Chapter 313

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Chapter 313: Follow-up

Su Hao and Yashan once again entered the underground space where numerous children were suspended. The ‘Dual Suppression Force Field’ was at full power, cutting off any escape routes for those inside. They boldly opened a large hole, allowing sunlight to penetrate the underground, shining on the peaceful faces of countless children.

Su Hao and Yashan leaped down amidst the piercing alarm bells. Su Hao, wielding a long knife, directly attacked the personnel, swiftly clearing the entire underground area. Yashan, carrying a video camera on his shoulder, documented the actions of the rebels.

Blood surged as Su Hao recorded the information of one child after another. Upon careful observation, he noticed a thin web surrounding the children, with each node extending a tube connecting to the children’s bodies. Half injected with a certain liquid, the other half expelled another liquid, forming a circulation.

Following the tubes, Su Hao traced the direction of the liquid, documenting and analyzing simultaneously. An hour later, he found a large quantity of ‘Balancer’ in an isolation room, finally understanding the purpose of this underground assembly line.

Here was the place where ‘Balancer’ was produced. And the raw material was the children suspended as Su Hao had seen.

Between the ages of three and six, the human body undergoes a special production stage. Under the influence of a specific force field radiation during this growth stage, the body secretes a hormone in large quantities, stimulating adjustment to the environment.

This hormone is the key to the rebels’ ability to teleport between the main star and the secondary star.

Su Hao was mistaken again; the rebels didn’t have a super genius who single-handedly researched and created the ‘Balancer.’ Instead, they were fortunate individuals who, in their childhood, passed through this area, secreted the balancer due to field radiation, teleported to the secondary star without dying, and eventually discovered the secret of the ‘Balancer,’ giving rise to the rebels.

“Many technological advances or human disasters often accompany ‘accidents.'”

However, many seemingly accidental things are actually inevitable.

Seeing Yashan had finished recording, Su Hao said, “Let’s go! This matter ends here. Even if the rebels are not completely wiped out, they should quiet down in the coming years.”

Yashan nodded, leaping out of the underground space, his steel armor surging, quickly burying everything below.

Then, soaring into the sky, they flew back to the Huaiyuan Town base, one after the other.

As for the remaining cleanup work, Su Hao didn’t need to worry. Because this incident that happened today had already spread throughout the world when it occurred, and many people liked this kind of cleanup work, conveniently promoting a positive image.

This event was called the “Bloody Incident of Paradise Town,” and the two perpetrators of this event were called the ‘Butchers of Paradise.’

Tens of thousands watched the scene of slaughter, countless recording videos and taking photos, quickly uploading them to various platforms. Most of them recorded farewell videos, commemorating their brief lives: “When you see this video, I might already be dead, experiencing an unimaginable hell right now…”

Some, undeterred by the scale of the incident, laughed heartily in the videos, saying, “Too amusing! This trip to Paradise Town was worth it. At least I saw scenery I’ve never seen before.”

Such videos proliferated online, and the World Federation’s Internet Department simply didn’t bother to ban them. If you like watching, go ahead; it’s not a big deal!

What truly sparked discussions among world leaders was not the slaughter itself but the power wielded by the two armored individuals. The number of deaths and the subsequent impact were barely considered. These were established facts, and mature individuals always based their decisions on the present, looking toward the future.

What concerned them more was whether the armored individuals with such formidable power would eventually turn their blades against themselves.

However, it didn’t cause much impact; most online users enjoyed the spectacle, engaging in various sarcastic comments, reveling in the misfortune. It quickly turned into a chaotic mess.

Chen Chufeng and Chen Qingsheng sat facing each other in an office.

Chen Chufeng slowly flipped through a printed booklet in his hand, which happened to be a small portion of Su Hao’s “The Path of a Warrior.”

Chen Chufeng sighed with a dim look in his eyes, “We’re getting old! We can’t practice this ‘Path of a Warrior’ anymore! It’s too late!”

Chen Qingsheng also regretted, “Yes! Extraordinary power is so close yet so far from us. If only it were forty years earlier!”

Chen Chufeng quickly recovered from his disappointment and said with a smile, “If it were forty years earlier, we probably wouldn’t even get a chance to read this booklet.”

