Chapter 315

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Chapter 315: Change of Skin

Isn’t ‘Spatial Exile’ just throwing people into unknown cosmic space? Simple, Su Hao experimented with various ‘space wave’ frequencies. As long as he could match a frequency in the universe, creating a twin space module, activating the positive space module, and throwing someone in would be considered a successful exile. Where exactly they ended up, Su Hao couldn’t know.

There’s a high probability of being thrown into the empty space, becoming a floating corpse until captured by a massive gravitational celestial body.

Then there’s the ‘Space Barrier.’ If Su Hao arranges a large number of positive space modules around himself, setting negative space modules elsewhere, when under attack, activating the positive space module would teleport any incoming attacks elsewhere!

Of course, it’s still in the conceptual stage, and ‘space protection’ has a long way to go.

As for space cutting and positioning, Su Hao currently has no ideas; it’s a topic for his future research.

Su Hao looked around at the unfamiliar environment. In his experimentation with various teleportation techniques, he unintentionally transported himself to a small village in the southern part of Zhongzhou. Looking around, all he saw were cucumber frames, filled with plump cucumbers emitting an enticing fragrance.

With a thought, Su Hao reached out into the void. The space blurred for an instant, and the cucumbers on the vines suddenly disappeared, appearing in Su Hao’s hand.

Removing the thorns, Su Hao took a hearty bite. The unique taste of the cucumber satisfied his craving, bringing a refreshing sensation throughout his body.

Checking his pocket for money, Su Hao realized he had none. So, he closed his eyes, reached out again, and grabbed a handful of banknotes.

“Too much!” Su Hao took out a hundred yuan bill, then returned the remaining money to its original place through space.

After some consideration, he reached out again, took out paper and a pen, wrote, “Buy some cucumbers,” and neatly folded it with the money.

Scanning the area, Su Hao locked onto a distant fruit farmer aunt. A small negative space module was packaged and sent into the aunt’s pocket. Su Hao extended his mental power, activated the nearby positive space module, and handed over the money and note. In an instant, both appeared in the fruit farmer aunt’s pocket.

Su Hao was in a very pleasant mood, wanting to use spatial teleportation for everything he saw or wanted to do, like a grown child with a new toy, endlessly enjoying it.

Jumping off a large stone, Su Hao walked around, playing while gaining a few more cucumbers in his hand. He stopped, the light around him slightly distorted, and in the next moment, he disappeared.

On a distant continent, in the Huaiyuan Base laboratory, Su Hao’s figure appeared!

Wearing slippers, Su Hao pushed the door open and entered Yashan’s study. He found Yashan working on a challenging math problem. Sensing Su Hao’s arrival, Yashan relaxed, put down his pen, and said, “Boss Wei, you’re out!”

Su Hao handed over two cucumbers. “Fresh cucumbers, try them!”

Yashan took them without hesitation, took a big bite, and exclaimed, “Refreshing!”

Su Hao asked, “Where did you reach in your studies?”

Yashan replied, “Complex functions… so difficult!”

Su Hao chuckled, “Once you learn it, you won’t find it difficult anymore! It’s almost summer vacation now. Let’s return to the Morning Sun Courtyard!”

Yashan, surprised, asked, “Go back?”

In Yashan’s eyes, it was quite unusual. He had always been the one to suggest going back for the New Year. Unexpectedly, Boss Wei now wanted to return for the summer vacation.

Su Hao explained, “Let’s go back and take a look! It’s been almost four years since I last visited. Of course, I also need to conduct some investigations.”

Su Hao wasn’t worried about trouble from the remaining rebels. The threats posed by the rebels to Sister Bai and others had diminished, and the custodial facility helped in safeguarding them. Su Hao understood that those slaughtered in Joyland Town were only a part of the rebels, and there were certainly many who escaped.

However, in Su Hao’s view, those escaped rebels were now unlikely to pose a threat. Most rebels lost the courage to seek revenge against the ‘Rebel Butcher’ three years ago. Facing the ‘Rebel Butcher,’ the best strategy was to run far away, as their recklessness in relying on teleportation to secondary stars was rendered useless.

As for seeking revenge? It was impossible. For the sake of faith, one could disregard their life, but risking their life for someone who had already died was not worth it. Those people were just comrades, not their faith!

The ‘Rebel Butcher’ would undoubtedly be searching worldwide for these escaped rebels. How could they dare to approach him? Since the near-extinction disaster that the rebels faced three years ago, there had been scarce rebel activity globally.

Even the phenomenon of young children being abducted had significantly reduced in the past two years.

