Chapter 311

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Chapter 311: Way of Survival

“Murder! Help!”

As the number of rebels falling under the control of Su Hao and Yashan increased, the local chaos quickly spread throughout the venue.

Almost everyone knew one piece of news: there’s a murderer slaughtering people in the square, many victims already, and if they don’t escape soon, they’ll be next.

But where to run?

Many people rushed toward the direction of the wall, attempting to climb the black crystal wall. However, the inner side of the wall was covered with densely packed black crystal spikes, making it impossible to find a foothold. In other words, they could only wait patiently for the moment the butcher’s knife fell on them.

Some tried to step forward, organize a resistance against the mad killer, but they discovered that the two black crystal-armored individuals were only focused on randomly slashing the audience, paying no attention to them.

As for the higher-ups among the rebels, they quickly discerned the situation through the casualties.

“All the dead are rebels!”

This news soon reached the four top leaders, with Luo Zong squinting his eyes, his brain rapidly working to find a way out.

Huang Zong, a man in a business suit who looked like a successful billionaire, became dangerously focused: “Seems like they’re coming for us! Luckily, all my twenty-plus summoned beasts are here. I’ll go and meet them… hehehe! Rebel butcher? Ridiculous!”

Luo Zong’s attempt to stop him got stuck in his throat, swallowed forcibly, and he tacitly accepted Huang Zong’s actions. The other two leaders encouraged him, and Quan Zong, who looked very young, even said, “That’s even better. If my summoned beasts were here, they wouldn’t be so bold, would they?”

Then Huang Zong led his summoned beasts forward, manipulating his powerful twenty-plus summoned beasts, using an ‘escalating’ attack strategy towards Su Hao.

“Pupu pupu!”

“Swish swish swish!”

“Hiss hiss hiss!”

In just over twenty seconds, all of Huang Zong’s summoned beasts lost their vitality under Su Hao’s long knife, blood splattering everywhere. These seemingly powerful summoned beasts, under Su Hao’s blade, were no different from ordinary people.

If there was a difference, it was that they bled more, and Su Hao had to deliberately dodge…

Huang Zong stared blankly at Su Hao, unable to believe that his team of world-dominating summoned beasts was so fragile under the knife of the person in front of him!

Then Huang Zong saw the black crystal-armored person covered in blood looking at him. In that instant, he felt like he was being targeted by an ancient fierce beast, surrounded by immense fear, and all the hairs on his body stood on end.

“Will die!” This was Huang Zong’s judgment!

And his judgment was spot on. When he turned his head towards Luo Zong and the others and shouted the word “save,”


A cold light swept through, his head, no different from others, would make a crisp sound when it fell to the ground, and the skull would roll aside. Su Hao didn’t even bother to look at him, stepped to the nearest rebel, and with a backward swipe of his secondary knife, another good head rolled off!

The slaughter continued; Su Hao’s armor seemed to be soaked in blood. The originally brown-black armor turned into a dark red.

With each jump and flash, a life would be reaped. Although he tried to avoid the spray of fresh blood, it still splattered a bit. Over time, the armor turned red. In the end, Su Hao simply stopped dodging, letting the warm blood spray onto himself.

The one who kills, when being killed, also screams miserably; their blood is warm too.

Harvesting lives with each stroke of the long knife is different from harvesting lives with the Black Crystal Armor domain.

Before the long knife cuts into flesh, Su Hao can feel the fear, unwillingness, anger, and despair of each person before death.

After killing many, you really get used to it!

Originally, Su Hao had prepared himself for mental shock, but it didn’t happen! After slaughtering hundreds of people, Su Hao found that his inner self remained as calm as a still ancient well.

‘These people! If they die, they die, nothing big! If they don’t die now, they’ll die in a few decades, won’t they?’

This is Su Hao’s inner voice…

Meanwhile, Luo Zong and the others don’t appear so calm. The powerful companion, Huang Zong, who came into full action for less than a minute, has already taken a lunch break. For summoners like them without summoned beasts, how many seconds can they last?

Scared, scared!

He asked, “Has the request for reinforcements been sent?”

A woman dressed as a secretary immediately said, “Sent out; support will arrive soon!”

As soon as she finished speaking, there was a sudden “tut tut tut” sound in the distance.

