Chapter 302

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Chapter 302: Artificial Twin Space Module

After resolving lingering concerns, Su Hao immediately delved into the newly constructed laboratory to continue researching the incomplete runes.

As for Yashan, let him busy himself in Huaiyuan Town.

Su Hao’s goal was clear: develop runes capable of sealing spatial teleportation, cutting off all retreat paths for the rebels. Otherwise, they could freely shuttle between the main star and the secondary star, making it extremely difficult to eliminate them.

Regarding other matters, they were currently deemed unimportant.

Facing the spatial sealing runes, two essential steps remained!

The first step: create a special force field to obtain an artificial space module.

The second step: produce a balance agent suitable for humans, enabling free traversal of space.

Now, Su Hao needed to simulate the force field using runes at the fastest pace. After setting foot on this frigid land, he made a new discovery.

The space where Kitano Shu was located was highly unstable, often witnessing secondary star beasts being transported there. This raised Su Hao’s suspicion: why was the space where Zhongzhou was relatively stable, while Kitano Shu’s space experienced such intense motion?

Confronting this issue, Su Hao initially ruled out the first possibility: the influence of cosmic domain force fields.

If it were the influence of cosmic domain force fields, the spatial state of the entire planet would undoubtedly be balanced. There would be no claim that Zhongzhou’s space was more stable than Kitano Shu’s, as planets in cosmic space were not fixed in one position but constantly moving, experiencing displacement at any given moment.

Therefore, the cause of Kitano Shu’s instability must originate from the planet itself!

Su Hao was curious about this, but some things could only be addressed gradually; there was no rushing it.

“Why is this planet special? I’ll study this later. At this stage, let’s quickly design the force field generation runes! However, coming to Kitano Shu has allowed me to discover the main type of force field that creates space. This makes things much simpler!”

By comparing the strength of various force fields in Zhongzhou and Kitano Shu, he could quickly identify the type of force field that could generate the ‘space module.’

The next day, Su Hao identified a special force field that spread like ripples from the inside out in a spherical manner.

Not only did the main star possess this special force field, but the secondary star did as well. What surprised Su Hao was that the frequencies of these two force fields on the main star and the secondary star were exactly the same, without any difference.

“Incredible!” Su Hao couldn’t help but exclaim.

In the vast expanse of the universe, two planets emitted special force fields with identical frequencies, a scenario that was truly unimaginable.

Su Hao immediately grasped the key point: “Under the same frequency, this force field can give birth to a set of twin space modules. That’s how it is!”

Although he didn’t understand the underlying principles, the apparent results alone had already yielded significant gains for Su Hao.

Su Hao named this force field ‘Spatial Wave’ and recorded its uniqueness in the elastic ball space. He then began attempting to simulate this force field using runes.

A month passed quickly, and Su Hao succeeded! Using runes, he manufactured similar ‘Spatial Waves.’

He didn’t stop there; instead, he adjusted his state and tried once again to use the same-frequency ‘Spatial Waves’ to create an artificial space module.

However, as the runes for generating “Spatial Waves” took shape, a problem arose: obtaining one rune was simple, but obtaining two runes with exactly the same frequency was incredibly challenging.

The term ‘same frequency’ meant ‘completely identical frequencies.’ Any slight difference in the spatial scale could result in a world of difference.

Thoughts are dynamic, life is dynamic, and for the dynamic human Su Hao, accomplishing this step was nearly impossible.

The good news was that Su Hao had Little Light’s help. Things that were impossible for humans might not be difficult for Little Light.

Soon, with Little Light’s assistance, Su Hao condensed two ‘Spatial Wave’ generation runes using Black Crystal Armor. After continuous adjustments, they reached a certain degree of the same frequency. According to Little Light’s calculations, the frequency match exceeded 99.99%.

Unfortunately, based on the data provided by Little Light, there were still differences between the two runes.

As long as differences existed, even if they were so minuscule that they couldn’t be detected, Su Hao couldn’t obtain a pair of space modules. So, what to do?

“Differences are a reality! Even with Little Light’s help, they can’t be eliminated. This path won’t work; I must find another solution!”

