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Chapter 302

Chapter 302: Kodo City Bunny Girl, the Weak Meat Stronger Group!

The atmosphere was quiet.

Yu Yuan and others had a dazed expression, and tears still hung on Yu Ren’er face.

Su Shi doubted and asked, “What happened?”

“Brother Su,” Yu Ren’er snapped back to reality, got up and threw herself into his arms, “Where did you go? I was worried, I thought something happened to you!”

Su Shi was stunned for a moment, and then understood.

It seemed that his sudden disappearance scared them.

Yu Yuan’s throat moved, “Nephew, where did you go?” Su Shi said, “Nothing, just went for a walk.”

“A walk?” Qianyuan shook his head secretly.

They searched the entire Green Hill Plains and found no trace of Su Shi. It was evident that it wasn’t as simple as taking a walk.

The Elder’s throat moved, “Shengzi Su, you were just…crossing the void?” Just as the void cracked, Su Shi appeared in an instant.

There was no spiritual power fluctuation, and even the protective array of the clan was not triggered. It seemed like he crossed the void effortlessly.

But that was clearly a method only the strongest experts could achieve.

Su Shi shook his head, “It’s somewhat similar, but what I did was a shortcut. There is still a difference compared to true void-crossing.”

The strongest experts could instantly cross thousands of miles of void with just a thought. Although Su Shi could achieve it with the help of his cheat ability, it was limited to the unlocked camps, and there was also a daily usage limit. It was far less flexible than true void-crossing.

Everyone was shocked.

Shengzi Su was undoubtedly a rare talent, but this method completely exceeded their understanding.

It was something that couldn’t be achieved by any supernatural power or treasure! “No wonder nephew suddenly disappeared, and we couldn’t find him within hundreds of miles. It turned out he had such a method.”

Yu Yuan shook his head, “We were completely panic, thinking something happened to you.”

Su Shi said, “Sorry, I didn’t consider it properly. But in the future, you will gradually get used to it, as I might cross over frequently.”

Yu Yuan smiled bitterly.

How could such a miraculous method be so casually mentioned by the other party, as if it were as simple as eating and drinking?

Seeing that Su Shi was fine, everyone let go of their worries and gradually left the room.

The room quieted down.

Su Shi looked down at the girl in his arms and smiled, “How long are you planning to hold on?” Yu Ren’er hugged him tightly, with a hint of tears in the corners of her eyes. “You, you didn’t say anything when you left. You made everyone worried, thinking something happened to you.”

Su Shi wiped away the tears from her face, “I thought you were sleeping soundly, so I didn’t disturb you.”

Yu Ren’er pouted, “Then I won’t sleep for the next few days. I will stare at you for twelve hours a day, otherwise, you might secretly run away again.” Su Shi chuckled and shook his head.

Yu Ren’er looked at him affectionately and pleaded, “We agreed that you would accompany me for a few more days when you came to Green Hill Plains this time. You’re not allowed to leave without telling me again.”

“I know, little crybaby.”

Su Shi playfully flicked her nose. Yu Ren’er clung to his arm like a koala and refused to let go.

After witnessing Su Shi’s abilities, she was afraid that if she blinked, he would disappear before her eyes.


At this moment, Yu Ren’er thought of something and said, “Brother, you probably haven’t been to the other places in the Green Hill Plains, right?” Su Shi was puzzled, “Is there anything interesting in the Barbarian Realm?”

The barbarian realm lives up to its name.

It is mainly reflected in the word “barbaric”.

Apart from the clearly divided tribes, there was a vast and desolate wilderness that couldn’t be seen at a glance.

“Of course, there are.”

Yu Ren’er took his hand and said, “Let’s go explore.”


Su Shi nodded.

Anyway, since there’s nothing else to do, let’s consider it as accompanying her to have fun.

The two of them flew through the air, heading towards the east.

As they passed over a vast wilderness, they approached a huge city in the center of the Barbarian Realm

The city covered a large area, with towering walls and a majestic presence, like a giant beast lying dormant on the wasteland.

They landed in the city.

They saw a fierce monster’s head suspended above the city gate, exuding the wild and bold aura unique to the Barbarian Realm.

Below, there was a bustling scene with various tribes coming and going, creating an extraordinary liveliness.

Su Shi looked curious.

He didn’t expect such prosperity in the Barbarian Realm.

“Which clan’s territory is this?” Yu Ren’er said, “This is the Kodo City, jointly governed by several major tribes. It is a place for trade and interaction between the tribes. Here, you can almost see the figures of all the different tribes.”

Su Shi suddenly became interested. “Let’s go, let’s go in and take a look.”

But before entering the city, he didn’t forget to use his Dao techniques to conceal his aura.

Here, after all, he was considered an “outsider,” and it was better to avoid unnecessary trouble.

They walked into the city.

The roads were wide, and the houses were arranged neatly. Yu Ren’er was right; they could indeed see many different tribes here.

Groups of werewolves, leopard tribes riding giant beasts, members of the eagle tribe soaring low in the sky, attracting bursts of angry shouts.

There were many stalls in the city, all selling unique products from various tribes.

They could be bought with spirit stones or simply observed.

Yu Ren’er linked her arm with Su Shi’s and smiled, “How about it? I told you this place is interesting, didn’t I? Direct bartering is quite lively here.”

The lively shouts and calls constantly resounded in their ears.

Su Shi nodded in agreement. “Indeed.”

This kind of scene is not seen elsewhere.

“Hey handsome, want to come in and have a seat?” At this moment, a sweet voice sounded.

Su Shi saw a beautiful girl with rabbit ears leaning against the door, waving at him.

Behind her, there were vibrant lights and sounds of music, obviously a place of allure.

Su Shi was momentarily stunned.

A bunny girl?

Yu Ren’er frowned and said, “How dare you, do you know who you’re talking to?” After the rabbit girl got a clear look at Yu Ren’er appearance, she immediately broke into a cold sweat and hastily knelt down.

“Miss Yu, please forgive me. I didn’t recognize you just now…” Yu Ren’er couldn’t be bothered to argue with her and pulled Su Shi away.

Su Shi curiously asked, “She seems really afraid of you?” Yu Ren’er replied, “Among the tribes who govern Kodo City, the fox tribe is included.”

Su Shi suddenly understood.

The hierarchy in the Barbarian Realm is very strict.

The deer, fox, lion, eagle, and other tribes, due to their bloodlines, have stronger cultivation talents and the presence of powerful individuals within their tribes. Their strength far surpasses that of the other tribes.

They are known as the “Nobles of the Wilderness.”

On the other hand, races like rabbits, dogs, and rats, although they have strong reproductive abilities, have naturally poor cultivation abilities and no say in front of the nobles.

They can only do inferior jobs to barely make a living.

If they offend the nobles even slightly, that would result in a death penalty! Compared to the Linlang, the rules here are more savage and brutal.

The law of the jungle is developed to the extremes!


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