Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: This demon is too good at manipulating people’s hearts, I can’t fall for it!

The second protagonist, Ye Xingchen, is completely unaware that he has been deceived by Lin Beifan and has established an arch-enemy.

Currently, he is at home, trying to keep his spirits up: “The demonic king Lin Beifan is not easy to defeat! In my previous life, he single-handedly dealt with so many powerful beings and still managed effortlessly. This shows how terrifying he is! This is just a small setback; it’s nothing! I’ll have plenty of opportunities to kill him while being by his side!”

After thinking so, he felt much better.

The next day, he arrived in high spirits to report to Li Beifan.

Lin Beifan looked at him with satisfaction. “Brother Ye, you seem much better after a day of rest!”

“Sorry to have worried you, Boss Lin!” Ye Xingchen regretfully said, “After going back, I deeply reflected on myself and realized that leaving Boss Lin midway was very wrong.”

Lin Beifan waved his hand. “It’s nothing. After all, you became like this because you helped me with the drinking! Moreover, you made money for me yesterday. I’m grateful to you and wouldn’t blame you.”

“Thank you, Boss Lin!” Ye Xingchen was grateful and teary-eyed, as if he would devote himself until death for Lin Beifan.

Lin Beifan stood up and smiled. “Now that you have recovered, come with me. There’s a surprise waiting for you!”

Ye Xingchen was puzzled. “What surprise?”

Lin Beifan smiled mysteriously. “You’ll know when you get there!”

Following Lin Beifan’s footsteps, they arrived at a conference hall.

Lin Beifan stood at the entrance, gesturing for Ye Xingchen to go in.

Ye Xingchen, with great talents and boldness, knew that besides Lin Beifan, no one in this world could defeat him!

For now, they were still friends, so he couldn’t make a move against him.

Thus, Ye Xingchen pushed the door and entered.

Suddenly, there were two loud bangs, and fireworks scattered everywhere, covering him with a festive atmosphere.

Inside the conference hall, there were many people, all saying in unison, “Surprise!”

In the conference hall, there were also two bottles of red wine and some snacks.

Ye Xingchen was dumbfounded. “Boss Lin, this is…”

Lin Beifan walked over with a smile. “Brother Ye, you made several hundred million for the company yesterday, which was a great contribution! So, this celebration banquet is specially arranged for you!”

Ye Xingchen quickly said, “Boss Lin, I didn’t really do much…”

Lin Beifan pretended to be displeased. “Brother Ye, don’t be modest! Without your suggestions and help, we wouldn’t have made this money! I am a person who rewards and punishes fairly, so since you have made significant contributions, you deserve a reward!”

Lin Beifan clapped his hands, and Liu Rumei brought a commendation red sash, with a large red flower on it.

There were a few shining big characters on it: Outstanding Advanced Worker!

“Brother Ye, stand still. Let me put it on you!”

Lin Beifan personally held the commendation red sash and solemnly draped it on Ye Xingchen.

“And this!”

Lin Beifan had a large golden card in his hand, which he handed to Ye Xingchen.

This golden card was big and beautiful, with a gold rim. In the most eye-catching part, it said 1 million soft sister coins.

“Boss Lin, this is…”

Lin Beifan smiled. “This is your bonus! Brother Ye, you have made us so much money, your contribution is immense! So, after careful consideration, I decided to award you 1 million as a bonus! It’s not much, please accept it!”

Ye Xingchen was about to decline, but Lin Beifan immediately said, “Don’t refuse, you deserve it!”

The surrounding employees were extremely envious.

“A 1 million bonus!!!”

“This is equal to three years of my salary!”

“Four years for me!”

“This bodyguard is so lucky!”

“He’s not that great, the main thing is that he’s with the right boss!”

“It’s worth it to have a boss like this!”

Lin Beifan waved his hand grandly. “Our department made a lot of money! Therefore, I solemnly announce that all employees in our department will have their bonus salaries doubled this month!”

The whole room erupted in commotion.

“We also get a share? That’s great!”

“Doubling the salary and bonus, that’s a lot of money!”

“Boss Lin is so generous!”

“We’ve followed the right leader!”

Finally, thousands of words condensed into one sentence.

“Thank you, Boss Lin!”

Applause thundered throughout the room.

“Clap, clap…”

Lin Beifan shouted again, “This comrade Ye has made a great contribution, so his salary will be tripled!”

The room erupted in commotion once again.

“In addition to the 1 million bonus, there’s also triple the bonus?”

“Boss Lin really loves him so much!”

“This kind of boss is truly worth following!”

Applause thundered again.

“Clap, clap…”

Lin Beifan shouted once more, “From now on, as long as you work with me, I won’t treat you unfairly! As long as you make accomplishments, no matter who you are, I will reward you generously!”

No need for more words, applause rose again.

“Clap, clap…”

Everyone was truly excited, so thrilled!

It felt like they could see a bright future!

Especially our protagonist, Ye Xingchen, was also very excited.

He looked at the scattered flowers, the applause throughout the room, the envious gazes of the crowd, held the 1 million bonus in his hands, and the big red flower on his chest. Suddenly, he felt the urge to give his all, full of enthusiasm!


Why am I having such thoughts?

Ye Xingchen shook his head vigorously, trying to break free from this atmosphere.

This is the super big demon, my enemy in two lifetimes. I don’t even have time to kill him, how can I give my all for him?

Protagonist Ye Xingchen secretly reminded himself, “This demon is too good at deceiving people’s hearts. I almost fell into his trap! I must always stay calm and not be fooled by him!”

“Soft Sister Coins” is a term used in Chinese internet slang and refers to a virtual currency or fictional currency used in online communities or gaming platforms. It’s often associated with a playful and lighthearted tone. The term originated from a popular internet meme in China and has become a way to jokingly refer to virtual or non-existent currencies. In the context of the translation, “1 million Soft Sister Coins” is a humorous way of expressing a large amount of money, emphasizing the generosity of the bonus given to Ye Xingchen.

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