Chapter 300

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Chapter 300: Big Brother, I was wrong.

Su Hao and Yashan exchanged glances; Yashan immediately understood their boss’s intention. He dropped the luggage behind him, rose abruptly, and swiftly knocked all three men to the ground with three punches and two kicks.

Amid their painful cries, Yashan began stripping off their clothes. The leader among them, seeing Yashan’s formidable strength, lay on the ground, closed his eyes, and summoned two summoned beasts in just two seconds – Frost Iron Wolf and White Bear.

As they appeared, the White Bear slapped Yashan, while the Frost Iron Wolf swiftly carried the man away.

“He’s a summoner!” Su Hao expressed surprise. A summoner reduced to robbing two young men on the road seemed quite pitiful.

Su Hao moved, snowflakes scattered, and suddenly he was beside the Frost Iron Wolf, holding a long knife that appeared out of nowhere.

A flick upward.


Like cutting tofu with a knife, the Frost Iron Wolf was sliced in half from the waist. The front half, still carrying the man, crawled forward, intestines staining the white snow with blood.

After running a few steps, the Frost Iron Wolf lost balance, and with the man, fell to the ground.

Looking back, Su Hao saw that Yashan had punched a massive hole in the White Bear’s head, and it lay motionless in the snow.

Only now did the three men wake up, realizing they had provoked someone they shouldn’t have.

As Yashan continued stripping them of their clothes, terrified and unwilling to resist, they obediently cooperated in undressing.

After a while, the three men were left shivering in the icy wilderness, completely naked.

Su Hao pointed to a pile of clothes nearby. “Answer a question, and you can have back one piece of clothing or a pair of pants.”

All three nodded.

After a while, Su Hao understood the situation. The hotel had sold Su Hao and Yashan’s basic information to the local gang association. Considering them wealthy tourists, the association sent three ordinary members to rob and potentially kill them.

This was one of the basic operations of these associations – targeting wealthy solo travelers, engaging in robbery and murder.

Su Hao turned back towards the city, saying, “Yashan, let’s go back and take care of some business.”

Yashan revealed a cruel smile, “Alright, Boss Wei, you go first. I’ll strip these three guys and catch up soon.”

The three men suddenly looked terrified, having just put on their clothes and not warmed up yet.

Su Hao and Yashan followed the snow-covered path back to the city and soon saw the three men who had robbed them running naked from the side, rushing back to the city at the fastest speed possible.

In this place, below minus twenty degrees Celsius, not running back quickly to warm up could lead to hypothermia and death.

Su Hao’s purpose in letting them go was simple – to have them deliver a message. He wanted them to gather all the gang members and associates so he could confront and defeat them. With a radar tracking, they wouldn’t escape.

Su Hao planned to establish a base around Huaiyuan Town, as he would frequently operate in the area. It was necessary to inform the local gang associations in advance to avoid continuous trouble in the future.

Soon, Su Hao arrived in front of a tall building. Before he could break in, more than thirty people rushed out, surrounding the two with machetes. Summoned beasts appeared, eyeing the two young men in the middle.

The three naked men, wrapped in thick coats, shivering all over, pointed at Su Hao and Yashan. Distorted faces, after sniffing a handful of snot, shouted, “It’s them! Captain, kill them!”

A tall and burly man walked out from behind the three, took a deep drag of his cigarette, and with a peculiar accent, said, “You two have good skills. How about joining our ‘Ice Dragon Adventure Team’?”

Su Hao wasn’t interested. He said directly, “We’ll be around Huaiyuan Town in the future. We’re just here to say hello and avoid conflicts. Let’s keep in touch and not clash every few days.”

Ignoring the freezing wind, the tall man lowered his hood, revealing a shiny bald head. Two long scars crossed on the left side – that was the end of the story.

The tall man showed a surprised, wide grin, pointing at the three lackeys behind him. “Oh? Is this your way of saying hello?”

Su Hao shook his head. “No.”

The tall man laughed heartily. “Then, are you trying to provoke our Ice Dragon Adventure Team?”

Su Hao had no intention of killing these people, so he felt it necessary to communicate with them clearly about how to greet each other. He extended his hand, pointing at everyone present, using his youthful and clear voice. “This is not provocation; it’s a warning. I’m going to beat all of you!”

Everyone fell silent, and the tall man’s smile froze on his face.

The excitement suddenly surged in the tall man. Staring at Su Hao with a red face, he saw in Su Hao the unique aura of a leader – dominance! It was something he had desperately pursued but never possessed. The young boy before him was a natural king! Being so arrogant at such a young age, one could imagine how extraordinary he would become in the future.

Su Hao looked at the inexplicably blushing tall man and turned to Yashan. “Yashan, let’s beat them together!”

After that, the once practiced ‘Skyward Fist’ unleashed its power once again.

Su Hao’s figure erupted from the white snow, appearing beside a man. A punch from bottom to top sent the man flying high, sliding far back, eventually fainting.

Yashan also acted immediately, one punch at a time, knocking down all the lackeys of the ‘Ice Dragon Adventure Team.’

The tall bald man cursed and immediately retreated into the building. At the same time, more than twenty summoned beasts surrounding them rushed towards Su Hao and Yashan.

Various summoned beasts also emerged from the gate, acting as a reserve team, ready to defend.

Su Hao kicked a summoned beast, breaking its neck, and with a quick pull, a black crystal long knife appeared in his hand, its cold light shimmering. No one saw where he drew the long knife from.

What happened next left everyone in disbelief.

Su Hao’s not-so-tall figure casually moved among the summoned beasts. Wherever he went, blood splattered, limbs flew. Regardless of how the summoner controlled the beasts with fancy movements, they couldn’t escape the fate of being cut down by a single stroke.

Soon, after Su Hao beheaded the last summoned beast, he turned to look inside the building.

A dark gun barrel aimed at Su Hao.


Sparks flashed as a bullet shot towards Su Hao. ‘Dynamic Vision’ allowed Su Hao to predict the shooting action in advance and barely see the trajectory of the bullet.


He swung the knife backhandedly.


A crisp sound echoed. Sparks burst from Su Hao’s long knife, and the rapidly flying bullet was instantly cleaved in half, falling to both sides.

People witnessing this scene collectively swallowed their saliva, faces filled with disbelief.

The large bald man’s pistol fell to the ground, and he knelt down, kowtowing. “Big Brother, I was wrong!”

Other lackeys, waking up as if from a dream, also knelt down with their leader, saying in unison, “Big Brother, we were wrong!”

(End of this chapter)

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