Chapter 304

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Chapter 304: The Stronghold of Rebels

During this period, Su Hao was unaware of the parasitic state of [Shijun]; it was a matter of fate as to who could be parasitized. Su Hao didn’t have time to monitor Hua Yao every day and see who she was mingling with.

(TN: Shijun= Begining Sovereign)

Su Hao retrieved the parasitic situation of the Black Giant Wasp of “Shijun” from the pinball space and was shocked by what he saw.

Not too few, but too many; nearly two hundred people, densely packed in front of Su Hao like a small black room!

With no time to check each one individually, Su Hao issued instructions to Little Light and requested a briefing.

“Respected Mr. Su Hao, I report the following seven pieces of information for you:

1. Currently, “Shijun” No. 2 has parasitized 235 targets, with 189 already recording consciousness information.

2. After preliminary investigation, among the 189 people, 172 have been confirmed as rebels, while the remaining 17 show no clear rebel tendencies. Parasitism by the No. 1 host, the Flower Enchantress, through xing transmission, whether to delete.

3. The main propagator of “Shijun” cells is Parasite No. 3, Luo Zong. Thirty-three days ago, Parasite No. 3 held a multiperson meeting on the auxiliary star. The meeting content is as follows and can be viewed at any time.

4. The current distribution of the 172 rebels is as follows: … Among them, 98 are in Kitano Shu, specific locations marked and available for viewing at any time.

5. The organizational levels of the 172 rebels are as follows: ‘Total Executive Level’ 3, ‘Manager Level’ 15, ‘Director Level’ 80, ‘Regional Officer’ 74. The specific list is available for viewing at any time.

6. …”

After reading the briefing, Su Hao was both amazed and helpless.

The parasitic instructions Su Hao gave to “Shijun” only worked in the auxiliary star environment, meaning almost everyone in contact with the Flower Enchantress on the auxiliary star was a rebel, with no possibility of mistaken attacks. However, what surprised Su Hao was that this woman had gotten involved with at least seventeen people in just over a month—no, it should be at least seventeen people!

This completely refreshed Su Hao’s perspective: “This woman is amazing!”

The main issue, however, was the poor intelligence push capability of Little Light! Knowing that a group of rebels was having a meeting, discussing how to kill his master Su Hao, Little Light didn’t even bother to remind him.

Su Hao sighed, understanding it wasn’t Little Light’s fault but rather a limitation in his creator’s abilities. Achieving true artificial intelligence was still far from reality.

Then, Su Hao checked the 98 rebels in Kitano Shu and found that over seventy of them were in the key Paradise Town of the ‘Summoner’s Achievement Road.’

Su Hao revealed a mysterious smile: “It seems like the stronghold of the ‘Summoned Beast Rebels Association’ is in Paradise Town in Kitano Shu!”

All he could say was that those rebels really knew how to play! Who would have thought that the global number one arch-villain, the base of the ‘Rebels,’ would be in the dreamland of all summoners, ‘Paradise Town’? Perhaps this so-called highest achievement of summoners, the ‘Sacred Summoner,’ was also created by the rebels.

Perhaps the goal is to absorb the world’s most elite talents or there might be some significant epic objective; Su Hao doesn’t know. However, for Su Hao, these things are not important!

“In Paradise Town, there should be more rebels. The meaning of the two words ‘Paradise’ might just be the rebels’ paradise!”

Paradise Town is too far from Huaiyuan Town where Su Hao is located, and he doesn’t plan to bother with them for now. At least until he develops space blockade technology, Su Hao doesn’t intend to trouble them. If he can’t wipe them all out with one stroke, there will inevitably be other troubles.

In the surrounding towns of Huaiyuan Town, there are four rebels in action. Su Hao focuses his attention on these four individuals: “Four of them! It’s a perfect split with Yashan, two for each!”

The next day, Su Hao takes Yashan to a place called Linhua Town. Linhua Town is by the sea, more developed than Huaiyuan Town, and has a larger population.

