Chapter 312

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Chapter 312: Su Hao’s Oversight

Among the tens of thousands of people in the square, there were all kinds of talents. In the face of such a situation, everyone displayed their skills to survive. For instance, a guy pulled out a rifle from nowhere, ran to Su Hao, fired at him, and got chopped into two by Su Hao along with the rifle. Another small team ingeniously crafted a makeshift rocket launcher and launched a projectile at Su Hao. Su Hao swiftly cut the projectile in half, turning the team into lifeless bodies.

As for those aspiring heroes trying to save the world, whether they were rebels or not didn’t matter anymore. Time passed slowly, and as Su Hao and Yashan slaughtered more people, the chaos on the battlefield diminished. Many realized that the two heavily armored individuals running past them didn’t target them with their blood-stained knives.

These armored figures had specific targets, and as long as you weren’t the target, you could live. Those who grasped this fact were ecstatic, feeling the preciousness of life for the first time. Su Hao lost count of how many rebels he had slain; he just charged at anyone marked as a rebel, slashing them like grinding through game mobs.

Massacring wasn’t a simple task, explaining why many preferred mages over warriors. After some time, the number of rebels with markers decreased. When no more markers appeared, Su Hao finally stopped. Yashan walked slowly to Su Hao’s side, called him ‘Boss Wei,’ and remained silent.

Both Su Hao and Yashan still wore the black crystal armor, now stained with a dark red hue as if soaked in blood. Su Hao casually tossed away two long knives, and the outer layer of his black crystal armor peeled off, replaced by a fresh layer. Yashan followed suit, shedding the bloodied armor to reveal his original handsome appearance.

Yashan surveyed the scene, corpses scattered everywhere, with thousands watching from a distance, their faces filled with fear. In a hoarse voice, Yashan asked, “Is it over?”

Su Hao nodded, “Seems like it.”

He then retracted the transformed black crystal. The tall black crystal walls in the distance softened and contracted, eventually melding into the ground and disappearing. The solid black crystal ground beneath everyone’s feet undulated, gradually returning to its original sandy yellow appearance.

The sight relieved the tens of thousands of onlookers. They knew that the bloody massacre had finally come to an end, and they might actually survive.

Su Hao said to Yashan, “Let’s go! First, let’s deal with the underground cave in the northwest direction.”

Yashan replied, “Boss Wei, wait for me a moment. I’ll retrieve the camera first. I attached it to the top of the black crystal cage and recorded the entire process.”

Su Hao nodded, “Go ahead.”

Yashan acknowledged and ran off, while Su Hao entered the bullet-time space, instructing Little Light to report on the battle summary.

After a while, Su Hao exclaimed, “What? Unexpectedly missing over a dozen?”

Su Hao’s initial reaction was that some rebels had been teleported back to the secondary star. He immediately inspected the ‘Dual Suppression Force Field’ rune underground and found it still functioning without any anomalies. He attempted to extend his mental tendrils, but even under the force field’s influence, his mental tendrils were suppressed, making teleportation impossible.

“What’s going on?” Su Hao closed his eyes, narrowed his perception range, increased precision, and carefully probed all the remaining life signs, checking if any rebels had infiltrated among the remaining tens of thousands.

However, he found none.

Su Hao’s brow gradually furrowed, murmuring, “Could there be some loophole I overlooked, allowing someone to take advantage? What could it be?”

His radar perception continually scanned, searching for his vulnerabilities. Just as he was about to give up, he suddenly noticed something unusual, “Huh? The blood qi of the Pine Lion Beasts, hasn’t it died completely?”

Curiosity piqued, Su Hao took steps toward several decapitated Pine Lion Beasts in the distance.

“After a summoned beast dies, its blood qi should slowly dissipate. However, the blood qi of these Pine Lion Beasts is gradually dissipating, but at a slower rate, and there’s even a trend of preservation! Could there be something special about them?”

As Su Hao approached, and the blood qi sensation became clearer, Su Hao was astonished.

“This is… human blood qi!”

The intensity of ordinary human blood qi was much weaker than that of summoned beasts, so weak that if Su Hao didn’t specifically pay attention and compare, he might mistake it for small animals like cats or dogs.

Su Hao immediately instructed Little Light to compare the current blood qi traits. The result: Similarity of 90% with Rebel No. 2301, No. 0034…

These were precisely the rebels that Little Light had omitted in the report!

A bright light flashed in Su Hao’s mind, and he immediately understood the crucial point. The missing rebels had concealed themselves within the Pine Lion Beasts, then actively controlled the beasts to attack Su Hao. After Su Hao beheaded them, taking advantage of a flaw in Su Hao’s thinking, they successfully evaded his subsequent pursuit.

Ironically, when rebels entered the bodies of Pine Lion Beasts, their weak blood qi almost merged with the massive blood qi of the beasts. It was like a drop of ink falling into a vast sea, escaping Su Hao’s radar scan, causing Little Light to lose track and ultimately marking them as omitted targets.

If Su Hao hadn’t meticulously scanned for abnormalities after learning about the omission, these dozen people might have escaped.

Even in the hostile force field, Su Hao couldn’t help but exclaim, “Damn, talented individuals!”

Then he complained to his Little Light, “Little Light, you’re so useless!”

Little Light replied, “Yes, respected Mr. Su Hao.”

Su Hao conjured a long knife again, smiling widely, “I really want to see who these talented individuals are that almost escaped my pursuit!”

Upon hearing Su Hao’s words, those hiding inside the Pine Lion Beast corpses tensed up, thinking, “It’s over!” However, fearing a possible bluff, they held their breath, silently praying for the godly beings to quickly make the God of Death leave.

Perhaps due to their numerous wrongdoings, the godly beings had already abandoned them. The Kill God not only didn’t leave but approached slowly, saying, “Hiding inside, huh? Heh!”

Su Hao stepped on the ground, and black crystal armor spread out, generating numerous ‘high-temperature’ runes, beginning to bake the Pine Lion Beast’s corpse.

The rebels understood they had been discovered, although they didn’t know how. It was an established fact now, not the time for investigations. They were more concerned with figuring out how to survive.

After enduring only thirty seconds, those hidden in the Pine Lion Beast, including Luo Zong, couldn’t hold back anymore. They crawled out from the openings, spitting out the beast’s blood. Over a dozen rebels, covered in blood, stood before Su Hao, facing him.

Su Hao nodded, “Impressive momentum.”

Luo Zong’s chubby face changed, and he put on a flattering smile, “This hero, have you mistaken us for someone else? We were just here for a leisurely visit to Joytown. We don’t know anything. If we’ve offended you, we’ll leave immediately. Is that acceptable?”

Su Hao smiled, “I waited until now just to tell you that you almost escaped a calamity! But…”

“Your luck is still a bit short!”

Finishing his words, Su Hao moved his foot, instantly flashing through the dozen or so people including Luo Zong.


The blade gleamed, blood splattered, and over a dozen headless bodies slowly fell to the ground.

In the fading consciousness, Luo Zong still pondered, “Where is that strand of vitality that belongs to me…”

(End of this chapter)

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