Chapter 319

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Chapter 319: Rune Teleportation Array

The work Su Hao has done in the past two years is not just designing the ‘Pokemon’ community. The birth of the Pokemon community took him only half a year.

He also simplified the genetic modification technology to transform humans into ‘Balance Organization’ giants. As long as someone provides blood, the ‘Balance Master’ automatic program designed by Su Hao can be used to produce good genetic modification fluid, thereby gaining the ability to traverse space.

All of the above are secondary. What he cares more about is his intellectual gains. He not only thoroughly understood the technologies publicly disclosed by the management agency but also used his spare time to study his spatial technology.

Nowadays, his five spatial technologies have matured, with reduced difficulty and faster activation speed, making them usable in battles. The five technologies are ‘Super Long-Distance Location Teleportation Technology,’ ‘Short-Distance Blinking Technology,’ ‘Personal Storage Space Technology,’ ‘Spatial Exile Technology,’ and ‘Spatial Barrier Technology.’

Only the ‘Super Long-Distance Location Teleportation Technology’ requires a special mental inertia alloy to assist in marking the location. Su Hao can effortlessly handle the other spatial technologies.

As for ‘Spatial Cutting Technology’ and ‘Spatial Location Technology’…

Su Hao admits he has no clue. This spatial technology is completely different from the legendary space fissures that can tear people apart with a ‘crack.’

“After completing the development of the secondary star and thoroughly eradicating the rebels, I’ll focus on nuclear energy research!” Su Hao silently makes his plan, entering the pinball space to check the current project development progress.

A month later, the project leader of the management agency’s ‘Pet Home’ project announced the successful completion of the first phase of ‘Technical Coordination.’ Everyone took a day off, then entered the second phase of ‘Establishing Infrastructure.’

This phase has little to do with Su Hao, fully entrusted to the management agency, lasting two years. As long as the management agency establishes a base in the designated location on the secondary star within two years, covering signals on this star, the ‘Trainer Growth Path’ can be created.

Of course, the cultivation and deployment of Pokemons and the production of Pokemon Balls cannot be neglected.

The resources needed for this have to be figured out by the management agency itself!

After completing the first phase, Su Hao left the management agency, instructing Yashan to register a ‘Pet Home Technology Company’ in Bai Jingyi’s name. In the name of ‘Pet Home Technology Company,’ it cooperates with the management agency.

Then the management agency arranged for suitable personnel to take over the operation of ‘Pet Home,’ injected funds, and executed the plan!

Equity distribution is straightforward: Bai Jingyi holds 15%, the rest is allocated by the management agency, and Su Hao is responsible for solving some technical problems, while the management agency is responsible for construction and operation. The research results of ‘Pet Home’ are jointly signed by both parties…

All of these are trivial matters for Su Hao. As long as the corresponding goals are achieved, it is enough. In the next few years, he plans to explore the secondary star and complete his envisioned next goal—the Rune Teleportation Array.

In two or three years, the management agency probably has already established the ‘Pet Home’ platform.

As for Yashan, let him continue to stay at the management agency and mingle with those researchers for a while. Su Hao noticed a significant change in Yashan over the past few years. He could clearly feel Yashan’s deep-seated desire for the unknown and his willingness to persevere for a goal, demonstrating the demeanor of a mature researcher.

After a visit to Dawn Orphanage, Su Hao alone teleported to the secondary star. Flying over a vast ocean of giant trees, he searched for a suitable location to establish a temporary base. However, after flying for a long time, all he saw was green leaves, and there was no place to land.

“Alright, let’s just find a random spot!” Su Hao bent down and flew towards the ground, diving into the dense foliage, entering the dark canopy below.

Countless massive and sturdy branches crisscrossed, looking down, seemingly bottomless. Su Hao had tested the height of these giant trees; they were at least over 1,500 meters, with trunks as thick as pillars.

Every time he saw such a scene, Su Hao couldn’t help but admire, “This planet is so unique! It’s like being in a fairy tale. Who would have thought that such massive trees really exist!”

Su Hao jumped between branches, looking for a suitable temporary base, and soon found a dry and flat set of branches.