There are two rebels in Linhua Town. Su Hao and Yashan arrive in half an hour.

Amidst the freezing weather, one of them is sleeping lazily in bed, hugging his beloved girl when ‘Justice Avenger’ Yashan descends from the sky.

Knock out and take away! The male rebel doesn’t react throughout the process and is taken away stark naked! The girl lying on the side turns around and mutters, “Darling, it’s cold, hug me!”

Yashan has already walked out, noticing the guy is stark naked. He might freeze to death before getting back to the base! So, he turns back into the room, pulls away the blanket covering the girl, then haphazardly wraps it around the rebel guy and carries him away!

The naked girl shivers, opening her eyes in confusion: “???”

Su Hao’s targets are much simpler. Wearing glasses, reading a book, well-mannered, Su Hao approaches, takes away his book, and calmly adjusts his glasses. About to look up to see who dared to disturb him while reading a novel…


A heavy blow to the back of the neck, the well-mannered guy’s eyes roll back, and he faints. Su Hao reaches out, grabs the back of his collar, and drags him outside.

Su Hao and Yashan then fly to another town each, capturing the third target and then the fourth.

Abnormally smooth!

When Su Hao and Yashan brought the captured individuals back to the base, it took less than three hours in total!

Su Hao took two of them back to his laboratory and said to Yashan, “Give me these two first. If they survive after I’m done, you can take them as materials!”

Yashan grinned, “Sure thing, Boss Wei. I hope they won’t die too easily!”

Su Hao added, “By the way, all four of them are rebels, capable of teleporting at any time. Within seven days, don’t let them wake up easily. Keep them in a state of unconsciousness, provide nutrient solution to sustain their lives. After confirming that they have lost the ability to teleport, then wake them up! I’ll experiment with these two first, and when I’m done, I’ll hand them over to you to take care of.”

Yashan said, “Okay, Boss Wei, I’m prepared. They won’t escape.”

After that, Yashan dragged the two individuals slowly toward his prison.

Su Hao looked at the two ‘volunteers’ on the experiment table. He took out two reagents for prolonged unconsciousness from the rack and injected them into the subjects to ensure they wouldn’t wake up for a short period.

Su Hao, in his usual manner, took out pen and paper, jotting down notes and designing the experimental plan.

“Purpose: Study the protective effect of the balance agent on the human body during teleportation.

Experimental hypothesis: 1. The balance agent itself has the ability to resist spatial pressure. 2. After injecting the balance agent into the human body, it can combine with human tissues to form a balanced structure. 3. The balance agent is a hormone that can promote temporary transformation of human tissues into structures resistant to spatial pressure…”

Soon, Su Hao completed the experimental design, listing all possible scenarios and designing experimental procedures for each one, verifying each possibility one by one and ultimately drawing accurate conclusions.

However, the two ‘volunteers’ lying on the experiment table would suffer.

The first step was to attempt short-range teleportation on these two individuals and observe the differences before and after teleportation.

In Su Hao’s anticipation, this step should be simple, just marking people like rabbits. However, when Su Hao began attempting it, he realized that teleporting humans was different from teleporting summoned beasts.

The mental pressure feedback from teleporting humans was too significant, lacking the smooth sensation experienced when teleporting summoned beasts.

Su Hao increased the mental pull force.


One ‘volunteer’ suddenly disappeared from the experiment table and appeared in front of Su Hao.

Su Hao frowned and muttered, “It worked! But the mental pressure on me is too great. Is it because of the powerful mental strength of humans? If he is conscious and resists my teleportation, it’s likely to fail!”

So, summoning humans required an unimaginable amount of mental power. No wonder when rebels were in battle, they didn’t choose to summon more rebels even with cooperation—the difficulty was still immense.

Su Hao temporarily set aside his doubts, placed his hand on the ‘volunteer,’ infused blood energy, and recorded body information, saying, “Let me see the differences in the body before and after teleportation!”

(End of this chapter)

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