Chapter 301

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Chapter 301: Diffusion of “The Warrior’s Path”

The next thing is very simple. The bald man claiming to be Zhang Zhilong transformed into a traitor of Huaiyuan Town, leading the way, bringing Su Hao and Yashan to visit the entire gang association of Huaiyuan Town.

In just a morning, everyone knew about Jia Wei and Jia Yashan. Upon learning that these two intended to settle in Huaiyuan Town, the town mayor and the largest association president, An Zhengye, proposed to appoint Su Hao as the representative president of the Huaiyuan Town Residents’ Association. Allegedly, this position was second only to the president.

Su Hao knew that the seemingly plump An Zhengye didn’t have good intentions. It was merely a matter of “I can’t beat you, but I can arrange a bunch of things for you and keep you busy so you won’t have time to fight me!”

Although it seemed like Su Hao was given a high honor for the town, in reality, it was a way to take advantage of Su Hao’s youth and inexperience. They would assign random tasks to the “new association,” and their past and future would remain unchanged.

With a somewhat useless honor, it could suppress two powerful little freaks, show submission, and in the future, if there was a need for a fight, just let these two formidable guys handle it.

Three birds with one stone!

Su Hao looked at the smiling and amiable fat guy, An Zhengye, and said, “Alright, I’ll take the position of this president!”

Then he pointed at Yashan, saying, “He’s Jia Yashan, consider him as the assistant to my presidency!”

An Zhengye was overjoyed, nodding repeatedly, “Congratulations, President Jia, congratulations, President Jia! On your first day in office, we’re preparing a banquet to celebrate on the top floor of the largest restaurant in town.”

Su Hao said, “Skip the banquet! We have other matters. We’ll find you when we’re free. Let’s go, Yashan.”

Yashan responded, lifted his large luggage, and followed Su Hao, walking away from the crowd and towards the outskirts of Huaiyuan Town.

Leaving a bunch of people staring in confusion, “What’s going on? Didn’t they agree to become the president? Why did they suddenly leave? Should he accept the position or not?”

Even the guide, Zhang Zhilong, dared to come up and ask, “President An, what about President Jia Wei and President Jia Yashan?”

An Zhengye’s face darkened. His 300-pound body unexpectedly jumped high, and then a slap landed on Zhang Zhilong’s bald head.

“Snap!” A crisp sound.

Zhang Zhilong covered his head, squatting down, gasping for air.

An Zhengye viciously said, “Damn it, Zhang Zhilong, you leader of the way, what have you done? You attracted trouble yourself, and we inexplicably got beaten up, plus two more ancestors showed up. I’ll be damned… How does this make sense? If you don’t give us an explanation today, I’ll skin you alive!”

Zhang Zhilong immediately wailed, “President An, it’s not my fault. Those two little ancestors had ill intentions. I was deceived! If I didn’t obediently listen to them, they threatened to slaughter the wealthy people in the town. I was thinking for everyone’s sake…”

The Zhang Zhilong who was moved by Su Hao’s ‘domineering’ today was now regretting it.

Then An Zhengye chased after Zhang Zhilong, hitting him while saying, “Thinking for us… Let’s see if you dare to think for us in the future…”

If it weren’t for Zhang Zhilong being An Zhengye’s brother, he would have been shot.

“Damn Zhang Zhilong, brothers are meant to be deceived.”

This honorary president of the Huaiyuan Town Residents’ Association meant nothing to Su Hao. However, the offered title could be somewhat helpful in the future. As for specific affairs, wasn’t there Yashan? Yashan had experience in the previous world. Let him handle it. Even if Yashan turned Huaiyuan Town into something like the Seirin City in the previous world, Su Hao wouldn’t mind.

He accepted the position of president, not with the intention of making Huaiyuan Town impressive but simply to make it more convenient for him to find people to do things in the future. The title of president might have some effect.

After leaving the town, Su Hao said while walking, “Yashan, from now on, let your ‘Rebels’ butcher’s base be located in Huaiyuan Town! With the title of president, let’s turn Huaiyuan Town into your territory.”

Yashan eagerly replied, “Makes sense, Boss Wei! I think after some time, gathering the members of the ‘Rebels’ organization here to fight together, we can completely annihilate the rebels within ten years.”

