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Chapter 30

Oswald is a freshman at the Magic Department, typical for most elves.

According to the racial distribution at St. Jan’s University, most elves concentrate in the Magic Department and the Conservatory of Music, likely due to their lazy racial trait of avoiding physical exertion.

One morning, during class, Ivan and Eugene walked to the Magic Department.

“Brother, I’ve been thinking,” Eugene said.

“Hmm?” (Ivan)

“It’s strange that there are no paladins in this world, right?” (Eugene)

This guy didn’t seem to hide the fact that he was a transmigrator anymore.

“Well, you and I are both in a different world from the original,” he said. “If there are gods, divine spells, and knights in this world, then paladins should be a given, right?” (Eugene)

“Why would a priest need to carry a weapon?” Ivan asked.

Ivan knew the paladin’s position was close to fantasy.

On Earth, paladins were cases where knights fought for religious beliefs during the Crusades, so they were not technically priests. (And they were very secular.)

It is not uncommon for ordained priests to also act as knights, but in that case, they cannot be called knights. They are just armed priests.

This world is no different. Priests in this pre-modern world are basically incredible elites. They must have a wide range of knowledge compared to modern lawyers.

In addition, if they take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience, and receive divine spells from God, they will have less need to use their bodies.

They can strike with a single blow from their seat, stronger than most knights, so why…

There is no need for an ordained priest to go to the front lines, so why…

In addition, there is one more major reason.

The authority that priests have in a world where personal gods exist is beyond imagination. This is because they cannot use divine spells if they lack personality.

In other words, all priests in this world are basically good. Surprisingly, it was true. And because such common sense was widespread, priests were all receiving tremendous social respect.

Therefore, the only time they would go to the front lines and fight directly with swords was during the demon war, and even then, they were never deployed to the very front.

The idea of a knight who uses divine spells is simply an illusion.

As he listened to the kind education of his 30-year veteran teacher in another world, Eugene clapped his hands and said:

“So I’m the first one?” (Eugene)

“…What?” (Ivan)

“I got a divine spell slot after I applied to the Seminary!” Eugene said. “I can’t use many spells yet, but it’s possible, right?” (Eugene)

Eugene also has a specialized passive called “Sword Mastery.” This means that he is more skilled in swordsmanship than others.

“So, a priest who uses divine spells and is also good at swordsmanship… isn’t that a paladin? Wow, brother. I guess I’m the pioneer of the paladin tech.” (Eugene)

Ivan nodded in agreement and thought for a moment.

“Divine spell slot…?” (Ivan?

“I could learn other spells, but the experience cost is too high, so I haven’t tried. After all, life is about choosing and focusing, right?” (Eugene)

“Divine, magic, and swordsmanship. You can learn all three types of skills?” (Ivan)

Ivan narrowed his eyes and looked at Eugene. A past conversation flashed through his mind.

-It’s good to learn anything! Except magic. That’s really too difficult.

-It would be a bit inconvenient if the hero couldn’t use magic.”

-Ah ha ha, I’m in the Knighthood Department!”

This was a conversation that Ivan had with Isabelle in passing.

It’s not always the case that the daughter of a hero becomes a hero, but what about in the case of Maximilian?

“Can use divine, magic, and swordsmanship, and is also a transmigrator.”

Is this guy a hero?

Ivan looked down at Eugene with a complicated expression, observing Eugene’s sly smile.

“I really want to say this when I become a paladin. You know, ‘Deus Bolt! Haa!’” (Eugene)

Ivan shook his head, reminiscing about Maximilian. It didn’t seem like the world needed Eugene to be a hero.

Ivan and Eugene soon arrived at the Magic Department lecture hall.

Oswald, in the midst of a lecture, suddenly felt a chill down his neck and shrank back.

A strong gaze, almost murderous or even more intense with greed, came from Evelyn Rustfits, the beloved daughter of the Privy Council Chairman and noblewoman of the Rustfits Dukedom.

Oswald clenched his teeth.

“What am I supposed to do…!” (Oswald)

Being a normal 20-something adult male, he had never encountered a “reverse harem romance fantasy” novel, also known as a “villainess novel.”

He had no information about this novel at all, not understanding why he was suddenly possessed by a character in a novel he had only seen 30 episodes of.

Surviving in a world he knew nothing about, without any special privileges from being a reincarnator, proved challenging.

“I should have at least read a reverse harem novel!” (Oswald)

He felt like crying and banging his head on the ground. He had read some reverse harem novels before, but those were just clichés that could be enjoyed in novels.

In the cold reality of 21st-century South Korea, a situation where the heroine regrets, becomes embittered, and becomes obsessed with the protagonist is called…

[Stalking]. It is a serious form of dating violence that even the police will take action against!

So, why was Evelyn glaring at him?

It was because Oswald had accidentally bumped into a female student in the hallway and smiled, saying, “It’s okay.”

“Damn it, what else was I supposed to do?” (Oswald)

Unless you’re a psychopath, you wouldn’t do something like that. Even though elves are a race that is full of arrogance, they don’t have that kind of culture.

They believe that arrogance is just another aspect of being noble. So, they don’t do such vulgar things. In other words, Oswald’s response was considered reasonable even in elven society.

