Chapter 309

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Chapter 309: Southern Jiang’s Prince Defeated, Pursuit Through the Night!

Seeing the soldiers he had painstakingly trained turn around and throw themselves into the enemy’s arms, Prince of Southern Jiang was furious! Standing at the shore, he shouted urgently and angrily, “Come back! I command you to come back! This is betrayal! This is seeking glory at the expense of your loyalty! This is wrong! If you don’t come back now, I’ll enforce military discipline!”

“Plunk,” “Plunk”…

More people fell into the water.

“Hurry and escape, this is your only chance! If you don’t go now, it will be too late!”

“I want to go over there and have porridge and meat. I want to go over there and have wine!”

“None of you can stop me!”

Everyone scrambled to swim towards the other side, fearing that they would be too late.

The Songjiang River was packed with people attempting to cross! The scene was spectacular!

It was too thrilling, and Prince of Southern Jiang was on the verge of fainting from anger!

Drawing his knife from his waist, his eyes bloodshot, he shouted with rage, “All officers, listen up! Kill them for me! Kill all the rebels in the river! Leave none alive!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The Southern Jiang soldiers responded.

At that moment, Lin Beifan shouted, “Stop them! Let our compatriots cross safely!”

“Yes, Lord Lin!” The imperial soldiers responded.

Both sides began a fierce battle for people, one side killing, the other protecting!

The Southern Jiang soldiers could see this scene, and they felt even colder, lips trembling. The Southern Jiang king they had always supported was killing their own people!

And their enemies were protecting their own people!

Was there any need to serve such a master?

Without hesitation, they dropped their weapons, jumped into the river, and swam towards the other side.

Meanwhile, the officer warriors who were ordered to kill the surrendering soldiers gradually slackened their efforts. They found it increasingly difficult to continue killing.

These were their comrades, their fellow soldiers from the same trench!

To die at the hands of the enemy was one thing, but to die at the hands of their own people…

Seeing this, Prince of Southern Jiang shouted in frustration, “Why are you hesitating? Why have you stopped? What are you waiting for? Hurry and strike, kill these traitors!”

A warrior forced a bitter smile, “Your Highness, they are our own people. I can’t bring myself to do it!”

Prince of Southern Jiang roared with fury, “From the moment they betrayed me, they ceased being our own people! They are a group of heartless traitors! Those who betray me deserve to die!”

Seeing that the crowd was still hesitating, Prince of Southern Jiang shouted again, “Hurry and act, or do you also want to be traitors?”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The crowd responded.

However, their strikes were slower, lighter, and less precise.

After all, they couldn’t be as cold-blooded as Prince of Southern Jiang.

Half a day quickly passed.

Around 300,000 Southern Jiang soldiers successfully crossed the Songjiang River, becoming the surrendered troops of the imperial court.

About 150,000 Southern Jiang soldiers died in the river, staining the Songjiang River red.

Around Prince of Southern Jiang, there were now less than 30,000 loyal troops and fewer than a thousand warriors, a very meager number.

Dejected and disheartened, they had lost the will to fight again.

Compared to the grand momentum when they first rebelled, their current state could be described as pathetic.

Lin Beifan loudly proclaimed, “Prince of Southern Jiang, your momentum is gone, surrender now! Considering you are a prince of the imperial court, perhaps Her Majesty will spare your life!”

“It’s all because of you! Everything is your fault!”

Prince of Southern Jiang stared at Lin Beifan, his eyes shooting out boundless killing intent.

“If it weren’t for you, would I have ended up like this?”

Lin Beifan shook his head, “Prince of Southern Jiang, don’t you understand why you failed by now? As the saying goes: ‘With the Way, many are helped; without the Way, few are helped.’ It’s because you’re heartless and unrighteous, you’ve lost the people’s support, that’s why you’re defeated!”

“No! Everything is because of you! If it weren’t for you, I would have already reached the capital! Perhaps I could have put on the imperial robe and ascended to the coveted throne! But because of you, everything is ruined!”

Prince of Southern Jiang pointed angrily at Lin Beifan, “Kill him for me! No matter the cost, kill him!”

“But, Your Highness, he’s hidden within the large army, protected by many experts…”

Prince of Southern Jiang roared, “Can’t you hear me? Is it because I have no troops that my words have no weight?!”

Pointing at Lin Beifan, he shouted, “Now! Right away! Go and kill him for me!”

“Yes, Your Highness!” The people had no choice but to follow orders, crossing the river to kill, their target being Lin Beifan.

“Protect Lord Lin!” A commander yelled.

Several Innate experts once again entered the water, blocking their way.

Night Fragrance held a small knife, standing in front of Lin Beifan.

“Fire the arrows!”

“Swoosh, swoosh…”

Arrows rained down.

Among the advancing warriors, many were killed by the barrage of arrows, except for the Innate experts.

Wang Fugui advised, “Your Highness, recall them, or the losses will be great!”

Prince of Southern Jiang couldn’t bear to listen anymore, gnashing his teeth, “No! I must kill that Lin bastard! If it weren’t for him, I wouldn’t be in this situation!”

“But, Your Highness, if we don’t withdraw the troops, they will all die…”

Prince of Southern Jiang roared, “Shut up! Even if they all die, I must kill him! Kill him!”

In less than the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, the Innate experts who had crossed the river had all been killed.

Only a few Innate experts were left fighting in the river.

Lin Beifan smiled as he looked at the situation, thinking it was time to end this.

