Chapter 314

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Chapter 314 Target

The most basic ‘space teleportation technique’ and ‘space blockade technique’ have already been mastered by Su Hao.

But mastery doesn’t mean perfect application; there’s still a long way to go to develop the basic principles into mature applied techniques.

For Su Hao, simply teleporting to a sub-star or short-distance teleportation to a marked summoned beast is too limited, far from meeting Su Hao’s requirement for ‘arbitrary’ spatial teleportation.

Indeed, the key is ‘arbitrary’; if the limitations are too great, the effectiveness of this teleportation technique for Su Hao diminishes significantly.

In his imagination, spatial technology should achieve several goals:

1. Ultra-long-distance teleportation technique;
2. Short-distance arbitrary flashing technique;
3. Personal storage space technique;
4. Space banishment technique;
5. Space barrier technique;
6. Space cutting technique;
7. Space positioning technique;

And currently, Su Hao has not mastered any of these.

Teleporting to a sub-star does fall into the category of ‘ultra-long-distance teleportation,’ but it’s completely random teleportation, lacking a fixed direction, far from the teleportation technique Su Hao envisions.

In simpler terms, it’s the difference between a four-wheeled wooden cart and the car Su Hao imagines, with technological differences too vast to imagine.

Su Hao’s next goal is to develop various uses for this technology based on the principles of spatial teleportation, achieving a level of use at will and arbitrary combination.

That’s what Su Hao wants.

Su Hao found a spot, dialed Chen Qingsheng’s phone, and without waiting for Chen Qingsheng to speak, Su Hao directly said, “Manager Chen, I’ve recently become interested in materials science and want some material-related information. The more comprehensive, the better. Can you help me get it?”

Chen Qingsheng immediately said, “Brother, what are you saying? Whatever you want, even if I don’t have it, I’ll find a way to get it for you! Rest assured, it’s on me! Give me a few days, and I’ll definitely handle it for you!”

Chen Qingsheng hadn’t even heard what Su Hao was offering in exchange, but immediately agreed wholeheartedly. For him, Su Hao calling him was the best news, and exchanging some information for Su Hao’s goodwill and trust made this deal worthwhile. In this world, many things can be priced, but the most valuable is still personal relationships, especially those of powerful individuals.

Su Hao smiled, “Alright, I’ll wait for your good news. The more comprehensive, the better. If there are some samples, even better. Of course, if I’m satisfied, I won’t let you down.”

Chen Qingsheng felt a surge of excitement and pledged, “Brother, you can rest assured! I guarantee your satisfaction!”

After hanging up, Su Hao casually provided a delivery address and then returned to his laboratory. He needed to carefully consider the applications of spatial teleportation and organize basic runes to attempt teleportation using runes, a task not achievable overnight.

As for requesting materials science information from Chen Qingsheng, Su Hao thought that perhaps materials compatible with mental power could be used as anchor points for spatial positioning. If suitable materials were available, Su Hao’s development progress would advance significantly.

As for Yashan, after releasing the last video, he somehow brought back a large variety of books from somewhere, filling his study. It now resembled a small library, and besides taking care of Su Hao’s daily life, he spent his days immersed in research on various books.

Just a month later, Yashan hesitated and said, “Boss Wei… um, there’s a lot of advanced mathematics that I don’t quite understand.”

Su Hao laughed, “That stuff requires a strong foundation. If you have good thinking skills but lack a good foundation, go find a tutor. Get your basics in order! If you really want to learn, consider going to college for systematic study.”

Yashan’s eyes lit up, immediately nodding, “I understand, Boss Wei. Why didn’t I think of that?”

Then Yashan began finding a teacher for online classes, aspiring to get into a good university.

Time flew by, three years passed in the blink of an eye, and Su Hao turned sixteen.

In a secluded valley, spatial distortion occurred by the stream, and a tall figure appeared. Dressed simply, in a T-shirt, shorts, and large slippers, exuding a youthful vibe. Neat short hair pointed skyward like steel needles, a faint smile on the face, full of vitality. If a large gold chain hung around his neck, he’d look like a delinquent youth.

This person was Su Hao. Despite the casual appearance, it couldn’t hide the vibrant life force. Su Hao chuckled, his eyes narrowing slightly. Spatial fluctuations surrounded him, and in the next moment, he disappeared and reappeared on a stone several kilometers away.

“Short-distance teleportation is basically formed. The time needed before and after activation is less than a second. Given the current situation, it’s impossible to further shorten this time in the short term!”

The so-called ‘short-distance teleportation’ refers to the ability to teleport oneself to any location within Su Hao’s radar perception range. It’s a new application developed by Su Hao based on his own abilities.

Firstly, he named the two blocks of the Twin Space Module, one as the ‘Positive Space Module’ and the other as the ‘Negative Space Module.’

The basic method is as follows: Generate a large number of space modules by crossing ‘space waves,’ then use mental power to package the ‘Negative Space Module’ and directly launch it to the specified location through the core rune ‘perception.’ After that, follow the rhythm of the ‘Positive Space Module’ to teleport oneself to the designated location.

In simple terms, it involves three steps: creating space modules, packaging and sending ‘Negative Space Modules’ to the specified location, and activating ‘Positive Space Modules’ to achieve teleportation.

The principle is not complicated, but the operation is quite cumbersome. Initially, from preparation to actual teleportation, it takes at least ten seconds.

To teleport a distance of ten thousand meters, it takes ten seconds of preparation time. Su Hao might as well fly directly; what’s the use of such teleportation?

For this reason, Su Hao redesigned his core runes, retaining the ‘perception’ and ‘hardening’ functions while removing the ‘lightning’ and ‘barrier’ rune functions, replacing them with ‘space module generation’ and ‘Negative Space Module positioning’ runes. This modularized the first and second steps, saving a lot of time for short-distance teleportation. Now, Su Hao only needs to activate the runes, select a location, and then teleport.

The total time used is less than a second.

Such optimization took Su Hao a full two years! It can be said that he went through a lot of hardships. However, reaching the current level, Su Hao felt that the two years of attempts and exploration were worth it!

“Although the time for short-distance teleportation cannot reach the level of instant movement and is not very useful in rapid combat, if used well, it can still unleash unimaginable effects! So, next, let’s try the space storage technique…”

Su Hao reached out a hand, gently grabbing a bottle of solution in the laboratory. After examining it and finding no damage, he released it, and the bottle disappeared directly, placed back into the laboratory by Su Hao.

Su Hao reached out again, exerted a little force, and a huge sofa was pulled out by Su Hao, then put back.

“No matter the volume of the object, as long as the space module is sufficient and the mental power is strong enough, it can be easily taken out. However, the larger the mass of the object, the greater the difficulty in space transfer! Perhaps it’s related to the characteristic of large-mass substances distorting space.”

The principle of the storage technique is very simple…

Su Hao directly found a corner of a mountain, opened up a space within the mountain, and then used some special materials, combined with the ‘attachment’ rune, to attach the blood and energy containing mental power in the space. Then, he positioned a large number of negative space modules with mental power as coordinates. A storage space was thus formed!

As for creating a personal space bag or space ring out of thin air…

Ah! Su Hao could only say that, for now, it’s not possible! He can only make do with using the warehouse as a portable space. However, it’s already sufficient!

“As for the space banishment technique and space barrier technique…”

Su Hao revealed a confident smile: “Those are much simpler!”

(End of this chapter)

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