Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: Abducted Children

After listening to Su Hao’s speech, Yashan seemed like a completely different person, diving into books.

His computer room transformed into a literary-style study. Banners with slogans adorned the walls: “Enrich yourself with knowledge, achieve a beautiful life,” “Immerse yourself in learning, enjoy the joy brought by knowledge,” “In books, shape a noble soul”…

Previously, he held an online meeting with his “Rebel Butcher” organization. Whatever Yashan said had stirred the ten members, all seeming young. They were all ignited by Yashan, expressing their commitment to return, study, and research, self-improve within five years, and gather again to work towards the complete overthrow of the “rebels”!

Su Hao believed that if Yashan could maintain this state, he would undoubtedly undergo a profound transformation in five years, no longer resembling the gang leader from his past life, who only knew how to be reckless.

Su Hao sighed, “It takes ten years to grow a tree, but a hundred years to cultivate a person. Training a qualified assistant isn’t easy!”

Afterward, Su Hao immersed himself once again in the study of the “Mental Inhibition Field” and “Spatial Law Suppression Field.”

With some research materials from the steward’s office, Su Hao had the correct direction from the start. He just needed to follow the steward’s lead.

Three months passed in a hurry.

As the temperature warmed, everything revived. The land once covered in vast white snow now sprouted various shades of green.

On this day, Yashan, for a change, wasn’t engrossed in a book. Instead, he found Su Hao and said, “Boss Wei, there’s news from Huaiyuan Town. This year’s ‘Divine Summoner’ conferment ceremony will be held in Joy Town on June 20. They’re inviting representatives from various cities as guest observers. We have ten days left.”

Su Hao stood up, stretched lazily, and walked out, saying as he went, “Yashan, let’s go! Our base was destroyed by the rebels half a year ago. Now, let’s go and wipe out their headquarters.”

Yashan keenly seized the main point. The rebels’ headquarters? Boss Wei knew where the rebels’ headquarters were? Excited, he said, “Sure, Boss Wei!”

The territory of Kitano-zhou resembled a seahorse, with Huaiyuan Town located in the central part of the seahorse’s tail. Joy Town was at the tip of the seahorse’s mouth. The two places were quite distant.

Traveling by land involved crossing numerous glacial plateaus and snowy mountains. Besides the harsh natural conditions, there were countless powerful auxiliary star beasts along the way, making it extremely dangerous. Moreover, the most perilous aspect was that this area was almost the most unstable in the entire main star’s space. One could easily be transported to an auxiliary star by mistake, and without a balance agent, summoners would perish.

Flying over the glaciers from the air wasn’t feasible either because the frigid winds above the glaciers blew constantly. Even the most cold-resistant flying summoners couldn’t endure flying for more than five minutes; they would freeze into ice birds.

So, to traverse the “Summoner’s Path to Achievement” from Nonreturn Town to reach the endpoint, Joy Town, one had to take it step by step.

The overall difficulty level was considered hellish.

However, for Su Hao and Yashan, it wasn’t so troublesome. Transform into the “Earth Sovereign,” activate high-temperature runes, and fly directly across!

They didn’t feel anything special about becoming a “Divine Summoner,” and they didn’t need to provide a recording of their journey to obtain this seemingly insane title.

“Swoosh, swoosh.”

Su Hao and Yashan flew over the highland snow mountains, impervious to the biting cold wind.

At this moment, on the Summoner’s Path to Achievement, there were still many summoners grouped together for adventures. Seated atop their summoning beasts, they heard a thunderous sound in the sky and couldn’t help but look up. They saw two black figures swiftly passing overhead, breaking through the bone-chilling cold wind, traversing the side of towering snow-capped mountains, slowly disappearing from their sight.

“What’s that?”

“Can fighter jets become ‘Divine Summoners’ too?”

Su Hao and Yashan flew for nearly eight hours. After the sky completely darkened, they finally crossed the snowy mountains and ice fields, arriving at the renowned Joy Town.

The appearance of Joy Town surprised Su Hao and Yashan. They initially thought the words “Joy Town” meant a place for summoners to revel. Contrary to expectations, Joy Town was a massive adult ice and snow amusement park.

