Chapter 316

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Chapter 316: Pokèmon Trainer Plan

A good place mentioned by Sister Bai is a distinctive restaurant in Yongxin City. In the past, she wouldn’t have come for a meal; it was too expensive! But now, she doesn’t care much about that little money.

Sister Bai, Xiaotian, and Su Hao sit in the restaurant, chatting about their lives over the years. Yashan begins to talk more, proudly listing what he has learned over the years. He talks about having already been admitted to a certain university and currently studying advanced mathematics. His face radiates with pride, silently conveying a message: praise me!

Sister Bai and Xiaotian don’t disappoint Yashan. With an amazed expression, they say, “Jingyi, you’re really amazing!”

Yashan’s eyes nearly disappear with his smile.

Xiaotian casually adds, “You looked silly when you were a child, couldn’t even talk at four. Who would have thought you’d turn out to be a genius!”

Sister Bai laughs, “Don’t underestimate those who seemed silly in their childhood; they might be wise beyond their years!”

Yashan awkwardly responds, “Well…”

They chat happily, and suddenly Su Hao says, “Sister Bai, Jingyi and I are only back for two days; we’ll be leaving soon. The next stop might be Shengsi City.”

Unexpectedly, Sister Bai reacts with great understanding, “I understand this. You coming back for a visit already made me and Xiaotian very happy!”

Then she sighs, “Jingzhong, when you were very young, I knew you were not an ordinary child. Sooner or later, you would fly out of our little mud puddle. I just didn’t expect you to fly so fast! Whatever you want to do, go ahead! And…”

Sister Bai pauses and directly says, “Jingzhong, thank you. Otherwise, Dawn Courtyard wouldn’t be what it is today!”

Su Hao says, “I’m also a member of Dawn Courtyard. If we’re counting, I should thank Sister Bai for taking care of me!”

Sister Bai happily laughs!

On the third day, Su Hao bids farewell to Sister Bai and walks out of the city with Yashan. Suddenly, Su Hao says, “Yashan, go buy a car from the used car market! We’ll drive to Shengsi City.”

Yashan asks, “Drive?”

Although Yashan is puzzled, he obediently goes and buys a car. Money paves the way, and identity is not an issue. Yashan awkwardly parks the car beside Su Hao and asks, “Boss Wei, do you have a driver’s license?”

Su Hao smiles, “Do I need a license to drive? Come on, let me drive!”

Vroom vroom! Su Hao steps on the gas, the car skids, emitting thick smoke, gradually disappearing into the distance.

As Su Hao drives, a thought crosses his mind, “Did I die the first time I drove?”

However, he’s not afraid now; it doesn’t matter how fast he drives. Even if the car turns into pieces, he’ll be fine!

“No problem!” Su Hao steps on the gas pedal, three words, pure bliss!

After experiencing the thrill of speeding, Su Hao stops abusing the tires and casually drives along the rural road towards Shengsi City. At each place, he stops, strolls through the streets and alleys, like an old man exploring the cultural heritage of the town.

This is Su Hao observing the life and spiritual needs of different people. For future renovation plans, Su Hao doesn’t want to bring destructive blows to these people.

A month later, the two arrive in Shengsi City.

Su Hao directly hands the car to a young guy he picked up along the way. Amid the young guy’s stunned expression, Su Hao claps his hands and leisurely walks into this enormous city.

Su Hao takes out his phone, inserts a SIM card, and dials Chen Qingsheng’s number, “Manager Chen, it’s Bai Jingzhong. I’m currently at the Night Melody Hotel in Shengsi City.”

In less than thirty minutes, Chen Qingsheng appears in front of Su Hao, his face smiling like a chrysanthemum, “Brother! Why didn’t you tell me you’re coming? If you had called me two days earlier, you wouldn’t have needed to move; I would have personally taken a helicopter to pick you up! Don’t be so formal with me!”

Su Hao twirls the tea cup in his hand and slowly says, “I came this time to ask you to manage Dawn Courtyard. I have a big project and want to cooperate with you. Do you have any interest?”

Chen Qingsheng immediately responds, “Brother, we are interested in your project. Tell me about it; what project is worth you making a trip personally?”

Su Hao doesn’t beat around the bush and directly says, “The project is called the ‘Pet Home’ plan! Of course, it can have other names, like Pet Pokèmon, and so on.”

Chen Qingsheng is full of question marks, “What Pokèmon?”

