Chapter 31 – Demon Empress’s Sweet Gourd, Zhan Qingchen Comes Out!

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“Yes, he is indeed called Su Shi.”

Shenxiu looked terrified.

Who was this Su Shi actually that could make the Demon Empress so emotionally out of control?

Yun Qiluo paused for a moment and said indifferently, “Explain, what has Su Shi done?”

Shenxiu didn’t dare hide it, and told the whole story.

“He broke through to Golden Elixir Realm?”

Yun Qiluo’s delicate brows furrowed slightly.

If she remembered correctly, Su Shi’s talent was only High-grade ordinary.

Although it was not too bad, if he wanted to break through to the Golden Elixir Realm, he would need at least ten more years of hard work.

“Looks like he had some strange encounters.”

When she heard that Su Shi had defeated Chen Qingluan and helped kill Lin Quan, a smile swept across Yun Qiluo’s eyes.

However, upon hearing that Su Shi had taken Chen Qingluan away, the smile instantly disappeared without a trace.

“Humph, I thought you had improved a little, but I didn’t think you were still as stupid as before!”

“After touching Chen Qingluan, do you think the imperial dynasty will be kind enough to let you go?”

“To make such a big enemy just for that small selfish desire, what a fool!”

Shenxiu slumped to the ground, terrified.

Brother Su, don’t blame me if I can’t keep my promise, who knew that Her Majesty the Patriarch would be so interested in you!

After a long time had passed, the tremendous pressure gradually dissipated.

Shenxiu remained prostrate on the ground, not daring to get up.

Yun Qiluo resumed her languid posture and waved her hand, “You may leave.”


Shenxiu, as if receiving forgiveness, quickly retreated and left.

How could he dare think of reward?

It’s already a good thing he was allowed to live!

“Su Shi ……”

Yun Qiluo’s eyes were slightly dreamy.

Memories surfaced in her mind.

A boy with clear eyebrows holding a sweet gourd in the cold snow, tilting his head and saying, “Big sister, I’ll treat you.”

Yun Qiluo was about to leave, but somehow stopped in her tracks.

She picked up the sweet gourd and gently took a bite.

It was sweet.

“Do you want to cultivate, little kid?”

The little boy asked back, “What is cultivate?

Yun Qiluo thought for a moment and said, “Cultivation is …… being able to make everyone afraid of you and being able to kill the people you want to kill.”

The little boy tilted his head and said, “Then can I protect the people I want to protect?”

Yun Qiluo nodded, “I guess you can.”

The little boy smiled brightly, “Then I want to cultivate, because I want to protect big sister.”

Yun Qiluo wondered, “We have never met before, why do you want to protect me?”

The little boy said correctly, “Because big sister is very beautiful. Father said that the most beautiful things are fragile and need to be protected.”

Yun Qiluo froze.

As a demonic path cultivator, she was synonymous with cold blood, murderous and ruthless, as she had the Constitution of Heaven in her mouth to command the Demonic force.

The world dared not call her by her name, and even her sect disciples would feel fear when confronted with her.

But this little kid actually said that he wanted to protect her?

After a long silence, Yun Qiluo stretched out her hand, “Let’s go.”


The little boy, unsuspecting, pushed his little hand into her palm.

The two figures floated away, lost in the snow and wind.


Su Shi was merely a cultivator at the Late Stage of Realm Foundation Establishment, but he was able to break through to become a demon general and even take command of a city.

Everyone felt that it was because of Shu’s family background.

But no one knew that Yun Qiluo only wanted to pay for that sweet gourd back then.

Yet as a result, it almost killed Su Shi.

She even issued a Black Killing Order for it ……

“I didn’t expect that you didn’t die.”

“A twenty-year-old Golden Elixir practicioner? That’s not bad.”

Yun Qiluo raised her delicate chin, “But if you want to protect me, you’re still too far away for that.”


A shadow appeared from the corner, “This subordinate is here.”

“Invite Su Shi, the commander of Fengsha City, back to the sect to see me.”


“Also, cancel the Black Killing Order, that stinky woman Sikong Lanyue must have gone crazy by now.”


The shadow disappeared without a sound.

Yun Qiluo swung her legs, a small part of her snow-root-like feet peeking out from the hem of her skirt, and hummed softly a tuneless song that echoed longingly in the empty hall.


Land of the Great Clouds.

Tianji Pavilion.

Zhan Qingchen stepped out of the Cliff of Reflection, pale sunlight rained on her body, squinting comfortably.

Half a month of seclusion.

Originally, for her, it was as easy as eating and drinking water.

Usually within the sect, she was also basically in a reclusive state.

But now was different.

Once she closed her eyes, all she could think about was Su Shi, and she couldn’t calm at all.

This caused her to spend the past half month like a year, and it was extremely agonizing.

“I don’t know how Su Shi is doing right now, I wonder if he misses me…”

Zhan Qingchen regained her senses and shook her head vigorously, “Huu! I can’t think of him right now!”

She jumped towards the sky and flew in the direction of her residence.

There was a vague feeling that the atmosphere was not quite right along the way.

The disciples of the sect looked serious and hurried, as if something big had happened.

Back to the residence.

Pushing open the door, Xiaoqing greeted her with a smile, “Chief, you’ve come out of seclusion?”


Zhan Qingchen was puzzled, “Has something happened recently? It feels like there’s a strange atmosphere within the sect.”

“You don’t know yet?”

Xiaoqing said, “Righteous force cooperated with Demon Extermination Division to encircle Demonic force in Southwest Region, but the result was a complete defeat, losing several Golden Elixir practicioners and a Nascent Soul practicioner.”

“Southwest Region?”

Zhan Qingchen was stunned, “Isn’t Su Shi also in the Southwest Region?”

Xiaoqing nodded, “Right, he’s become a key figure in these events. Tsk! I knew I shouldn’t have let that demon go…”

The words were stopped in mid-sentence.

Only to see Zhan Qingchen gripping her arm hard, her face pale and tense, “Su Shi, is he alright?”

Xiaoqing: “????”

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