Even though it was already 10 p.m., Joy Town was brightly lit, bustling with people walking on the streets. Every so often, there was a large ice and snow amusement park with a variety of activities such as sledding, ice skating, ski jumping, snowboarding, curling, ice hockey, and more.

Following behind Su Hao, Yashan thought everyone looked like rebels. Unable to resist any longer, he whispered to Su Hao, “Boss Wei, is this place the so-called headquarters? Could it be that these people are the rebels?”

Su Hao, behaving like a regular tourist, looked around with interest. When he heard Yashan’s question, he casually replied, “Not at all. The vast majority are tourists who came here by cruise or plane.”

Yashan understood, “I see. So, what should we do now? We don’t even know where they are!”

Su Hao said, “Don’t do anything. Just act like tourists and adapt as the situation unfolds in nine days.”

If everything had to be carefully planned, Su Hao wouldn’t need to do anything. For such simple matters, he could provide a solution in two seconds. Finding rebels wasn’t complicated. Once he identified their characteristics, it was as simple as finding a needle in a haystack. For example, if Su Hao covered Joy Town with radar throughout the nine days, recording sudden disappearances or appearances of vital signs, he would undoubtedly pinpoint the rebels. Did he need to personally search for them? No, he could enjoy himself in Joy Town for nine days and easily track down the rebels when they gathered at the “Conferment Ceremony,” taking care of them all at once.

Looking at the confident expression on their leader’s face, Yashan felt relieved. With Boss Wei around, nothing was a problem; Boss Wei was omnipotent.

However, Yashan was unaware that Su Hao’s method was something he came up with after two seconds of consideration.

This wasn’t a demonstration of superior intelligence but a demonstration of knowledge and strength.

Su Hao activated the sensing runes to their maximum capacity. The radar sensing, initially within a range of five thousand meters, expanded continuously and instantly reached a range of ten thousand meters.

“Hmm?” After fully deploying the sensing runes, Su Hao sensed a dense concentration of vital signs eight thousand meters to the northwest. These vital signs resembled humans but were extremely weak, faint and elusive. This was the first time he had felt such vital signs, akin to a feeble pulse lingering on the brink of death.

Su Hao couldn’t help but become curious.

Yashan noticed Su Hao’s unusual behavior and couldn’t help asking, “What’s wrong, Boss Wei?”

Su Hao whispered, “Come on, follow me. Let’s go check out a place!”

After leaving Joy Town, Su Hao avoided the crowd’s gaze and, along with Yashan, dove underground, slowly moving forward from beneath the ground.

Eight thousand meters might sound far, but it didn’t take long for Su Hao and Yashan to reach their destination. The two emerged their heads from underground, breathing in the fresh air. Then, they observed their surroundings, where the terrain slightly undulated, frozen grass covering the ground, seemingly no different from other places.

Su Hao pointed underground and whispered, “Go down quietly and take a look.”

Yashan nodded, following Su Hao as they both descended underground. Su Hao, guided by his perception, gradually transformed the underground into a passage, descending along the pathway.

“It’s through!” Su Hao felt the vast cavity underground and became cautious.

He and Yashan hung upside down, heads downward, then slowly extended their heads to examine the situation in the underground cavity.

Looking upward from the underground cavity, two heads suddenly protruded from the ceiling, appearing eerie and terrifying, like a scene from a ghost story.

They initially thought the underground would be pitch black, but unexpectedly, it was brightly lit!

As they extended their heads, the entire underground cavity’s scene was revealed before their eyes.

Su Hao and Yashan were both stunned by the scene before them. Even Su Hao, who considered himself well-traveled, was momentarily shocked by what he saw.

Yashan, with bloodshot eyes wide open, stared fixedly at the scene before him. His mouth opened and closed silently, his breath suspended. His eyes then lost focus.

What appeared before their eyes were naked infants wrapped in thin nets, suspended in mid-air, gently swaying. The infants had closed eyes, appearing calm and peaceful, much like being curled up in a mother’s womb, giving off a harmonious vibe.

However, it wasn’t just one net; there were thousands, densely packed and orderly arranged, filling Su Hao and Yashan’s field of view. On the ground was a semi-automatic assembly line that worked day and night, with only a few workers monitoring and controlling.

This eerie scene almost tore Yashan’s soul apart.

(End of this chapter)

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