Su Hao explains, “This plan can also be called the ‘Pokèmon Trainer Plan,’ where ‘Pokèmon’ is my term for the transformed deputy star beasts, and ‘trainer’ refers to summoners without summoning talents.”

“The ultimate goal of this plan is to open the gateway to the deputy stars, showcasing the beautiful scenery of the deputy stars to everyone. It gives those who aspire to be summoners the chance to have their own pets, to witness and participate in beauty, making this short life of less than a hundred years more colorful.”

“And to achieve this ultimate goal in cooperation with your management firm, we only need four steps!”

“Step one, establish a deputy star outpost, develop and transform the deputy stars, turning the dangerous areas into large-scale paradises for the main stars.”

“Step two, open the ‘Deputy Star Seven-Day Tour’ activity, making the deputy stars accessible to everyone.”

“Step three, create Pokèmon balls to replace summoning for those without summoning talents, allowing anyone to summon pets for battles by throwing Pokèmon balls.”

“Step four, organize short and long-term trainer training courses, train a large number of trainers, set assessment goals in the deputy stars, award trainer titles, and those who obtain trainer titles will be rewarded with the ability to freely enter and exit the deputy stars.”

“That’s my preliminary plan!”

Chen Qingsheng was immediately stunned, and a thought popped into his head: “Is Bai Jingzhong kidding? What’s going on in Bai Jingzhong’s mind? Is he actually a mental patient?”

The next sentence from Su Hao makes Chen Qingsheng’s eyes widen in disbelief. Su Hao says, “I’ve been to the deputy stars!”

Seeing Chen Qingsheng almost standing up in shock, Su Hao adds, “Don’t worry; I’m not a rebel. I just mastered the technology to travel to and from the deputy stars!”

Chen Qingsheng breathes a sigh of relief. Su Hao continues, “My technology can allow everyone to go to the deputy stars, including you!”

Chen Qingsheng can’t hold back his excitement, standing up abruptly, unbelievably saying, “Really?”

Knowing that words alone won’t be convincing, Su Hao, right in front of Chen Qingsheng, uses short-distance teleportation, disappearing from his original position and instantly appearing in a corner of the room.

Su Hao walks back and sits down slowly, asking, “How about that?”

Chen Qingsheng clenches his fists tightly, his face full of disbelief. This is the teleportation effect they invested a lot of resources and time in the management firm, trying to achieve! And here it is, appearing right in front of him, used by a young man!

Su Hao’s teleportation not only astonishes Chen Qingsheng but also leaves Yashan quite shaken. It’s his first time seeing Boss Wei’s teleportation, and he mutters in amazement, “When did Boss Wei master such amazing technology? It’s unbelievable! Too incredible!”

Su Hao continues, “If I want, I can teleport to any location in Shengsi City at any time, even to Yongxin City or other continents. Of course, teleporting to the deputy stars is even simpler. My technology is different from the crude methods used by the rebels. Manager Chen, do you understand what I mean?”

Chen Qingsheng nods blankly.

Su Hao adds, “So, what do you think of my plan now?”

Chen Qingsheng says, “It’s excellent, the best plan I’ve ever seen!”

Su Hao says, “Will the management firm be interested in cooperating with us? Let’s create a world full of adventure and fun together! Let’s develop the deputy stars into a sacred paradise that everyone longs for!”

Chen Qingsheng stands up, his face flushed, “Of course, we will cooperate! Brother, rest assured, our management firm is your most trustworthy partner! Whatever you ask for, feel free to say it. If it’s doable, it’s not a problem.”

Su Hao says, “Certainly, cooperation requires sincerity. I’ll hand over my ‘Human Teleportation Balance Technology’ to the management firm and also provide the Summoned Beast Evolution Module technology. At the same time, I request the management firm to open up your vast technical database to me. Because to achieve this goal, relying solely on my technology won’t work, and likewise, without my technology, you won’t be able to do it either.”

For the first time, Chen Qingsheng shows a hesitant expression, saying, “Brother, I can’t directly promise you this. I need to report it.”

Su Hao says, “Sure.”

Chen Qingsheng doesn’t rush to leave but curiously asks, “Brother, may I ask boldly? What benefits does this plan bring to you?”

Su Hao chuckles, “Benefits? It seems like there are none! I just think this plan seems feasible, so I want to give it a try.”

Chen Qingsheng says, “…”

In the world of geniuses, who can understand? Anyway, Chen Qingsheng expresses that he doesn’t understand.

(End of this chapter)

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