From a distance, this set of branches didn’t seem particularly special, but stepping on it, Su Hao realized that it was as large as a football field.

Su Hao stomped his foot, producing a solid, muffled sound. Regretfully, he said, “If only I could locate the coordinates of this planet, I could become the world’s richest person just by selling wood!”

Su Hao quickly dug a cave in the trunk, turning it into his temporary base.

“Next, use this as a base to gather information from the secondary star and study the complete Rune Teleportation Array.”

With the idea of ‘Pokemon Balls,’ Su Hao believed he could succeed. “Even without supercomputing power, I can still open a spatial channel!”

On a branch of a giant tree on the secondary star, there was a magnificent palace. It was one of the gathering places for the rebels.

At this moment, nearly a thousand people gathered on the platform outside the palace. A beautiful woman with a veil covering her face stood on the elevated platform in front. She was none other than Mrs. Qi, also known as Senator Jiang, one of the five elders of the rebel association and one of the ten senators of the Summoners Association. Her real name was Jiang Xinyue.

Finally having the time after raising her fourth son, she could organize a meeting for the rebels!

However, out of the original five elders, only she remained. It seemed she was now the highest-ranking elder, and everyone should listen to her. But things were far from simple.

As long as she didn’t find and eliminate the so-called ‘Rebel Butcher,’ she couldn’t gain the trust of the others. She knew that no one actually cared about the dead rebels, but not caring and attitude were two different things.

If she wanted to secure her position as the elder, her attitude had to be clearly demonstrated.

Should she go trouble the ‘Rebel Butcher’? She didn’t dare, but she couldn’t say it out loud. It might be considered a betrayal by the association, and her identity might be exposed!

Although she had hidden her identity well, there was no guarantee that someone with ill intentions wouldn’t discover it, right!

So, she evaded for five years, citing the need to care for her young child. However, after sending the child to school, her protective shield disappeared, and she had to face a group of enraged rebels.

In her heart, Mrs. Qi complained, “With all your intense emotions, why not vent on the Butcher? Why stare at me? Can’t you count on someone else…”

Although full of complaints internally, Mrs. Qi maintained a calm demeanor, her lips lightly parting, “Since I’m back, I’ll take on the Butcher’s matter.”

Upon hearing this, everyone’s spirits were shaken. Yes! This was the feeling – their Mrs. Qi, their queen, had returned!

Mrs. Qi continued with a faint tone, “Our ‘Summoned Beast Resistance Association’ emphasizes harmonious coexistence with nature, exploring the ultimate mysteries of the secondary star world, and staying aloof from worldly conflicts. But that doesn’t mean we can be treated recklessly. Therefore, in the next step, I need the cooperation of all rebels… to eliminate the Butcher!”

After speaking, Mrs. Qi turned around and walked slowly into the magnificent palace.

In her heart, Mrs. Qi thought, “I’ve stated the words, expressed the attitude. I hope everyone has some sense and doesn’t push things too far. If anyone dares to cause trouble, just have them cooperate to deal with the Butcher… I won’t go!”

She quietly asked her assistant next to her, “Ah Li, how much of our balance stabilizer do we have left?”

Ah Li whispered, “Mrs. Qi, there are still three thousand doses. We’ve been cautious in recent years, so the stock is decreasing. Should we restart operations?”

Mrs. Qi narrowed her eyes slightly, a smile playing on her lips, “Of course, what’s the point of the Summoned Beast Resistance Association if it doesn’t operate? Let’s start operating tomorrow! Slowly build momentum and get everyone involved! Hehehe!”

With a smile on her face, Mrs. Qi thought to herself, “This world is really stagnant water!”

“As for the Rebel Butcher? I won’t actively seek trouble with you! But if you have the ability, come find me! Let’s see if I hide well, or if you find me well! Hehehe! It’s quite interesting!”

Then, Su Hao’s black giant wasp parasitic unit, unnoticed by anyone, parasitized Mrs. Qi’s body.

In a maximum of twenty days, this rebel queen would become Su Hao’s puppet!

(End of this chapter)

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