However, the good times didn’t last long. In the third year, the incidents of children being abducted began occurring frequently worldwide, causing a stir on the internet.

Still, the rebels remained elusive, and many enraged netizens were powerless, only able to vent their frustration on the keyboard.

The World Union took the blame again, facing heavy criticism. Now, people from the World Union were stressed to the point of losing their hair.

Su Hao, on the other hand, had been contemplating a method to completely eradicate the rebels.

Every time he thought about the final fate of those abducted children, he couldn’t help but feel a shiver down his spine.

Yashan said, “Alright, Boss Wei. Let me tidy up, and we can depart anytime.”

Su Hao didn’t need to tidy up; it was the same wherever he went. He could reach for anything he needed with a simple gesture. However, Yashan didn’t have the same convenient ability.

What Yashan meant by tidying up was actually gathering some essential books. The stack of books on the shelf had become Yashan’s favorite. He couldn’t go a day without reading for a while. Since gaining the talent of ‘Prophet,’ he finally experienced the joy of ‘learning equals harvest.’

Su Hao said, “No rush! In a couple of days. Let’s change our appearance first. The Black Crystal Armor is too conspicuous!”

Skin? Yashan was momentarily puzzled but quickly understood Boss Wei’s meaning, widening his eyes. “The [Life Pattern]?”

Su Hao smiled, “Exactly!”

Seven days later, after experiencing several failures, Yashan finally reached the pinnacle of the Anomalies, a Level 7 Anomaly [Life Pattern]. The long-lost sense of powerful ease made him feel as if he had returned to the previous life, becoming the object of faith for all Vermilion Sect members.

Muttering to himself, Yashan said, “Boss Wei, I almost forgot about this power!”

The more he learned in these three years, the more he realized the vastness of Boss Wei’s knowledge. He couldn’t grasp even a fraction of it, no matter how thoroughly he delved into all scientific knowledge. He couldn’t comprehend how Boss Wei evolved to a Level 7 Anomaly [Life Pattern] with just a needle. As the saying goes, “This is not scientific!”

Since Yashan had no issues, it was now Su Hao’s turn. On the third day, Su Hao successfully evolved into a [Life Pattern] and acquired a dazzling, colorless, transparent Diamond Armor.

After transforming into a [Life Pattern], he could confidently walk out and say, “I’m not the Rebel Butcher. Don’t spread rumors. My armor is made of transparent crystal!”

That day, Su Hao and Yashan took flight one after another, flying low over the ground towards Yongxin City in Zhongzhou.

While flying in the high sky was good, it was easy to be detected and tracked by radar. Being mistaken for a missile interception would be awkward!

After flying for seven to eight hours, Su Hao and Yashan arrived outside Yongxin City. They descended and walked slowly towards the city.

Over these years, Yongxin City hadn’t changed much; it remained the same. Not only Yongxin City, but cities worldwide hadn’t changed much either. It seemed that after reaching a certain level of technology, development gradually slowed down.

This state had been maintained for at least thirty years.

The Morning Sun Courtyard was no longer the same as it used to be; it had now become the ‘Morning Sun Adoption Center.’ Driven by capital, it had transformed into a special school covering early childhood education to elementary school. It lacked the warm feeling but had more rigid systems. However, for Su Hao, it didn’t matter!

When Su Hao appeared in front of Sister Bai, she was stunned. “Who are these two handsome young men? Why do they look somewhat familiar?”

With a smile, Su Hao said, “Long time no see, Aunt Bai!”

Yashan also greeted, “Good afternoon, Aunt Bai!”

Though these teenagers had passed puberty, in their deepened voices, there was still a unique tone. Sister Bai immediately reacted, joyfully exclaiming, “Jingzhong, Jingyi!!!”

Su Hao said, “It’s us!”

Disregarding her image, Sister Bai approached, hugged Su Hao and Yashan in turn, eyes reddening with excitement. Then, she took a step back to observe the two short-haired young men and suddenly burst into laughter. “Where have you two been all these years? It’s good that you’re back!”

After comparing their heights, she found that the two former little ones were now taller than her.

Sister Bai wiped a tear from the corner of her eye and said with a hearty laugh, “Come on, Jingzhong, Jingyi, let’s find your little sister, and then I’ll take you to a good place.”

Yashan, being talkative, asked, “What about Brother Husheng?”

Sister Bai’s expression stiffened for a moment, pretending to be indifferent. “He left the Morning Sun Courtyard two years ago. He’s married now and has a child. He’s doing well; you don’t need to worry about him.”

Her words subtly revealed a hint of bitterness.

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