Everyone looked up, and five helicopters flew in from the distance, passing over the people.

Luo Zong and the others showed joy on their faces. Wiping the sweat off, they smiled, “We can leave now! I’m not used to being in such a fragile state. I don’t know what means they used; it’s impressive!”

At the same time, Su Hao also saw the helicopters passing overhead. His movements paused for a moment. The black crystal armor immediately extended two thin wings from behind. Su Hao jumped high, erupted under his feet, and charged towards the helicopter.

The long knife in his hand became longer and wider.

‘Sharp’ and ‘hard’!

Then he flew past the helicopter.


A sound of steel collision rang out, followed by electric sparks dancing on the helicopter.


In the next moment, the helicopter exploded violently in mid-air, turning into a huge firework. Damaged parts scattered in all directions, inadvertently injuring quite a few people.

Not finished yet, Su Hao turned and successively flew over the other four helicopters, and with each helicopter, there was the sound of the long knife striking, turning the sky into a splendid fireworks display!

Five helicopters, barely on the scene for less than a minute, all perished.

Luo Zong and the other two looked stunned.

Luo Zong glanced around and realized there was really no way to escape.

Shi Zong and Quan Zong looked at Luo Zong eagerly, hoping he could lead them to a way out, just like before.

Luo Zong organized his chaotic thoughts, took out a large cigarette from his pocket, lit it, took a deep puff, and said slowly, “How many summoned beasts do we still control?”

A manager-like woman beside him immediately responded, “We still have eighty-three. Sixty of them are Matanga Lions, and the rest…”

Luo Zong promptly interrupted, “Alright, immediately assign forty Matanga Lions, divide them into two teams, and attack the armored individuals!”

The manager woman nodded and hurriedly went to make arrangements!

Luo Zong’s plump body surprisingly started running. Shi Zong and Quan Zong were surprised, not understanding where Luo Zong was going.

Luo Zong, with brisk steps, ran towards a high platform at the foot of the Sacred Mosi Snow Mountain. With a sudden leap, he was about to jump onto the platform, but his body, too heavy, became unstable, and he barely fell from the edge of the platform.

Physical strength is not what it used to be after all!

Luo Zong, in a frustrated voice, said, “What are you two still standing there for? Don’t you want to live? Come over and help!”

Shi Zong and Quan Zong immediately stepped forward. Together, they helped Luo Zong onto the high platform. Quan Zong couldn’t help but ask, “Luo Zong, what are you doing?”

Luo Zong said, “You’ll know in a moment. Whether we can survive depends on him!”

Indeed, in Luo Zong’s view, if they don’t handle this situation well, everyone will meet their end here!

After attempts to communicate with the summoned beasts and teleport to the substar yielded no results, he understood that this attack had been premeditated, giving them no chance to resist!

This is the most dangerous situation he has encountered in his life. If not handled properly, it’s the end of all their lives.

But he firmly believes that in seemingly desperate situations, there must be a glimmer of hope! Find it, and they live; miss it, and they die!

Luo Zong sighed in his heart, “This is a real test of life!”

His gaze closely followed the figures of the Matanga Lions, not missing any details!

The Matanga Lions began to move. Forty Matanga Lions split into two groups, each assaulting one of the armored individuals! Luo Zong clenched his fists tightly, his eyes unblinking, shouting in his heart, “My way of survival!!!”

On the other side, facing the charge of twenty Matanga Lions, Su Hao’s expression remained unchanged!

Twenty? Even two hundred rushing over wouldn’t make a difference.

Su Hao subconsciously added ‘sharp’ and ‘hard’ runes to the long knife, then mechanically waved his hand.

“Pupu pupu!”

The heads of the giant Matanga Lions were cut off one by one, rolling on the ground. The twenty Matanga Lions were quickly wiped out!

On the Yashan’s side, they also encountered the siege of twenty Matanga Lions. Yashan killed them all with various means such as horizontal slashes, vertical chops, Black Crystal Armor interference, and then turned around to continue chasing the marked rebels.

For him, these twenty Matanga Lions only added a bit of flavor to this massacre.

However, for Luo Zong, seeing this was enough. A delighted expression appeared on his face, and he muttered, “Comrades, maybe we still have a way out!”

(End of this chapter)

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