After two days of contemplation, a spark of inspiration flashed in Su Hao’s mind. His eyes radiated a light of wisdom, and he blurted out, “Intersection!”

Yes, it was the intersection—on a plane, two non-parallel lines must intersect!

What did this have to do with the same frequency as the ‘Spatial Wave’?

It wasn’t directly related, but this principle gave Su Hao an idea. It would be the key to successfully manufacturing completely same-frequency ‘Spatial Waves’ and obtaining ‘paired space modules.’

Su Hao’s idea was simple. Since he couldn’t manufacture two identical runes, he would lower his requirements and instead search for an instantaneous same frequency.

Just like two non-parallel lines on a plane, there would always be an intersection, no matter where that intersection was.

“In other words, I only need to create two spatial waves with similar frequencies, let them oscillate continuously at a certain frequency, and there will inevitably be moments of intersecting same frequency. These moments of same frequency will produce paired space modules!

Moreover, as long as the frequency is high enough, there will be many intersecting points, and the number of generated space modules will undoubtedly be sufficient!”

At the same time, another “same time” issue that troubled him also found a solution. Excitement climbed onto Su Hao’s face: “This way, the problem of activating runes at the same time is also solved.”

Thinking about it, Su Hao immediately modified the ‘Spatial Wave’ generation runes, allowing the runes to produce ‘Spatial Waves’ that could continuously adjust their frequency, oscillating rapidly within a certain range.

In just one day, Su Hao achieved the desired effect. He effortlessly condensed two nearly identical runes, placing them on the left and right, one meter apart.

Su Hao’s thoughts surged as he continuously infused blood qi, activating the ‘Spatial Wave’ generation runes. Subsequently, Su Hao closed his eyes slightly, extending tendrils of consciousness to carefully perceive the rhythmic state of the surrounding space.

The spatial appearance in his mental perception once again unfolded before Su Hao. Although he had sensed this eerie, distorted spatial state countless times, each occurrence never failed to astonish him.

However, now was not the time for amazement. He needed to concentrate and meticulously search for potential twin space modules in this twisted and dynamic space.

The spatial distortion pulsated with countless spatial blocks stacked together, filling the entire perceptual field. Finding two spatial modules with the same frequency in this environment was extremely challenging.

“Little Light, compare module frequencies and label modules with similar motion patterns.”

“Received,” replied Little Light.

After collecting information for five minutes, Little Light began marking groups of space modules in Su Hao’s field of view, and their quantity continued to increase.


Su Hao knew that these newly added space modules were the twin space modules he had manufactured by crossing two runes with the same frequency.

“But the efficiency of generation is too low. It must be that my rune energy is too weak, suppressed by the ‘Spatial Waves’ existing in this main star. So…”

Su Hao opened his eyes, dispelled two tiny runes, and Black Crystal Armor surged forth. Two disc-sized runes immediately took shape. “Strengthen the rune effect, enhance the Spatial Waves!”

Activating the runes, Su Hao once again extended his tendrils of consciousness to search for twin space modules.

In just a second, Little Light marked numerous space modules densely, filling Su Hao’s perception in no time.

“Exactly as expected!”

Immense joy surrounded Su Hao. This success, achieved through years of planning and effort, brought a happiness stronger than anything else. There was no substitute, and it was the mental satisfaction Su Hao had been pursuing!

Su Hao chuckled out loud, “Simpler than expected! Moreover, the efficiency of my space module generation is far beyond what the academy could achieve!”

After reveling in his triumph for a moment, Su Hao had to acknowledge the valuable knowledge provided by the academy. “Thanks to the efforts of the talented individuals at the academy. Without the knowledge and insights you’ve provided, I might not have succeeded even in a hundred years!”

“Indeed, learning is the fastest way to gain knowledge! Hahaha!”

Learning brings joy, research brings joy.

Su Hao murmured, “Next, I need to attempt effective marking and then use these artificial space modules to achieve short-distance teleportation!”

Su Hao casually summoned an adorable little white rabbit. In its innocent gaze, he extended a hand filled with malice and grabbed the rabbit’s long ears. “White rabbit? Doesn’t matter. Let’s start with you!”

(End of this chapter)

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