.

Regardless of the era or the world, the life experience of those with wealth or power is distinct from that of ordinary people.

The internal structure of the Drunken Immortal Tower is a hollow, tall, well-like building. The level of consumption increases from floor to floor.

The ground floor is one level, where nearly two hundred people squeeze together to enjoy music, just for the visual pleasure.

The second to fourth floors form another level, with a relatively relaxed and peaceful environment. Friends can gather here, call for a few girls through the madam, and enjoy drinking together.

The fifth to eighth floors are individual elegant chambers, where refined activities like listening to music and playing the flute mostly take place.

The ninth to twelfth floors are private rooms, specifically for staying guests.

Each private room is designated with a number and has its own named courtesan.

The thirteenth top floor is a suite.

Only one room.

Once booked, the entire floor becomes your space.

You can summon any girl from the Drunken Immortal Tower, and the maids within the top floor are all carefully selected, refined young women. Each one possesses a top-tier appearance and figure.

As a professional dandy, Xu Yuan, upon returning to Jingjiang City, naturally came to this familiar Drunken Immortal Tower and reserved the top floor.

However, he hadn’t expected to unexpectedly witness this scene here.

Being scolded didn’t matter much to him.

You’re scolding Xu Changtian, what business is it of mine, Xu Yuan?

The only thing worth noting was the speed of information transmission in the Great Yan Dynasty.

Zhou Chen had just told him in the morning that his elder brother had arrived at the Imperial Capital, and by evening, this news had spread among the scholars and young masters of Jingjiang City.

Thinking about it, the Great Yan Dynasty spans thousands of miles with just one province. If they couldn’t achieve timely news and fact transmission, it would have likely split long ago.

Lost in thoughts about these matters, without his notice, Xu Yuan’s shoulder was suddenly tapped.

A somewhat tipsy voice came from behind him:

“Third Young Master, still standing here?”

It was Zhou Chen.

As his bodyguard and tutor, Zhou Chen naturally followed Xu Yuan to the Drunken Immortal Tower to eat, drink, and have fun.

In this refined establishment, this guy was even more skilled than the original owner. Upon arriving at the top floor, he immediately familiarly embraced two maids and entered a room.

Xu Yuan calmly glanced at this bearded expert from the corner of his eye and chuckled:

“Well, done so soon?”

Zhou Chen: “…”

A trace of embarrassment appeared on Zhou Chen’s slightly tipsy face. He cleared his throat:

“No, don’t guess randomly. It’s not about seeking pleasure; it’s for the sake of the cultivation technique. Quick progress is what’s expected.”

Pausing for a moment, he took a sip from his gourd and glanced at Xu Yuan as if nothing had happened:

“Third Young Master, aren’t you going to have some fun here?”


Xu Yuan calmly met his gaze and chuckled:

“Mr. Zhou, can’t you see my physical condition?”

“After practicing, I realized that my body suffered severe damage from past indulgences and extravagance. Continuing like this… well, for the time being, it’s not feasible. Alright, if I encounter any issues with my cultivation, I’ll come to you, Mr. Zhou. Feel free.”

Having said that, Xu Yuan glanced at the well-endowed young ladies standing nearby, silently recited a few lines about how indulgence harms the body, then turned and left.

Watching the Third Young Master’s departing figure, Zhou Chen, holding a wine jug against the railing, shook his head. He then found two maids among the girls, embraced one in each arm, and headed towards a room while shaking his head and sighing:

“Tsk, I thought the Third Young Master was one of us.”

Before he could finish speaking,

Xu Yuan’s voice, filled with a playful tone, drifted from afar:

“Mr. Zhou, I really don’t want to be one of ‘us’.”

Zhou Chen was taken aback, then he turned back towards Xu Yuan’s retreating figure and grinned:

“Heh, as expected, you are one of us.”

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