Within his deep gaze, a hint of light purple appeared.

The Dao Heart Tempering Demon technique—using the mind to control matter!

Under Lin Beifan’s gaze, one of Southern Jiang’s Innate experts suddenly stopped in his tracks.

Although the entire process took less than a second, it was fatal in a battle against equals.

Seizing the opportunity, an imperial Innate expert slashed down with his sword.


A large gash appeared on the chest, blood spraying out, staining the chest red.

The imperial Innate expert pressed on, relentlessly attacking until finally he struck down the enemy. Then he immediately went to support another person.

Lin Beifan’s gaze continued to sweep across the field.

Any Southern Jiang Innate expert he looked at would falter.

In less than the time it takes to brew a cup of tea, four Southern Jiang Innate experts had fallen. The situation was quickly shifting in favor of the imperial court.

The remaining Southern Jiang Innate experts were scared.

They had followed Prince of Southern Jiang, seeking wealth and power, looking for a bright future.

Now, their future was in ruins, and they were risking their lives for it.

And so, without hesitation, they slipped away.

“Your Highness, the enemy is too strong. This old man will retreat first!”

“Your Highness, it’s not that I didn’t give my all, but the imperial court is too powerful. I’ll take a step back for now!”

“Your Highness, farewell from us in Southern Jiang!”

Prince of Southern Jiang cursed furiously, “You bunch of bastards! I treated you well, provided you with food and drink, and even gave you high positions! Yet when trouble comes, you all flee first. Ungrateful lot! I’m ashamed to be associated with you!”

Looking around and seeing only fewer than 30,000 remaining soldiers, Prince of Southern Jiang finally grew fearful, “Retreat!”

Lin Beifan waved his hand forcefully, “Cross the river, kill!”


“Cross the Songjiang, head for Southern Jiang!”

“Victory is right before us!”

The forces of the imperial court crossed the river with a fierce momentum.

The balance of offense and defense shifted once again.

After crossing the river, Prince of Southern Jiang led his remaining troops in retreat.

Lin Beifan led his army in pursuit, neither too fast nor too slow.

Southern Jiang’s soldiers had lost their morale, and they were tired and hungry, dropping out of formation and getting annihilated by Lin Beifan’s forces.

As a result, Prince of Southern Jiang’s forces dwindled more and more as they retreated.

After running for a night, only around 3,000 remnants were left.

Looking at the remaining troops, Prince of Southern Jiang’s anger caused his flesh to tremble uncontrollably, “If it weren’t for that brat Lin Beifan, would I be in this situation?”

“Your Highness, flee quickly, the imperial court’s forces are catching up!” Wang Fugui, panting heavily, rode his horse and warned.

Prince of Southern Jiang turned his head and was horrified. They had indeed caught up!

In a grand and imposing manner, they were closing in.

The two sides were less than 300 yards apart, about to catch up at any moment!

His forces were now very limited, and they couldn’t run anymore!

Prince of Southern Jiang shouted, “Breeze, Fallen Sword… you two, lead the troops to obstruct the imperial court’s forces and protect my escape!”

These people were his right-hand men, whom he had cultivated with great effort and trusted deeply. However, for the sake of their own lives, they had no choice but to give up now.

Breeze, Fallen Sword, and the others heard Prince of Southern Jiang’s command and felt like their hearts had turned to ashes. But everything they had was given by the king. Despite the king’s flaws, he had treated them very well. It was the idea of “A loyal subject is willing to die for a true friend!”

Now, it was time to give their lives.

“We obey your command!”

They led the remaining 3,000 remnants, turned around, and killed their way back.

“Soldiers, follow this commander and fight back!”


As Lin Beifan chased after them, he looked at these heroes sacrificing themselves and was deeply moved, “They are a group of people who know gratitude and repaying kindness, willing to make noble sacrifices. Give them a decent burial, and fire the arrows!”

“Swoosh, swoosh…”

After a round of arrow rain, all 3,000 remnants were killed.

As Lin Beifan rode past a Southern Jiang general whose body was riddled with arrows but still stood tall and proud, he slightly slowed down and said, “They were all brave men, just following the wrong master… give them a proper burial!”

“Yes, Lord Lin!”

“Thank you…” The Southern Jiang general weakly murmured his gratitude, his eyes losing their light.

Lin Beifan continued to lead his troops in pursuing Prince of Southern Jiang.

At this point, Prince of Southern Jiang had very few people left by his side.

They had been running through the night, and their speed was becoming slower. Finally, they were surrounded by Lin Beifan’s large force.

Lin Beifan loudly declared, “Prince of Southern Jiang, when are you going to keep fleeing? You’ve already been defeated, there’s no chance of making a comeback. Lower your head and surrender!”

Prince of Southern Jiang looked at his situation, surrounded on all sides, and then glanced at Lin Beifan riding on a tall horse approaching slowly. His eyes spat fire, and he gnashed his teeth, “Lin Beifan! It’s all because of you! It’s all your fault! I’ll never coexist with you! Our enmity is irreconcilable!”

Lin Beifan remained calm and composed, “Prince of Southern Jiang, is there any use in saying this now? You have no more troops, and you’ve lost your righteousness. There’s still a place for you in this world. Come back with me and face your punishment.”

“No! I haven’t lost yet!” Prince of Southern Jiang roared.

At this moment, the grandmaster who had been guarding by Prince of Southern Jiang’s side stepped forward. With a voice that sounded aged, he said, “Alright, let’s call it quits here.”

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