However, it seems that Evelyn, who has transcended the boundaries of elven humanity, doesn’t think so.

“Okay, class was a bit boring, I know. Let’s take a 10-minute break and then continue.”

As the professor on the podium spoke with a warm smile, the students began to stretch and get up from their seats.

Oswald also naturally stood up and headed for the hallway, avoiding Evelyn, who was still glaring at him as if she wanted to kill him.

This time, he was very careful not to bump into any female students.

“Get him.” (Ivan)

“Yes, brother!” (Eugene)

As Oswald walked down the hallway, he bumped into a group of wanderers instead of a female student.


Oswald’s impression of those he thought of was simple. A crazy guy and a lunatic duo.

In reality, a young crazy guy with a face like a betrayer, constantly wiping his palms with black hair, said this as soon as he saw him.

“Oh, nice to meet you. Mr. Eastbelphen! I’m Eugene, in Korea, I was called Kim Yujin. And this is Ivan, I don’t know his Korean name, but he’s a Korean.” (Eugene)

“…?” (Oswald)

“We came knowing that you are a possessed person. Do you need help?” (Ivan)

“…???” (Oswald)

Was this an event from a few episodes ago? At least in the episodes he had seen, another possessed person hadn’t appeared…

The [Villainess Obsessed with a Magical Prodigy] that Oswald had seen didn’t have this storyline. Of course, it wasn’t this strange Russian background either.

While Oswald was momentarily engulfed in confusion, the old man introduced as Ivan spoke up.

“I understand you’re surprised. But both you and we need each other’s help. Can you spare some time?” (Ivan)

“Oh, well… but how did you find me…?” (Oswald)

What could be the biggest characteristic of a possessed person? Naturally, it’s hiding the fact of possession.

Posession, to put it bluntly, is the act of taking over the body of a person who was living before. What would happen if it entered a body where family and relatives were living peacefully?

No matter how well things go, it’s a crisis of experimentation on the human body, and if things go wrong, there’s a danger of being seen as the avenger of a son (or daughter) and having one’s throat cut.

This is a fact already proven by many possession stories in Korea. From the perspective of family and relatives, the possessor is nothing but an enemy.

Therefore, after Oswald learned about the fact of possession, he spent enough time in despair and thoroughly hid his identity.

So, it should have been perfect…?

“Not very elf-like.” (Ivan)

“Yes…?” (Oswald)

“Elves rarely use honorifics.” (Ivan)

Except for beings like holy women or kings of a nation, elves don’t use honorifics even in formal letters. In the first place, those long-lived creatures rarely do.

But this guy took off admission documents with honorifics from the admissions office. The moment Ivan heard this story, he couldn’t help but think of the word “possessor” before thinking of a “polite and kind elf.”

Because there can’t be a proposition like a polite and kind elf in the world.

So naturally, Ivan, who singled out the possessor, was watching Oswald under his name with an underline.

An elf who, while chatting with his friends in the corridor corner, bumped into a human classmate and laughed, saying it’s okay…?

That can’t be true.

“‘Even monkeys have forward-facing visi. Are you a goat? Do you eat grass? Can’t you see in front? Don’t get me wrong, even vegetarians deserve respect.’” (Ivan)

“Isn’t this exactly what a typical elf would say to a rude human…?” (IVAN

As Ivan explained, Oswald’s expression gradually hardened.

What on earth is this old man saying…?

Is this racial discrimination? Emotions he hadn’t even felt on Earth now complicated his judgment in this otherworldly setting, especially when felt from an elf…

“So, what was the story you saw?” (Eugene)

“Oh, by the way, I was [Northern Dukedom Swordsman Genius Bastard]!” (Eugene)

“…I was [Magical Prodigy Haunted by the Villainess Obsessed with Magic]….” (Oswald)

“Oh, interesting. Seems like you possessed after 2021, at least?” (Eugene)

“It was May 2023.” (Oswald)


Oswald ignored Eugene, who was babbling about himself, and turned his head to Ivan.

“Are there more possessed people?” (Oswald)


Eugene nodded heavily.

“Let’s go to the Knight Department.” (Ivan)


Yuri paled as she looked at the three men blocking her way.

A suspicious gardener with a towel around his neck and a smiling guy with dark hair wiping his palms next to him…

“Hello? I’m Oswald from the Department of Magic. I’m also a freshman. My major is Mind Sorcery, um, it’s a mental discipline.”

There was also a sharp-eyed guy who unabashedly admitted to using hypnotic magic.

“You’re a possessed person, right? I heard you’re from Korea. Haha, it feels like we should make a Seoul club or something, right?”

Kim Taeyang reached out with a laugh.


Yuri’s vision darkened!


Yuri Frank, the top student in the Knight Department.

Eugene Nobikov Karamjin, who mastered both swordsmanship and theology in the Theology Department.

Oswald Eastbelphen, majoring in Mind Sorcery in the Department of Magic.

And there’s Ivan Petrovich, a former reconnaissance unit member.

Ivan looked at the possessed individuals gathered in the small club room and thought.

Isn’t this some kind of hero party combination…?


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30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

30 Years Have Passed Since the Prologue

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