Chapter 306

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Chapter 306: I Understand This

Su Hao opened his eyes, greeted by a dark and almost featureless expanse. His vision was limited, and he found himself floating, not in mid-air, but submerged in water!

No, not just water – immense pressure nearly caused Su Hao’s eyes to burst open. In the instant of opening them, he quickly shut them again, sealing them with thick black crystal armor.

However, even with the high-strength black crystal armor, Su Hao still felt immense pressure.

“The sea!” Su Hao instantly recognized his surroundings.

Su Hao cursed inwardly, “Damn it, of all places to teleport, it had to be the godforsaken depths of the ocean! If I hadn’t transformed into the [Earth Lord] in advance, I might have been crushed by the enormous pressure the moment I arrived!”

If there was one environment Su Hao was least skilled in, it was undoubtedly underwater.

A long knife materialized in Su Hao’s hand as his body slightly tilted. Behind him, a sea monster opened its mouth, rows of sharp teeth arranged neatly in inner and outer circles, lunging towards him.

The long knife flashed by, severing the sea monster’s open mouth before it could close, rendering it unable to bite.

Although the underwater environment affected Su Hao’s swordplay, the greatly weakened slash was still more than the sea monster could endure.

Su Hao activated the ‘penetration’ rune, and a multitude of black crystal spikes erupted from the long knife he had thrust into the upper jaw, turning the monster’s entire head into a hedgehog.

Su Hao slowly withdrew the long knife, ignoring the still twitching monster, and swam upstream.

Su Hao wasn’t particularly adept at swimming; he had even drowned twice before, harboring a slight fear of water. Fortunately, it seemed Su Hao didn’t need to swim much!

He changed the appearance of his armor into a shuttle shape with pointed ends and generated a three-leaf fan wheel beneath his feet.


The fan wheel began to rotate slowly, propelling Su Hao upstream. It gained speed, and in less than a minute, Su Hao felt his whole body suddenly relax.


He broke through the sea surface, soaring into the air, once again greeted by the long-lost sunlight.

“Refreshing!” Su Hao breathed in the fresh air, shouting out loud, releasing the pent-up frustration from being submerged.

However, before he could properly observe his surroundings, a colossal and sharp-eyed white bird descended from the sky, its twin claws aimed at Su Hao. It seemed to mistake him for a leaping fish!

“So aggressive!” Su Hao burst forth, moving sideways a few meters, then with a flick of his long knife, beheaded the giant bird. The bird, in turn, spiraled down into the sea, creating massive waves.


Following this, a large number of fish, attracted by the scent of blood, swarmed in and devoured the bird in no time!

Su Hao transformed into flight armor mode, flying two circles above the sea, and couldn’t help but exclaim, “Good heavens, the creatures here are truly ferocious. For humans to survive here, they’d probably end up as nothing more than fertilizer!”

Su Hao no longer lingered, soaring to an altitude of three thousand meters, overlooking this beautiful planet!

The boundary between the deep blue sea and the land was distinctly winding. The continent displayed spectacular mountain ranges, deep canyons, all covered by towering giant trees, creating a lush green landscape. It seemed as though this planet was originally meant to be green, inherently vibrant with life.

Various colossal flying creatures could be seen everywhere, circling in mid-air, searching for prey hidden among the jungles. Their sharp eyes could detect any abnormality.

Su Hao took a deep breath, a large amount of oxygen filling his lungs, causing a profound exhilaration, “The oxygen content here, one could get intoxicated after staying for a long time!”

After exploring the secondary star in flight, a thought crossed Su Hao’s mind, “In such a beautiful world, can people from my home star have the opportunity to explore here? Can my spatial technology achieve this level?”

The secondary star was indeed vast and stunning. Countless secondary star beasts, in all shapes and sizes beyond imagination, vividly displayed the beauty of life.

It was somewhat regrettable that such a beautiful cosmic wonder couldn’t be shared with more people.

Su Hao believed he had gained a lot of knowledge from this world, and if he could provide some feasible feedback, he would be more than willing.

As for whether others would like Su Hao’s approach, that was not within his consideration.

He was indifferent to questions unrelated to learning and research. For him, taking action was better than being afraid of this and that, ultimately achieving nothing.

Su Hao’s approach to problems was always, ‘I think it’s feasible, shall I give it a try? Then let’s try.’ He rarely delved deeply into issues like ‘consequences,’ ‘costs,’ or ‘losses.’

