Chapter 310

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Chapter 310: Where the Blade Points

In the next moment, everyone could sense an unusual feeling emanating from the ground. They all lowered their heads to see the ground, originally covered in yellowish soil and dotted with weeds, now stained in shades of brown and black, gradually crystallizing. This crystalline substance appeared incredibly solid, yet it undulated vertically, resembling ripples on the water’s surface, gently swaying and spreading towards the distance.

“What is this?”

Most people were puzzled, but some recognized it – members of the Summoner Rebel Association who had seen this textured armor on videos before.

“The Butcher of the Rebel!”

“Not good, the Butcher of the Rebel is here in Joytown? What are they up to?”

Alert individuals began attempting to communicate with their secondary stars, summoning their own creatures. However, when they tried to extend their mental tendrils to guide spatial movements, they found the tendrils unusually heavy, like a basketball filled with lead. Despite exerting all their strength, they could lift it, but shooting a three-pointer with such a lead-filled basketball? Impossible!

In other words, while they could still use their mental power, they were powerless to pry open the space!

“What’s going on?”

For the first time since becoming summoners, they found themselves at a loss. The crowd turned their gaze to the fourth of the five elder leaders of the Rebel Association – Luo, Shi, Huang, Quan. They hoped these high-ranking leaders could provide some explanation.

Among the five elder leaders was also Qi, who gave birth to quadruplets this year and did not attend the meeting!

However, to their disappointment, these four elder leaders were just as puzzled, unable to offer any useful answers. With the unusual situation unfolding, the five elder leaders, upon realizing they couldn’t summon or teleport back to the secondary star, immediately gathered to discuss countermeasures.

The plump Luo, appearing the calmest, took a deep drag from his cigarette, surveyed the surroundings, and said, “Don’t panic to avoid chaos. Firstly, there are tens of thousands of people here; it might not necessarily be trouble for us. Secondly, we’re just ordinary people, our identities haven’t been exposed. Thirdly, there are still a hundred Songshi beasts maintaining order; if anything goes wrong, they can protect us and help us safely leave. Fourthly, in the southwest, Joy Bay has ten anchored ships. Riding a Songshi beast takes only five minutes to reach there. Fifthly, I have a private plane parked in South Bay Park. If the situation goes south, have the directors and regional officers divert attention while you follow me. Sixth, call for reinforcements immediately and arrange firearms and grenades.”

Luo took another drag, remaining composed as he spoke, and finally revealed a faint smile, “So, no big deal! Now, just observe and adapt.”

The other three elder leaders admired him greatly. Luo was indeed Luo, methodical in both speech and action. They nodded in agreement, feeling reassured, and settled down.

They began discussing and speculating on the reasons and purposes behind the unfolding events.

As for other “managers” and “directors” within the ranks of the Rebel, upon seeing their leaders remain unchanged in expression and full of confidence, they immediately felt relieved and no longer restless.

However, they were unaware of the seriousness of the situation, relying on their inherent judgment to speculate on the unfolding events, exhibiting blind confidence.

Nevertheless, the outcome had already been sealed the moment Su Hao pressed his hand on the ground. The transformative black crystal armor of Su Hao and Yashan continued to spread outward, quickly enclosing the vast square within it. The black crystal armor extended in a radius of three thousand meters before coming to a halt. From the sky, the earth appeared as if a drop of black-brown ink had fallen, staining the ground into a circular ink blot.


As Su Hao spoke, the edges of the black crystal armor field suddenly wriggled and swelled, growing higher and higher until reaching a height of fifty meters. It resembled a massive black bathtub, enclosing everyone within its basin.

“Oh… my God!”

“Is this a miracle? How did he do it?”

“Mom, is this a magic show?”

Everyone who witnessed this scene was shocked, their mouths agape in astonishment or bewilderment. Of course, some stood there dumbfounded, uttering exclamations like ‘Holy cow’ without thinking.

However, the transformation was not yet over.

“Swoosh, swoosh, swoosh!”

Sharp and lethal spikes began emerging from the towering black crystal wall, reflecting a cold light under the still-warm sunlight.

It was these razor-sharp, deadly spikes that made everyone feel uneasy. They realized that the undulating black crystal beneath their feet seemed to harbor ill intentions.


Finally, someone couldn’t bear the sudden change in the environment, covered their ears, and let out a piercing scream.

This scream triggered a chain reaction, like a series of falling dominoes. The screams echoed and intertwined, and chaos ensued among the crowd.

However, a glance around revealed that they were all trapped behind the towering black crystal wall, with no escape. People living in this world often encountered secondary star creatures that suddenly teleported, so they were adept at dealing with unexpected situations. They instantly figured out how to protect themselves – just squeeze into the crowd, and they would be temporarily safe. If something went wrong, it would be the people around them who faced the trouble first.

So, they all aimed to crowd into the mass of people, quickly forming a huddled mess.

Some people, realizing they couldn’t squeeze in, attempted to dig a hole to bury themselves, but found the ground made of black crystal impossible to excavate, leaving them helpless.

Despite the presence of many powerful summoners, their psychic abilities were currently restricted, rendering them as powerless as ordinary people.

The one hundred Songshi beasts, used to maintain order, started running toward the edges of the domain, attempting to break through the black crystal wall. However, their efforts were in vain, as the damaged black crystal spikes quickly regenerated. Subsequently, the Songshi beasts tried climbing, only to be pierced through by abruptly ejected black crystal spikes, falling back down.

The four elder leaders, who had been confidently seated, could no longer remain calm. All eyes turned to Luo, as if saying, “It’s up to you, Luo!”

Luo admitted he couldn’t rely on himself either.

Completing all this, Su Hao and Yashan slowly stood up, each wielding their accustomed long knives, with faint runic glows appearing. Su Hao surveyed the surroundings and calmly said, “Let’s begin, Yashan!”

At this point, there was no room for discussion about whether to kill or not. With raised knives, they advanced fearlessly, regardless of whether it was a hundred, a thousand, or ten thousand people. All would turn to ashes where the blade pointed.

Yashan took a deep breath and exhaled slowly, “Okay, Boss Wei.”

Su Hao’s feet abruptly exploded, and his figure disappeared from the spot.



As the blade flashed, accompanied by the sound of flesh and bones separating, a human head soared high into the air, then heavily fell to the ground, rolling to the feet of a woman.


Another ear-piercing scream cut through the air, the latter half of the sound breaking into a silent scream. The decapitated body, spewing blood, slowly collapsed.

As if signaling the beginning, Yashan also moved. Suddenly appearing beside a middle-aged man, he swung his long knife from above, instantly splitting the person in half.

Ignoring the gruesome scene before him, Yashan muttered, “I seem to have said that if I ever caught you remnants, I’d have to split you in half. Well, now it’s happening.”

Yashan turned his gaze to the crowd, where numerous red markers hung above the heads of the resistors. This was just the first one; there were still over two thousand to go.

Yashan glanced in Su Hao’s direction, surprised. It had only been a few seconds, and Boss Wei had already killed nearly ten?

Without hesitation, Yashan charged into the crowd amid their screams, heading straight for the resistors.

“Splut, splut, splut!”

Three consecutive slashes, like cutting roadside weeds, his hand rising and falling with each strike, one person per swing.

(End of this chapter)

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