Chapter 317

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Chapter 317: Good Thinking

Chen Qingsheng went back, promising to give Su Hao a definite answer within three days upon his return. Su Hao agreed to wait, stating that if the deputy manager disagreed, he would seek cooperation elsewhere.

After Chen Qingsheng left, Yashan immediately voiced his confusion: “Boss Wei, is this the plan you mentioned three years ago to completely eradicate the rebels?”

Su Hao nodded, saying, “Exactly! If successful, the rebels will lose their ground for survival. In about ten years, they will cease to exist entirely. To eliminate an enemy like ringworm, you don’t necessarily have to eliminate the ringworm itself; destroying the host is also effective. For example, if you can’t get rid of the cockroaches at home, what do you do?”

Yashan replied, “Burn the house!”

Su Hao snapped his fingers, saying, “Correct answer! Although not immediately apparent, that’s the general idea.”

Yashan quickly made an analogy, “Then shouldn’t we destroy the deputy star?”

Su Hao slapped him, saying, “The deputy star is too massive. Can you destroy it? It’s about understanding the essence! The problem lies not in the deputy star but in the rebels’ ability to arrogantly traverse it. Break their arrogance, and there will be no rebels. If we can’t solve the root issue, many children will still be captured to produce balance agents.

Without rebels, there will be new ‘troublemakers,’ ‘weepers,’ ‘guardians of the toilet,’ and the like popping up.”

Yashan, enlightened, said, “I understand, Boss Wei! It’s similar to what I read in a book recently. The book mentioned that ‘new problems will constantly emerge.’ So, we solve the rebels, but new problems will arise, creating a cycle. There are too many problems; we can’t make the world perfect. We just need to do our part.”

Growing more excited, Yashan continued, “Regarding the rebel issue, it’s clear. Our goal isn’t the rebels; it’s just protecting children from being abducted. If we don’t address the root cause of children producing balance agents, even if we eradicate the rebels, other organizations will emerge, using children for the same purpose, bringing us back to square one.”

Yashan looked at Su Hao with admiration, “Boss Wei, you saw the essence from the beginning and found a solution. That’s spreading knowledge about the deputy star worldwide, opening official, low-cost channels to transport to the deputy star, eliminating the grounds for the high-cost, high-risk practice of capturing children for balance agents. Wiping out the potential risk of children at its root. After we open these channels, whatever other impacts and problems arise are not our concern. Because problems will always emerge, and all we want is to solve the children’s problem, and that’s enough!”

Almost hugging Su Hao’s thigh, Yashan exclaimed, “Boss Wei, you’re truly… amazing!”

Su Hao lightly slapped him again, saying, “You’ve made progress! Looks like these three years haven’t been wasted.”

Yashan scratched his head, foolishly smiling, “Boss Wei teaches well!”

Su Hao added, “But you haven’t realized another critical issue.”

Yashan, curious, asked, “Is there more? What is it?”

Su Hao replied, “The key is spreading knowledge and opening channels! Are these two as simple as you think? These are the most important and crucial links!”

Looking at Yashan, Su Hao said, “What you mentioned earlier was just a way of thinking! But the core of all this is technology! Technology is fundamental; without it, no matter how insightful you are, it’s essentially useless. Do you understand, Yashan? You need to learn technology in the future!”

Yashan was momentarily speechless.

Su Hao continued, “But your progress so far is good! Keep up the learning in the future!”

Yashan, full of determination, said, “Okay, Boss Wei! I want to become the ‘Yashan Scholar’ in the future!”

Su Hao then said, “Yashan, for this cooperation with the deputy manager, I need you to join their research and development team and participate in the development of Poké Balls.”

Yashan’s face stiffened, and he nervously said, “I’m just an undergraduate; I don’t know about research…”

Su Hao reassured him, “It’s okay. I’ll talk to Chen Qingsheng and have them arrange someone to guide you, so you can become a qualified researcher as soon as possible. Yashan, don’t worry; you are a genius!”

Yashan forced a stiff smile and nodded, “Understood, Boss Wei! I am a genius!”

