Chapter 307

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Chapter 307: The Cognitive Deficiency of Yashan

Yashan couldn’t help but be shocked! Wei, the boss, spent almost all his time in the laboratory conducting research, rarely engaging with the outside world. And him? Busy collecting information all day, organizing documents, speculating on the rebels’ motives, yet unable to understand what was really going on.

The result was that the one who stayed indoors understood everything, while he, searching for information everywhere, remained clueless?

Truly, Wei was remarkable, truly deserving of the title of the “God of Genesis,” unbelievably powerful.

After calming down, Yashan curiously asked, “Boss Wei, what is the goal of the rebels?”

Su Hao casually replied, “Probably things like honor and faith!”

“Honor?” Yashan was instantly awestruck. Understanding the meaning behind this word, his anger towards the rebels surged. Just for this baseless ‘honor,’ they could ruthlessly harm innocent children?

Countless children each year, abducted by the rebels, facing unknown fates, all for the sake of honor?

How could such a thing be linked to honor?

As Yashan’s anger flared up, his face puzzled, he shook his head, saying, “Boss Wei, I don’t understand!”

Su Hao pointed to the north, saying, “Do you know about the ‘Summoner’s Path to Achievement’ up there?”

Yashan nodded, “Yes, it’s the ultimate adventure for all summoners. Those who successfully complete the ‘Summoner’s Path to Achievement’ are bestowed the honor of being a ‘Divine Summoner.’ But what does that have to do with this?”

Su Hao shook his head, “Yashan, I suggest you go back to school, read more, broaden your horizons and thinking. It will greatly help your future. As a ‘Prophet,’ your intelligence is indeed high, but your logical reasoning is too basic to understand many underlying logics behind things, and your knowledge is insufficient for profound contemplation.”

Su Hao looked at Yashan, who seemed pensive, continuing, “My advice to you is, when you cannot defeat your enemies, put it aside for now, don’t rush. Then read more and think more. When your knowledge reaches a certain level, many seemingly unsolvable problems will become clear.”

“Reading, learning, and thinking not only enrich your knowledge but also optimize your way of thinking. Yashan, what you lack now is a philosophical perspective! Understand?”

Yashan shook his head, indicating he didn’t understand, but nodded as if he did, saying, “I don’t understand Boss Wei’s talk about logical reasoning and philosophical perspective, but I understand Boss Wei’s meaning. I need to read more, learn more, and think more. I will understand one day!”

For Yashan, Boss Wei wasn’t accusing him but genuinely teaching and guiding him, as Boss Wei rarely criticized people, usually just swiftly resolving issues.

Meeting someone willing to teach is a rare stroke of luck in one’s life.

Su Hao smiled; he knew Yashan truly took in his words. That was Yashan’s strength—though of humble origins and lacking some knowledge, he never feared learning, boldly asking about what he didn’t understand, admitting his own problems without evasion.

Such people were rare!

Su Hao, with a smile, said, “Now that you understand what I said, let me tell you about things like ‘honor’ and ‘faith.’ I’ll start by asking you the first question: Is this ‘Summoner’s Path to Achievement’ dangerous?”

Yashan directly nodded, “Extremely dangerous, it’s said even advanced summoners have a slim chance of survival.”

Su Hao said, “Since it’s so dangerous, why do so many summoners enter this deadly path year after year? Isn’t it better to stay alive?”

Yashan hesitated, “This… Could it be just for honor?”

Su Hao replied, “Yes, not entirely, but regarding honor, you’ll understand by reading more. It’s something engraved in a person’s bones, pursued by countless people throughout history. Let me emphasize one point: those summoners, knowing the danger, still resolutely choose this path. Why?”

At this point, Su Hao smiled and said, “I’m not them, and I don’t know. But if we set aside their inner thoughts and focus solely on their actions, we can draw a conclusion: whatever they gain by taking this path, in their eyes, it’s undoubtedly more important than life itself.”

Yashan nodded in understanding. Su Hao continued, “So, for something, they value so much that they don’t even care about their own lives, do you think they would care about the lives of others? The lives of innocent children they’ve never known are not within their scope of consideration.”

Pausing, Su Hao casually added, “Regarding these seemingly inexplicable people, I can still understand to some extent. Essentially, I belong to the same category as them. It’s just that the state they exhibit appears more extreme.”

Yashan nodded in acknowledgment but remained speechless.

Su Hao continued, “So, I recommend you delve into the developmental history of humanity from ancient times to the present. Once you understand human nature and the evolution of morality, you’ll probably grasp my meaning. What seems natural and right to you might not be summarized as ‘right’; ‘morality’ might be more appropriate. Whether something is moral or not has no relation to whether it’s right or wrong!”

Su Hao concluded, “Therefore, regarding the matter of the rebels taking away children, we can’t say it’s right or wrong; we can only say it violates the law or is extremely cruel and immoral. If you don’t understand this, it’s impossible to comprehend the rebels’ goals and beliefs, let alone spiritually destroy them.”

As Yashan’s confusion grew, he straightforwardly asked, “Boss Wei, I may not fully understand, but I’ll read more! What should I do now?”

Su Hao responded, “You see, the question comes back to the starting point. What is your goal?”

Yashan said, “To destroy the Rebel Association.”

Su Hao remarked, “Since physical destruction and intimidation don’t work, let’s eradicate them from the source! Elevate the rebels high above, destroy their self-righteous honor and faith completely. What they rely on, take pride in, we’ll annihilate. We’ll devalue their pursuits, trample their dignity into the ground!”

Yashan, feeling impassioned, couldn’t help but ask, “What are their pursuits?”

Su Hao replied, “I don’t know!”

Yashan widened his eyes, “??”

Su Hao casually said, “Why should I know their pursuits? What relation do they have to me?”

Yashan asked, “Then how do we trample their dignity?”

Su Hao smiled, “Haven’t you heard a saying? The ones who destroy them are not their competitors! We just need to use more advanced knowledge, give everyone a chance to step into the auxiliary stars, a chance to obtain powerful summons, a chance to battle with summons, participate in competitions…”

“Make everything the rebels possess widespread, give everyone the opportunity to have it, make these things worthless, turn the world upside down… Then, what will the rebels rely on, take pride in, be arrogant about, believe in, and have as their dignity? You don’t need to destroy them; they’ll collapse on their own!”

Yashan’s face flushed with excitement as he said with a trembling voice, “Boss Wei, teach me, I want to learn!”

To Yashan’s surprise, Su Hao poured cold water on him directly, saying, “You, as you are now, won’t be able to learn. Give up.”

Yashan looked bewildered, then sighed, “If only I had focused on studying these years.”

Su Hao said, “Studying these years wouldn’t have helped. Without four or five decades of accumulation, it’s impossible to learn. But, it’s okay if you can’t learn; I can help you!”

Yashan rekindled hope and said, “Thank you, Boss Wei! What should I do now?”

Su Hao said, “You’re still not of age; you don’t need to do anything. Just read books and enrich yourself. When you come of age, register a company.”

Yashan asked, “What kind of company?”

After a moment of contemplation, Su Hao said, “Let’s call it the Pet House Technology Company!”

(End of this chapter)

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