Chapter 303

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Chapter 303: Searching for ‘Volunteers’

Exploring the unknown is tedious and time-consuming, with no guaranteed results. Yet, Su Hao remains tirelessly enthusiastic.

Aside from the joy of success, he relishes the unique feeling of exploration. Allowing his thoughts to wander freely, if a sudden insight brightens the surroundings, it’s as marvelous as stars in the dark night sky!

Perhaps no one understands his happiness, just as he fails to comprehend others’. “Next, let’s try teleporting this little white rabbit!” Su Hao controls the rabbit, initiating the ‘Space Wave’ rune once again.

His mental tendrils extend, perceiving the generation of numerous paired spatial modules under Little Light’s mark. “The quantity of spatial modules should be sufficient! Now, let’s mark the rabbit.”

Marking involves implanting half of the artificial spatial module into the rabbit’s psyche, creating a connection. Though Su Hao doesn’t understand the principles, he can perform the implantation following the institute’s methods.

Su Hao’s mental tendrils spread out, gradually enveloping the artificial spatial modules along the spatial network. He grabs the rabbit’s ear, connecting the white dot, representing the rabbit, with the enveloped spatial module.

“Pull them together for about two minutes, and it’s almost done!” After essential operations, Su Hao silently observes the changes in the rabbit and spatial module. Two minutes pass quickly; Su Hao releases the rabbit’s ear, opening his eyes with anticipation.

“Now, let’s give it a try!” Controlling the rabbit to move away, Su Hao extends his mental tendrils, enhancing the oscillation of the other half of the spatial module.

“Whoosh!” The next second, the rabbit disappears from a distance, reappearing before Su Hao!

“Success!” Su Hao can’t help clenching his fist and celebrating. Even he didn’t expect to master short-distance teleportation so quickly.

“Seems not that difficult! Once you grasp the principles and methods, space teleportation and instant movement are just like this.” Su Hao laughs, his voice getting louder, turning into hearty laughter that bewilders Yashan outside the laboratory. He has never seen Boss Wei so joyous; there must be something significant happening!

However, now is not the time to disturb Boss Wei’s mood.

Yashan regains focus, pondering his own issues: “Several high-level summoners have gathered in Huaiyuan Town recently, subtly probing me. It must be An Zhengye’s doing! It’s been a while since someone dared to play tricks on me. Tomorrow, find an excuse to beat those high-level summoners, then turn around and find a reason to teach An Zhengye a lesson, saying they witnessed their own people fighting and didn’t help…”

After Su Hao’s emotions settle, he controls the rabbit to run far, then instantly summons it back, repeating the process, thoroughly enjoying himself.

After the fun, Su Hao starts thinking again: “Half of the artificial spatial module is marked on the rabbit, and the other half is on my mental tendrils. As long as the spatial module doesn’t vanish, I can summon the rabbit anytime. Conversely, if I can withstand the pressure of spatial transfer, I can teleport myself to the rabbit.”

This relationship is similar to a pair of walkie-talkies – as long as the signal is strong enough, they can communicate with each other.

However, Su Hao frowns: “But this way, the limitations are quite evident. It can’t achieve the arbitrary location teleportation I envisioned. If I want to teleport back to Yongxin City, do I have to raise a summoning beast there in advance?”

Raising a summoning beast to set a teleportation point is acceptable, but Su Hao feels there might be a better solution.

“As long as the relationship between summoner’s mental power and spatial modules is deciphered, a method for arbitrary teleportation is inevitable!”

After contemplating for a while without finding a better solution, Su Hao recorded this idea in his log for future exploration. Now, he needed to embark on another new project — the Human Balancer.

No matter how powerful Su Hao’s spatial teleportation technique is, if his physical body can’t withstand the spatial pressure during teleportation, it’s all in vain.

Hence, the Human Balancer is an indispensable element. The institute has developed mechanical balancers for use on machines, enabling them to be teleported to the secondary star. However, research on human balancers has been slow, and strangely, almost every member of the Resistance Association possesses a balancer, allowing them to freely travel between the main and secondary stars.

This strikes Su Hao as very peculiar! In theory, it shouldn’t be the case!

Su Hao takes out a box containing fifteen doses of balancer and picks up one, examining it closely. These balancers were confiscated from members of the Resistance, totaling fifteen. They look similar to water, and Su Hao has inspected them using the elastic space but found nothing extraordinary.

“How does this reagent enable an ordinary person to resist spatial pressure?”

The current challenge for Su Hao is that he doesn’t understand how spatial pressure affects the human body, and naturally, he doesn’t know how to resist it. He only knows that organisms without a balancing organization have their internal organs crushed into fragments after traversing space.

Therefore, he completely cannot comprehend the role of this transparent liquid in the human body.

“I need to find someone to try it!”

Before understanding the principle, Su Hao is unwilling to experiment with his own body. Then, he thinks of Yashan, but this idea flashes by and is dismissed.

“I can’t experiment with Yashan now. If he accidentally dies, I’ll lose a capable assistant!”

Of course, he could transfer Yashan’s consciousness into a corpse to achieve resurrection, but the thought of evolving Yashan back to the Earth Sovereign level from scratch makes Su Hao abandon this idea.

After some thought, Su Hao puts the reagent back into the box and walks out of the room.

Since there has been substantial progress in spatial research now, he decides to take it easy, indulge in a delicious meal, and treat himself. Research like this can’t be rushed; it requires a balance between work and relaxation, as well as inspiration.

Sometimes, the more impatient one is, the more distant inspiration becomes.

After stepping out, Su Hao casually grabs a coat and walks towards the dining room. After comfortably sitting in a chair, he loudly says, “Yashan! Quickly prepare a table of delicious dishes! Bring out the best orange juice and finish it!”

Upon hearing this, Yashan immediately jumps up and rushes into the kitchen. His voice echoes in the base, “Sure thing, Boss Wei, just wait a moment!”

Yashan knows that this is the most joyful time for Boss Wei. After Boss Wei eats and drinks to his heart’s content, Yashan can take this opportunity to seek advice on some problems troubling him and ask for Boss Wei’s help.

After the two enjoy a hearty meal, Su Hao, with a satisfied belly, lazily lies on the big chair and says, “Yashan, have you caught any video materials recently?”

As soon as this is mentioned, Yashan’s face contorts into a bitter melon expression, “Not really, Boss Wei. It seems that the Resistance members are not keen on catching children in Beiyuan Continent. My sources of video materials have almost dried up. If I want to catch people, I can only take time to fly back to Central City to find them.”

Su Hao nods, “Is that so! Perhaps Beiyuan Continent has a smaller population, making it difficult to catch children. I do know some Resistance members. Tomorrow, I’ll take you to catch a few.”

Yashan is overjoyed, “Thank you, Boss Wei!”

Su Hao doesn’t say anything more, closes his eyes, and enters the elastic space to check the progress of the parasitic Resistance member by the 【Origin Sovereign】 Black Giant Bee. It has been over a month since the parasitization of the flower spirit by Su Hao. According to the parasitic rhythm, it has now entered the second round of propagation. From a mathematical perspective, even if the flower spirit can parasitize ten people in one round, after two rounds, it’s 10 + 1 squared, a total of 121 people…

Of course, this is not the focus. The crucial point is that at least dozens of Resistance members have been parasitized by the 【Origin Sovereign】 Black Giant Bee!

With such a large base, it should not be difficult to find a few people in Beiyuan Continent, right?

(End of this chapter)

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