Who was Su Hao to fear such things?

Slowly flying and touring above the secondary star, it was as if he was looking at his own backyard, his face full of joy. He wanted to share the joy of discovering good things.

Gradually, an interesting idea formed in his mind, and a brilliant smile appeared on his face, “I think it’s feasible!”

At this moment, it was already spring. Normally, everything should be in full bloom, a lively scene. However, in the cold northern continent, there was no concept of spring.

There were only winter and a brief summer!

In two months, as some of the ice and snow melted in the northern continent, adventurers and summoners from around the world who enjoyed exploration would flock to the northern continent. They would gather in Joytown, starting the challenge of the ‘Summoner’s Path to Achievement’ to seize the title of ‘Holy Summoner,’ the most dazzling title in the world.

Among them were many renowned world-class summoners.

From April to June, this period belonged to the carnival of northern continent exploration!

Su Hao, staying in his base, calculated the time silently and murmured, “It’s late February now, probably three more months until a large number of summoners gather in Joytown. This is the best opportunity to crush the resistors.”

In other words, Su Hao had three months to study spatial confinement technology, cut off all means for the resistors to escape back to the secondary star, and exterminate them all.

Otherwise, killing one group would inevitably result in another group escaping. This repetitive cycle was like dealing with roaches at home – exterminating them was never-ending.

Although Su Hao could also teleport to the secondary star, the secondary star was too vast. Going to the secondary star alone was like a drop of water in the ocean, impossible to find unless Su Hao’s radar covered the entire globe. Just thinking about it was enough!

However, three months were more than enough for Su Hao! After grasping many fundamental spatial concepts, Su Hao’s research speed in spatial matters had increased significantly, and there were no fundamental challenges anymore!

Most importantly, Su Hao had a preliminary idea about ‘Spatial Sealing Technology’!

Of course, when talking about this ‘idea,’ part of it came from referencing the technical data from the Custodial Bureau, and the other part was his own strength.

The Custodial Bureau’s research on spatial sealing technology focused on developing a ‘Mental Suppression Force Field.’ The idea was that within the range of this ‘suppression force field,’ the power of mental tentacles could be greatly weakened. When a summoner lost their mental tentacles, they also lost the ability to summon and teleport.

Su Hao gave a thumbs up to the Custodial Bureau’s ingenuity and adopted their approach as his own.

However, Su Hao had his own thoughts. While the Custodial Bureau’s research on suppressing mental power was indeed effective, it might not be very useful for summoners with exceptionally strong innate talents and powerful mental abilities.

So, Su Hao needed to cover both aspects. He not only wanted to develop a ‘Mental Suppression Force Field’ but also a ‘Spatial Dynamic Suppression Force Field.’

Su Hao’s research progress was quite smooth, but Yashan’s career as the ‘Rebel Butcher’ faced a bottleneck.

One day, after having dinner with Yashan, Yashan raised his question, “Boss Wei, there’s something I’ve never been able to understand! Can you enlighten me?”

Su Hao, rarely relaxed, also wanted to hear about Yashan’s current situation, “What’s the matter?”

Yashan said, “My plan to destroy their bodies has been executed for almost three years now. It’s well-known worldwide and deeply ingrained in people’s minds. Just mentioning the ‘Rebel Butcher’ can make people tremble with fear. However, I found that this method can only suppress the lowest-level external members of the Rebel Association. No matter how cruel I am to them, I can’t dismantle the formal rebels, even the lowest-level ‘Regional Members.’ Every day, many children still disappear, most likely abducted by rebels.

If this trend continues, everything I’ve done would be too wishful thinking, like a clown, with no way to completely eliminate the rebels. I don’t know whether to continue or not. If I don’t continue, what should I do?”

Su Hao understood Yashan’s dilemma and could sympathize with his helplessness. An organization that the entire world was trying to clean up, if it were so easily dismantled by Yashan, that would be a joke.

Su Hao said, “Considering the current trend, it does seem so. What about the plan you made a few years ago?”

Yashan shook his head, “Stuck at the second step, ‘Mental Annihilation.’ I don’t know the rebels’ purpose, their beliefs, and have no clue where to start.”

Su Hao raised an eyebrow, “You’re asking me? I understand this.”

Yashan widened his eyes in disbelief. “…”

(End of this chapter)

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