Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Massacre of Ten Thousand

The whereabouts of the child who puzzled Yashan for a long time were finally known, but he couldn’t feel any joy. The truth left him bewildered at first, exceeding the scope of his mental comprehension.

Yashan didn’t impulsively jump to rescue the unfortunate children; instead, he sought help from Su Hao with a clear message: “Boss Wei, I’m helpless. What should we do?”

Su Hao quickly regained his composure. Without rushing, he let his blood flow into the children through a thin network, recording their physical information in the space of the orbs. After checking their status, Su Hao shook his head at Yashan, signaling, “No hope.”

Yashan’s eyes dimmed.

After recording information on several children, Su Hao and Yashan quietly withdrew from the underground space. Su Hao remarked, “It seems the disappeared children of the world have turned into this. I don’t know if it’s the only place, but judging by the comparison between the missing population and the underground population, there are likely a few such places.”

Yashan forced himself to calm down and persistently asked, “Boss Wei, can those children still be saved?”

Su Hao shook his head, stating, “Their brains are in a state of half-death, only their bodies maintain some activity. There’s no hope.”

Yashan bitterly said, “Those rebels deserve to die. I was too lenient in dealing with them before.”

Su Hao advised, “Let’s go. Let’s return to the town first, and for tonight, let’s pretend we haven’t seen anything.”

Yashan nodded, saying, “Alright, Boss Wei!”

Afterward, he forced a stiff smile.

Su Hao and Yashan left quietly, returning to the town of Paradise. Both acted as if nothing had happened, but a sense of frustration lingered within them.

Following this, Su Hao and Yashan found a comfortable-looking inn to stay. Yashan didn’t mention warming the bed again; he wasn’t in the mood. Yashan remembered Boss Wei’s words: pretend you haven’t seen anything.

Considering himself a regular tourist, Yashan slept heavily with the highest temperature heating at night, waking up lazily around ten in the morning. He then went out with Boss Wei, experiencing various snow activities. The two martial arts masters shone brightly in these skiing activities, stealing the spotlight in a way TV programs wouldn’t dare to depict!

During this time, Su Hao didn’t remain idle. While wandering around the town, he secretly used the transformed black crystal armor to engrave dozens of ‘Dual Suppression Force Field’ runes deep underground, with a radius of thirty thousand meters. He was ready to give all the rebels a big surprise at the ‘Bestowal Assembly.’

Nine days flashed by. In this period, the rebels marked by Su Hao using radar amounted to a staggering 2,300 people! Despite Su Hao’s preparedness, this number still astonished him. He had initially thought having a thousand people would be good enough!

In other words, tomorrow, the two of them would transform into butchers emerging from hell, systematically slaughtering these over two thousand people—one by one. Over two thousand people! Even standing still, it would take quite a while to execute them all.

However, the more rebels, the better, and the more concentrated, the better. Ideally, rebels from all over the world would gather here tomorrow!

At night, Su Hao and Yashan sat in front of the bonfire at the evening party, the dancing flames casting a red glow on their faces.

Su Hao spoke in a low voice, “Yashan, I’ve confirmed the number of people. There are a total of 2,358. As long as we act quickly, none of them can escape.”

Yashan’s heart trembled, muscles visibly twitching on his face. He clenched his fist tightly and whispered, “Alright, Boss Wei! You can trust in my efficiency; no one will need a second strike.”

Suddenly, Yashan stood up and said, “Boss Wei, there’s a shop on the central street selling cameras. The machines there are good; I’ll go buy three.”

With that, Yashan walked away slowly. His departure seemed steady, but there was a hint of disorder in the details.

Clearly, the thought of slaughtering over two thousand people tomorrow filled him with genuine fear, but more importantly, determination. That butcher’s knife would come down, for the sake of those children and his own conscience.

Su Hao’s face showed no expression, but his heart was far from as calm as it appeared. He raised his hand, and in the flickering flames, his palm shimmered unpredictably.

Muttering to himself, Su Hao said, “Ten people butchered, a hundred people butchered, a thousand people butchered, ten thousand people butchered…”

The next morning, Su Hao and Yashan arrived at a wide square outside the town of Paradise. This expansive square, located at the foot of the sacred Mo Si Snow Mountain, would witness the ‘Sacred Summoner’ bestowment ceremony.

The square was packed with people, resembling a sea of humanity—boisterous and lively. Every face was radiant with a brilliant smile, simply enjoying the lively atmosphere.

Su Hao and Yashan, two inconspicuous figures, weaved through the crowd.

Su Hao said, “Yashan, have you seen the people I marked for you? These guys, be sure not to make any mistakes.”

Yashan looked at the blood-red inverted arrowhead markers erected above many people’s heads, similar to the markers used by WoW hunters, very conspicuous. He nodded, “I’ve seen them, Boss Wei.”

During Su Hao’s idle time in the hotel, he developed a new function in the orb space—Enemy Mark. It could mark corresponding individuals and form a specific information sequence, transmitting it to Yashan’s consciousness through the little black room.

Once this information entered Yashan’s consciousness, it appeared to him as the blood-red inverted arrowhead.

This way, Yashan could also share information about the rebels, helping him identify targets when carrying out the executions.

For Su Hao, having two people swinging their blades together was faster than doing it alone.

It seemed the auspicious time had arrived; almost all the people in the town of Paradise gathered on the square, estimated to be tens of thousands. Looking around, it was a sea of people.

On a high platform on the side near the snow mountain, summoners summoned majestic summon beasts to drive away the spectators and vacate the platform.

“Welcome! To! Paradise Town! A magical! Joyful! Place!”

In front and on both sides of the platform, six large speakers were arranged. The words were delivered with pauses, resonating loudly, making everyone hear the content involuntarily turning their heads to the platform.

Although most people didn’t see anything, they stared intently, assuming they had seen it and even simulating a handsome host in their minds.

The viewing effect was at its peak!

Su Hao and Yashan were relatively short, unable to see anything even if they tiptoed, so they obediently stayed in place.

Yashan looked at Su Hao, awaiting the command from their Boss.

Su Hao said, “First, run a lap outside to test if the enemy markers are stable. If there’s no issue, then let’s begin!”

The two squeezed out of the crowd and started running outside the field. Yashan soon reported, “Boss Wei, no issues.”

Su Hao stopped, crouched down, and a massive blood qi flowed into the ground. It connected with dozens of giant ‘Dual Suppression Force Field’ runes underground. The ‘Dual Suppression Force Field’ activated!

In the next moment, an indescribable imperceptible fluctuation swept across, covering an area of thirty thousand meters. At the same time, all summoners in the vicinity felt a heavy mental pressure, as if a mountain was pressing down on their spirits, immobilizing them.

“What’s going on?” Many people were puzzled, but without thinking much, they attributed it to not resting well, temperature shocks, or falling ill.

Su Hao said, “It’s done!”

He stood up and pointed around, saying, “Yashan, together, let’s encircle this area, a radius of three thousand meters, with black crystal armor. Don’t let anyone escape!”

“Yes, Boss Wei!” Yashan’s figure slowly increased in height, and in the blink of an eye, he transformed into a tall figure covered in black crystal armor.

Su Hao also transformed, and then both of them crouched down, placing one hand on the ground.

Collaborative skill! Super Large Black Crystal Cage!

(End of this chapter)

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