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Chapter 318

Chapter 318: Successful Testing

After a month of collaboration on the “Pet House” project, the plan has been completely finalized. The efficiency on both sides is evident, showing a strong commitment to getting things done. The custody agency is indeed an excellent partner.

Su Hao opens the thick two-centimeter plan and examines it page by page. In just half a day, he has a good understanding. Overall, there are minor differences from the expectations, but it doesn’t affect the final results.

The plan is divided into three phases:

1. The first phase, technical coordination, lasts for two years. The main task is to coordinate various technologies to ensure the plan is achieved as expected. For example, the “Pokè Ball” requires technology to use it as a medium, replacing the summoner’s mental power to summon the corresponding creature. Su Hao cannot achieve this on his own or solely rely on the custody agency.

2. Su Hao introduces the concept of “Cloud Summoning,” suggesting establishing a large supercomputing center on this planet, connecting each “Pokè Ball” to provide powerful computing power for summoning by calculating spatial movements.

3. The third phase involves Su Hao’s short-distance teleportation technology and the application of the ‘sensing’ rune to coordinate spatial movements and open space channels.

Though the process is complex, it is practically feasible. After Su Hao proposes “Cloud Summoning,” many engineers at the custody agency are astonished, thinking, “Can it be done like this? Why didn’t I think of that?” Despite the agency’s personnel considering this solution, it’s futile without Su Hao’s rune ideas as a reference.

Regarding the “Evolution Program,” Su Hao plans to select some cute-looking deputy star beasts, transform them into exotic creatures with a “transformation room,” and designate them as “Little Pokèmons.” To differentiate them from deputy star beasts, Su Hao uses genetic technology to add a tuft of blood-red fur to the foreheads of the Little Pokèmons. By obtaining the corresponding creature’s fur, Little Pokèmons can evolve into more advanced Pokèmons. Trainers aim to defeat Little Pokèmons, obtain their fur, and allow their own Little Pokèmons to evolve.


Su Hao gives himself a thumbs up for his cleverness!

Technologies like the ones mentioned above are not achievable and mature overnight. According to professional analysis, it will take a minimum of two years.

The second phase, the infrastructure establishment phase, will last for two years. Setting up a mere supercomputing center requires a significant amount of manpower and financial resources, not achievable in a short period. Moreover, establishing numerous signal base stations globally and even on deputy stars adds to the complexity.

The third phase, the promotional testing phase, will last for one year.

Completing these three phases will take at least five years, known as the “Pet House Five-Year Plan.” In summary, it’s a burning of funds! Anticipated within the next ten years, there will be only investment, no profit!

However, once the plan succeeds, its value can’t be represented by ‘money.’ It’s almost certain that the custody agency could rule over two planets! The benefits are self-evident.

In the future, when people from the custody agency go out, they won’t just say they are summoning beast custody agency employees; they will say, ‘I am an employee of the Planetary Chain Company.’ It’s a different essence. One could say the custody agency has ascended.

In the following time, Su Hao and Yashan didn’t return to the Huaiyuan Base in Beinozhou. Instead, they directly joined the custody agency’s research team, actively participating in technological innovation and implementation.

The objectives are threefold:

1. Learn knowledge in various fields from the talented individuals inside.
2. Digest the technical data given to him by Chen Chufeng within the custody agency.
3. Utilize the vast resources of the custody agency for his own research.

In just two months at the custody agency, Su Hao felt the convenience brought by the massive resources. Looking at the high-tech equipment in the custody agency, he almost drooled.

“These devices are incredibly powerful! How did I even conduct research in the past? Looking back, it feels like it was incredibly tough!”

If only these devices could be taken away…

Soon, Su Hao shook his head; taking them away was impossible! He couldn’t even take his own body, so what could he take? Only information could be taken. Su Hao injected his blood essence into these devices, recording all these large high-tech devices in the space of his Pokè Ball – better than nothing!

Su Hao considered materializing these devices within the Pokè Ball space, but it would be futile. The system’s calculations wouldn’t exceed the scope of cognitive information.

Two years later, Su Hao turned eighteen. Yashan, now taller and more robust, wearing a white coat, excitedly ran to Su Hao’s laboratory door, handing over a billiard-sized metal ball, “Boss Jing, the Pokè Ball passed the test yesterday!”

Su Hao paused his work, took off his protective suit, pushed open the lab door, and received the metal ball. The ball had a button on it, otherwise seamlessly integrated, like a spherical iron lump with no distinct features. This was the Pokè Ball developed over the past two years to replace summoners in summoning.

Su Hao’s blood surged as he recorded the Pokè Ball’s information in the Pokè Ball space. The intricate instruments inside the Pokè Ball instantly manifested before Su Hao.

Handing back the Pokè Ball, Su Hao said, “Try it out.”

“Sure thing, Boss Jing!” Yashan took it, and after entering the summoning room with Su Hao, he held the Pokè Ball in his right hand, pressed the button with his thumb, and tossed the Pokè Ball forward.


The Pokè Ball landed, making a distinctive sound. Immediately, where the Pokè Ball was, the light distorted, and an adorable gray round-nosed rabbit appeared in front of them.

“Chirp chirp~” The round-nosed rabbit was entirely gray, gentle in temperament, with lively eyes. It looked at Yashan with a hint of affection. It was evident that its intelligence was much higher than other violent deputy star beasts.

Two soft, floppy ears bent outward, and in the middle of the head between the ears, there was a tuft of bright red fur.

This was the brand-new species, the ‘Round-Nosed Rabbit’ Little Pokèmon, personally designed by Dr. Bai Jingzhong. Its current level was ‘Grade One’!

In reality, Su Hao only made three modifications:

1. Added a small ‘transformation room’ inside, allowing the Little Pokèmon to evolve and upgrade by consuming the ‘Pokèmon Dumb Hair’ on its head.
2. Added a tuft of ‘Pokèmon Dumb Hair’ on the Little Pokèmon’s head, containing a significant amount of genetic information. It could evolve by random recombination.
3. With the joint efforts of custody agency researchers, slightly increased the intelligence of the Little Pokèmon, making it easier for trainers to form so-called bonds with them.

And the bond game was the most insane factor that could drive those youngsters crazy.

Su Hao expressed satisfaction, saying, “Not bad, not bad. Much better than expected!”

Yashan then showed a wristband on his wrist, saying, “Not only that, the Pokè Ball retrieval mode has also been successfully added. Paired with a smart wristband, after a successful summoning, trainers don’t need to go personally. Just press the wristband’s retrieval button, and the Pokè Ball will automatically return to the summoner’s Pokè Ball pouch.”

Finishing his words, Yashan pressed the wristband retrieval button. The Pokè Ball he had thrown out disappeared in the blink of an eye. Then, Yashan turned around, reaching into his Pokè Ball pouch behind his waist, pulling out the Pokè Ball he had just thrown.

Su Hao immediately gave a thumbs up and praised, “Impressive! I didn’t expect your Pokè Ball R&D team to be so thorough, quite to my liking!”

Then, silently in his mind, Su Hao added, “If the summoning program is set with a line like ‘Go! XXX!’ it would be even more perfect!”

Proudly, Yashan demonstrated how to retrieve the Little Pokèmon to Su Hao, playing with great delight, as if he had found the joy of scientific research creation.

After Yashan left, Su Hao silently thought, “The second phase should be starting soon!”

(End of this chapter)


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