Chen Qingsheng nodded, “You’re right. Clan leader, do you think those two butchers could be Bai Jingzhong and Bai Jingyi?”

Chen Chufeng shook his head, “Whether they are or not is not important. As long as we maintain good relations with Bai Jingzhong, don’t think too much about the rest. At least until we thoroughly understand them, don’t think too much; that’s a path to death.”

Chen Chufeng silently calculated the situation. According to the abilities shown by the two armored individuals, their agency could capture them, but the cost would be unbearable. Revealing any weakness might lead to a complete decline, and once they showed any sign of decline, many people in the world would be eager to take advantage.

This forced him to treat the matter with great caution. Moreover, the agency had just completed testing the ‘Mental Suppression Force Field,’ and unexpectedly, someone was already able to use this technology on a large scale.

Chen Chufeng silently wondered, “Is there something in this world that we don’t know? Could there be some secret organization hidden on the other side of the world?”

Glancing at his watch, he stood up and walked out, “The time is approaching. I’ll go to the meeting first! If there’s any news from Bai Jingzhong, inform me immediately.”

Chen Qingsheng said, “Got it!”

Nine out of the ten councillors of the Summoner Association gathered for an emergency meeting.

Someone looked around and asked, “Where’s Sister Jiang? Why isn’t she here?”

Someone replied, “They say she’s giving birth to her fourth child and is still in the maternity center!”

After saying this, everyone burst into laughter, saying, “This big sister is really good at giving birth.”

Then they got down to the main topic, discussing the Paradise Town incident.

In the midst of the discussion, Senator Cao suddenly said, “Do you think all those who died might be rebels? I deliberately investigated the identities of the deceased, and almost all the rebels we have records of in our association died in this bloody incident.”

Everyone was shocked, suddenly thinking of this possibility.

For a moment, they exchanged glances, and then an image of a terrifying man in black clothes, hood, and mask—Rebel Butcher—popped into their minds.

Senator Wang said, “I’m more concerned about that black crystal armor. Could it be a high-tech battle armor researched by the agency? Humans couldn’t possibly possess such formidable power!”

The agency stated that they wouldn’t take responsibility for this!

In just three days, Yashan skillfully edited the recorded videos and posted them to his ‘Rebel Butcher’ account. This time, he didn’t wear black clothes and a hood; instead, he appeared as the Black Crystal Armor: “Greetings to the beloved, detestable, and kind people from around the world! I am ‘Rebel Butcher’ number 000!”

Yashan raised his fist, “As you all guessed, the bloody incident in Paradise Town was orchestrated by our ‘Rebel Butcher’ organization… and those we slaughtered one by one were the rebels gathered in Paradise Town!”

Then, Yashan transformed into a broadcaster, introducing the crimes of the rebels while playing live videos and revealing all the records of those children to the public!

At the end of the video, he said, “We found this underground factory, but I believe there must be more locations worldwide. As Rebel Butcher 000, I will find each one and destroy them! Tremble, all the rebels who have escaped so far! Hehehe!”

When the video was released, people around the world were in an uproar. They had thought about the wrongdoings of the rebels, but they hadn’t expected it to be to this extent! For a moment, public opinion shifted to the side of ‘Rebel Butcher,’ condemning the crimes of the rebels and applauding the actions of Rebel Butcher.

As for those still criticizing ‘Rebel Butcher,’ their comments were quickly drowned in a sea of backlash. Angry crowds even dragged the World Federation out to accuse them, saying they were ineffective, allowing the rebels to run rampant. Some passionate individuals even organized together and smashed the World Federation’s sign!

The World Federation stated that they were powerless, asking why only their sign was smashed and not the Summoner Association’s? Unfair!

Afterwards, ‘Rebel Butcher’ became a righteous organization saving the world! Many people claimed to be ‘Rebel Butcher’ XXX number.

Later, due to repeated serial numbers, multiple brawls erupted.

In other words, as long as Yashan nodded, anyone around the world with a sense of justice could immediately join the ‘Rebel Butcher’ organization and become Butcher XXX.

After this incident, Su Hao and Yashan, who led the event, completely immersed themselves, retreating to Huaiyuan Town, silently dedicating themselves to their research and learning.

(End of this chapter)

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