Chapter 305

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Chapter 305: Short-Distance Teleportation

Su Hao entered the pinball space, extracted the body data of the man, and had the cursor mark the differences before and after teleportation.

After a moment, he furrowed his brows, “There’s not much difference!”

Using his powerful mental force, Su Hao teleported back and forth several times, finally discovering the discrepancies: the rapid depletion of the ‘balancing agent’ within the body, simultaneous with the man’s body enduring spatial pressure, causing minor cracks and damage to various organs.

“It seems this balancing agent is a consumable, depleting with each teleportation…”

After two days of experimentation, the man was rendered unusable. Su Hao shifted his focus to another test subject!

However, Su Hao immediately shook his head, “No, we have to wait until this test subject completely loses teleportation ability before attempting again!”

Seven days later, Su Hao in the lab widened his eyes in disbelief, exclaiming, “Damn, it can be done like this!”

During this time, Su Hao’s continuous exploration revealed the crucial role of the ‘balancing agent,’ a result that left him marveling at the genius behind the concept.

In order to resist spatial pressure, rebels took a completely different path from the ‘balancer’ in the monitoring facility.

Su Hao marveled, “Rebels treat the entire human body as a balancing system!”

No wonder, despite Su Hao’s microscopic examinations, he couldn’t detect any clues about the rebels’ body structure. It wasn’t a microscopic difference; it was a macroscopic one!

The ‘balancing agent’ injected into the body stimulated various organs to secrete corresponding hormones. Through the combined effects of multiple hormones, the body’s subtle structure gradually changed, forming a large-scale ‘balancing system’ capable of adapting to spatial teleportation.

This adjustment was minimal, so subtle that Su Hao overlooked it even after repeated examinations. Yet, this slight change turned a person into a large-scale balancing system!

However, this transformation was temporary, lasting a maximum of seven days without teleportation. After that, the body’s robust recovery quickly reverted it to its original state.

Su Hao found it hard to imagine the genius required for such an achievement. Knowing the principle, he realized it was straightforward. Su Hao didn’t need to create the rebel’s ‘balancing agent’ or rely on body hormones; he only needed to know the final goal of the fine-tuning and achieve it through genetic modification!

While others struggled to reach Rome, Su Hao, with the advantage of understanding, could simply take a plane.

What’s the difference? That’s the difference!

Time passed swiftly, and two months later, Su Hao completed the second phase of his research, successfully fine-tuning his body into a large-scale spatial balancing system. Verified by multiple ‘volunteers,’ he proved its practicality!

Next, Su Hao was about to experience short-distance spatial teleportation firsthand!

Every teleportation by Su Hao carried unknown dangers, but he had survived these years, so he made some preparations before the actual teleportation. In case of an accident, he added a software called ‘Efficient Antivirus’ to the system function area in the pinball space. Its role was to automatically clear useless information and consciousness collected during this period, preventing any potential issues if he happened to die.

Simultaneously, he placed a lock on Yashan. If Yashan’s consciousness or behavior exceeded the limits set by Su Hao, the cursor would execute the cleaning plan, directly erasing Yashan’s consciousness.

Of course, all these preparations would only take effect after Su Hao’s death. As long as he was alive, none of it would be a problem.

Everything was ready.

Su Hao slowly approached a corner of the lab, distancing himself from the other side where the big white rabbit was.

Next, he’s about to use the big white rabbit as an anchor to teleport himself to its side.

Su Hao extended his mental tendrils, swiftly following the spatial network, covering the surrounding space. Then, with added force oscillation, after breaking through the critical point, Su Hao’s mental tendrils arrived next to the big white rabbit.

Knowing that success or failure hinged on this moment, Su Hao took a deep breath. His mental tendrils expanded, firmly grabbing the white spot on the big white rabbit, intensifying the rhythm. Instead of pulling the rabbit, he actively approached.

The next moment, Su Hao’s field of vision stretched, and everything turned into clusters of fine lines, like floating ribbons constantly drifting before his eyes.

No, it’s not the field of vision being stretched; it’s consciousness being elongated. Su Hao’s thoughts had an instant pause. That feeling was like thinking about something one second and completely forgetting it the next.

As if a long time had passed, yet it felt like just an instant. When Su Hao restored normal vision, he found himself already teleported to the side of the big white rabbit.

And Su Hao’s suspended heart finally settled, “No unexpected events, this is the best news!”

He looked at the bewildered big white rabbit and smiled, “Short-distance teleportation is complete!”

Su Hao didn’t seem as excited as he had imagined. Perhaps, because obtaining short-distance teleportation technology became inevitable the moment he successfully created the artificial spatial module.

When this inevitability arrived, he accepted it as a matter of course, natural and indifferent.

This achievement belonged to him, didn’t it?

Su Hao attempted to teleport to the big white rabbit’s side multiple times, becoming familiar with the sensation. After about twenty attempts, he felt pressure on his body, so he stopped.

He carefully sensed the damage to his body, murmuring, “With my current physical strength, free teleportation about twenty times reaches the limit. If I continue, my body will collapse at any moment. However… I am the [Earth Lord], capable of repairing body damage at any time. With ample vitality, such a limit is equivalent to no limit!”

However, Su Hao didn’t plan to continue trying today.

He set aside all his current tasks, entered the pinball space, opened the achievement options on the log board. After ‘Transcendent,’ ‘Flight,’ and ‘Genius,’ he added a new achievement—’Teleportation’!

Su Hao nodded in satisfaction. These achievements were a testament to his acquisition of so much knowledge. Behind each achievement seemed to be the shadow of his efforts.

After admiring for a while, Su Hao closed the achievement options, opened another ‘Knowledge Summary’ option, and summarized the results of his research on space during this period.

It wasn’t until evening that Su Hao walked out of the laboratory to find food.

After resolving some doubts about Yashan, Su Hao returned to the lab and tidied everything up.

His next goals were twofold:

First, personally visit a subsidiary star, experience the difference between short-distance and long-distance teleportation.

Second, research space blocking technology.

Short-distance teleportation had succeeded, meaning there shouldn’t be significant issues with Su Hao teleporting to a subsidiary star. Of course, some preparations were necessary, such as marking fixed teleportation anchors at the Beiyeshu base. Otherwise, when going to the subsidiary star and teleporting back, who knows where he might end up.

After confirming everything, Su Hao prepared to take a spin around the subsidiary star—essentially an extraterrestrial tourist trip!

Wary of accidents, Su Hao transformed into the [Earth Lord], encasing his entire body in thick black crystal armor. Then, he extended his mental tendrils, broke through spatial barriers, and arrived in the subsidiary star’s space.

Su Hao’s mental tendrils extended casually, grabbed an unfortunate white spot, and with a little effort, teleported himself away.


Just as he teleported to the subsidiary star, Su Hao was utterly baffled!

(End of this chapter)

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