Su Hao said, “Ten years is too long. White Sister and others may be attacked by the rebels at any time. Let’s solve it as soon as possible!”

Yashan exclaimed, “How is that possible? No one knows our identity, right?”

Su Hao shook his head, “That’s hard to say!”

Yashan immediately said, “How about I go back and stay with Sister Bai and the others?”

Su Hao quickly shook his head, “That won’t work. It’s indeed much safer for you to stay with them, but once a battle breaks out, it’s easy to involve them.”

After some thought, Su Hao said, “Let the people at the management office help take care of them. They are in constant confrontation with the rebels and should know how to handle things.”

Curious, Yashan asked, “Will they help?”

Su Hao smiled, “They will.”

Next, Su Hao and Yashan selected a suitable location, established a base, and flew to a distant place. Finding a signal, Su Hao called Chen Qingsheng, the investment manager of the management office, “Good afternoon, Manager Chen!”

As soon as Chen Qingsheng heard Su Hao’s voice, he immediately became excited, “Oh, brother! You really made me miss you! I’ve been eagerly waiting for your call. Just a greeting from you could bring tears to my eyes! How have you been during this time? Are you well-fed and clothed…”

Su Hao interrupted directly, “Stop, stop, stop. Let’s talk about business.”

As soon as ‘business’ was mentioned, Chen Qingsheng immediately became alert, cautiously asking, “You said it. Just like you, I also love talking about business.”

Su Hao went straight to the point, “Help me take care of Sister Bai and the others for a while, about five years or so. Just make sure the rebels don’t lay a hand on them. As for the compensation…”

Chen Qingsheng’s heart raced.

Su Hao continued, “Aren’t you curious why both Jingyi and I have such powerful combat abilities? How about exchanging for that? Five years for formidable strength!”

Chen Qingsheng trembled with excitement and immediately responded, “It’s a deal! Please keep the signal, and in a maximum of ten minutes, I’ll call you back.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Qingsheng dialed Chen Chufeng’s private number and whispered, “Clan leader, is it convenient to answer this call?”

This was the first time Chen Chufeng had heard Chen Qingsheng use such a serious tone to communicate with him over the phone. Usually, for important matters, they would have face-to-face discussions. He immediately became serious, “Wait a moment!”

After a moment, Chen Chufeng’s voice came through, “Speak!”

Chen Qingsheng lowered his voice, “Bai Jingzhong called me. He’s willing to exchange using his and Bai Jingyi’s body cultivation method to ensure our protection for Bai Wan’er and the others for five years, until Bai Jingzhong comes of age. This matter seems reliable.”

Chen Chufeng immediately became alert, “Alright, I’ll arrange it immediately.”

After some thought, Chen Chufeng said in a deep voice, “Don’t tell anyone about this matter. Perhaps, this is the opportunity for our Chen family to rise!”

Chen Qingsheng replied, “Understood.”

After hanging up the phone, Chen Qingsheng composed himself, put on a big smile, and called Su Hao, “Brother! The task you entrusted has been completed. By tonight, I can ensure Sister Bai and the others’ safety without a doubt. You can rest assured!”

Su Hao nodded, “Good. Tonight, I’ll organize the documents and split them into two parts. I’ll send the first part to your email tonight, and the second part will be sent to you two years later. How does that sound?”

Chen Qingsheng readily agreed, “Sure. But… don’t send it to my email! If it’s convenient, put it on a USB drive and send it through global express logistics. I’ll give you the address later.”

Su Hao said, “Alright.”

The deal was settled in a pleasant manner. In the short term, Su Hao didn’t have to worry about the safety of Sister Bai and the others.

As for the subsequent impact of the diffusion of “The Warrior’s Path,” it was not within Su Hao’s consideration.

Moreover, he only intended to give the elite-level portion to Chen Qingsheng, temporarily not planning to intervene in the parts above Master level. How big of a wave could a small elite warrior create?

Perhaps the talents at the management office could forge a path far surpassing that of Master-level warriors without the need for beast patterns.

Su Hao looked forward to their performance.

(End of this chapter)

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