Chapter 31

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Chapter 31: Senior Brother, have you been possessed by someone?

Even in the past life, you were a lone figure, but at least exceptionally talented.

Self-taught, achieving fame at a young age, everyone admired you sincerely and called you a young hero.

Wherever you went, people invited you for drinks, and you were never burdened by livelihood.

Many martial arts heroines came admiringly, offering themselves willingly for a night of pleasure.

But now?

Now, there’s almost nothing.

Compared to the past life, it’s just too shabby, too challenging.

Thinking of this, Senior Brother couldn’t control his emotions. He took a step forward, patted Lin Beifan’s shoulder, and said with deep emotion, “These years have been tough on you!”

Everyone was dumbfounded once again!

Is this what Senior Brother should say?

How could he utter such words?

Lin Beifan has been through hardships?

Come on, since he joined, we haven’t seen him endure any hardships.

Even when he was a miscellaneous disciple, he gained fame, earning the title of Little Overlord.

Just ask the miscellaneous disciples; who hasn’t suffered losses from him?

Now, this guy has taken it a step further, associating with the coveted Bai Yiyi, using her resources for his food, drink, and accommodation, even spending her money. Is this how miserable people live?

This is how immortals live!

You actually say he’s been through hardships?

Then, what kind of life are we living?

“It doesn’t really count as hardships; I’ve just gotten used to it!” Lin Beifan sighed.

Senior Brother fell silent. Even if reincarnated, Big Brother Ah Fei still had some unchanged qualities – he preferred to share joy, not worries, unwilling to show his vulnerable side to others.

Ah, truly a man who wants to be strong throughout his life!

It’s okay; others may not understand you, but I do!

Senior Brother patted Lin Beifan’s shoulder firmly, expressing everything without words.

Lin Beifan: (???)

“Lin Junior Brother, how are you doing now? Have you encountered any difficulties? Is there anything you don’t understand in your cultivation? If you have any problems, just tell me, I’ll help you solve them!” Senior Brother took everything upon himself, asking with genuine concern.

This statement once again left everyone in confusion!

Are you really Senior Brother?

Are you truly the one who likes Bai Yiyi?

Why are you speaking so affectionately to your love rival?

This doesn’t sound like a conversation between rivals!

It’s more like a family chat.

Come on, you’ve just met for the first time, and you’re still enemies. Don’t act so intimately; it’s confusing us, making us think we’re on the wrong set!

Lin Beifan shook his head, “No, I’m doing well now, haven’t encountered any problems! Even if I did, I would solve them myself, no need to trouble Senior Brother!”

Senior Brother’s eyes moistened.

Big Brother Ah Fei back in the day was like this too!

Always shielding others from wind and rain.

When it came to himself, he didn’t want to burden others, handling everything on his own, showing a strong and sunny side to others, only revealing vulnerability when alone.

Big Brother Ah Fei, stop thinking about others all the time; take care of yourself too, okay?

Thinking of everything Big Brother Ah Fei did for him, Senior Brother couldn’t hold back anymore. He looked up at the sky at a 45-degree angle, trying not to let his tears fall. But eventually, he couldn’t hold back, covering his face with his hand, choking out, “Sorry, I’m not in a good mood today. I’ll leave for now and talk more another day!”

Now, he just wanted to leave, find a secluded place, and have a good cry.

Lin Beifan nodded blankly, “Alright, Senior Brother, take care!”

“Good, see you another day!”

As Senior Brother was about to leave, he turned around to see the stunned faces of the crowd.

Their ugly expressions all entered his eyes, igniting an indescribable anger within him.

These people originally came to mock Big Brother Ah Fei.

They treated me as a pawn, almost causing me to fight with Big Brother Ah Fei.

Their intentions were malicious, deserving condemnation!

If it weren’t for my awakened memories from a past life, recognizing Big Brother Ah Fei, I would have been harmed by them.

Big Brother Ah Fei, back then, you shielded me from the wind and rain.

Now, it’s my turn.

Thinking of this, Senior Brother declared loudly, “Listen carefully, everyone! From today onwards, Lin Beifan is my good brother! Anyone who opposes him opposes me! Anyone who has issues with him has issues with me! I hope you take care of yourselves and don’t ruin it for yourselves!”

Once again, everyone present was shocked!

Eyes widened, they couldn’t believe Senior Brother would say such outrageous things!

Come on, he’s your love rival!

He took away the woman you liked the most!

Instead of dealing with him, you’re protecting him?

Senior Brother, are you under some spell?

Or has someone taken control of you?

“Especially you guys!”

Senior Brother pointed at Wang Chuan, Wang Yue, and others, with an unfriendly expression, “Don’t play any conspiracies, and don’t make trouble for my brother! If anything happens to my brother, whether or not it’s your doing, I’ll hold you responsible!”

Wang Chuan, Wang Yue: “What the heck!”

After the threat, Senior Brother turned back, and with an unprecedented gentle tone, said to Lin Beifan, “Lin Junior Brother, I’m leaving. We’ll have a drink together another day!”

Then he left, disappearing without a trace.

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