In less than three days, Chen Qingsheng found the hotel where Su Hao was staying. Accompanying him was a balding middle-aged man, the person in charge of the deputy manager, Chen Chufeng.

After introductions, Chen Chufeng spoke first, “Mr. Bai Jingzhong, can you tell me about your plan again? Before confirming cooperation, I need to verify the feasibility of the plan, especially the investment and return.”

Chen Chufeng knew Su Hao’s personality from Chen Qingsheng and went straight to the point, laying out the situation.

After Su Hao reiterated his plan, he said, “For me, I can fulfill my desire to reshape the world, while gaining more resources, especially valuable information from the deputy manager. As for the deputy manager, I believe you understand what prioritizing the development of the deputy star means for them. I won’t say more.

Moreover, I will share my ‘Human Balance Technique’ and ‘Summoned Beast Evolution Technique’ with you. In essence, besides changing the current world order, the deputy manager is the ultimate beneficiary.”

Su Hao knew that for these large organizations, mere benefits were not enough. They considered not only how much they could earn but also how much risk they had to bear.

If there was a high chance that the top ten families of the deputy manager would decline because of this, they wouldn’t agree.

However, Su Hao didn’t say much. Almost everyone in the deputy manager now followed his lead. If Chen Chufeng disagreed, he could simply seize control of the deputy manager and handle it himself. However, doing it himself would be troublesome; cooperation was the optimal choice.

After asking Su Hao some more questions, Chen Chufeng found that Su Hao already had solutions to various problems. He immediately gave his approval, “Bai Jingzhong, on behalf of the deputy manager, I agree to cooperate with you in creating the ‘Home of Pet Beasts’!”

Su Hao and Chen Chufeng shook hands.

Of course, this was just a verbal agreement; there were still many formal procedures to go through for the official collaboration.

For instance, Su Hao needs to organize the plan into an outline, clearly annotate the corresponding technologies, and then submit it to Chen Chufeng. Chen Chufeng will then convince the heads of the top ten families to participate in this century-long project. Finally, a professional team will be organized to review the plan, budget, allocate engineering tasks, and assign research tasks, etc.

The most crucial aspect is the transfer of technology!

To Chen Chufeng’s surprise, when it came to the technology transfer, Su Hao handed him a portable hard drive, saying, “Inside are the materials I’ve compiled. It includes essential information such as ‘Genetic Engineering,’ ‘Elf Evolution Sequence,’ ‘Trainer Body Forging Technique,’ ‘Human Balance Regulation,’ ‘Space Module and Teleportation,’ etc. You can take it directly!”

Seeing this, Chen Chufeng chuckled, took the hard drive handed by Su Hao, and then tore up the technology transfer agreement on the spot, throwing it into the trash, saying, “Mr. Bai Jingzhong, I was impolite.”

The next day, Chen Chufeng handed a hard drive to Su Hao, saying, “These are some of the highest confidential documents from the deputy manager, including ‘Summoned Beast Management Technology,’ ‘Summoned Beast Reproductive Equipment Technology,’ ‘Space Marking Chip Operation Principle,’ ‘Large Space Channel Mechanical Structure Principle,’ ‘Highly Compatible Psychic Force Alloy List,’ etc. All of these belong to you now.”

This Chen Chufeng is a straightforward person! However, such a straightforward person holding the position of the general manager at the deputy manager undoubtedly has unique qualities.

After interacting with him for two days, Su Hao developed a slight fondness for this middle-aged man who was exceptionally bold in his actions and meticulous in his thinking.

Su Hao casually pointed to Yashan, saying, “General Chen, this is my younger brother Jingyi. Let him join the Poké Ball R&D team, find someone to guide him, and help him become a qualified researcher.”

In conclusion, Su Hao added, “His foundation is a bit weak, but his mind is sharp!”

Being acknowledged by Bai Jingzhong with a comment like ‘good thinking,’ it’s evident that Bai Jingyi is also a genius! Chen Chufeng couldn’t help but sigh, “These days, geniuses are truly abundant!”

(End of this chapter)

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