Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: The Gigantic City


While pondering, the room’s door was pushed open from the outside.

Xu Yuan, half crouching on the ground, immediately turned his head and met the silent gaze of Ying’er.

Her tone was indifferent: “Third Young Master, we’ve arrived at Jingjiang City.”


Ying’er still wore her former slightly seductive appearance as a member of the Shadow Guards.

However, Xu Yuan didn’t say anything about her entering without permission.

They exchanged silent glances.

Oh no, after glancing at Xu Yuan, Ying’er’s eyes shifted to the source crystal he held in his hand.

Silently observing for two seconds, she turned around and left without a word.


The wooden door closed gently, and the room returned to its quiet state, as if Shadow had never been there.

Xu Yuan watched this scene in silence for a long time, finally giving a wry smile.

Powerful individuals always have their pride, no matter which world they are in.

If they look down on you, they will. There’s nothing you can do about it.

He, Xu Yuan, was indeed known as the Third Young Master among the vassals and guests, but that title was only because of his father and elder brother.

Without his father and elder brother, Xu Yuan was nothing.

Respect can be given, but only superficially.

If you don’t want superficial respect, then it won’t be given.

They relied on their strength to make a living, not flattery.

If it were the original self, they might have been frustrated and angry due to internal feelings of inferiority and sensitivity. But Xu Yuan didn’t care.

Respect from others had to be earned by oneself.

In this world where extraordinary martial power exists, as Xu Yuan’s own strength grows, the attitudes of these vassals and guests will naturally change.

Why be angry about something that doesn’t matter? However, the look in Shadow’s eyes before leaving did confirm one thing for Xu Yuan.

This source crystal is indeed a test left for him by his eldest brother.

If you can get it before arriving in Jingjiang City, then it’s yours as a gift.

If you can’t, Shadow will directly take you away.

He took a deep breath and put the source crystal into the storage ring. After getting up, Xu Yuan resumed tearing down the house.

Although he wasn’t angry, the show still had to be performed.

After dismantling the furniture and the bed in Xu Changge’s room, Xu Yuan finally stopped.

This time, after finishing the demolition, Xu Yuan didn’t feel too tired. His physical strength was probably much stronger than the lazy dog at home in his previous life.

Taking a deep breath, Xu Yuan walked to the wooden window and pushed open the tightly closed window.

As Xu Changge’s residence, this room was equipped with an array that shielded soul perception.

However, it required all the doors and windows to be closed to form a complete array.

To avoid Ying’er’s surveillance, Xu Yuan had not opened the window during these days.

Once opened, the scene before his eyes made Xu Yuan’s dark pupils contract suddenly!

The scenery before him was grand and magnificent.

The sky was azure, vast and boundless. Amidst the cries of eagles and birds, dozens, even hundreds, of various-sized flying demonic beasts were screaming in the sky.

Looking down, a magnificent gigantic city comparable to a first-tier city from his previous life came into view!

The view of the city was unobstructed. The streets and houses were densely packed, layer upon layer, and the wide streets were bustling with people, extending all the way to the limits of his sight.

Xu Yuan: “….”

This… was the Jingjiang City that could be traversed with just three or two flat maps in “Blue Spring”?

As they gradually approached, the huge black eagle under his feet lowered its flight altitude.


As the eagle leaped over the twenty-zhang-high city wall from high in the sky, Xu Yuan’s soul perception faintly sensed a hidden fluctuation.

It seemed that they had passed through some invisible barrier.

“This is…”

Xu Yuan narrowed his eyes and instinctively extended his soul perception.

Unfortunately, the black eagle’s flight speed was too fast, and his soul perception range was extremely limited at the moment.

By the time he sensed something, the black eagle had already flown past the towering city wall.

Helpless, he retracted his soul perception and decided to come back to the city wall later to see what had happened just now.

As this thought emerged, Zhou Chen’s voice suddenly came from the eaves of the attic:

“Sure enough, Third Young Master is exceptionally gifted. You can sense the Verifying Spirit Array as soon as you enter the Venerable Rank.”

Xu Yuan: “…”

Clearly, the soul perception he had just extended was discovered by the person above.

“Who?” Xu Yuan asked in a soft voice.

Zhou Chen directly flipped off the roof of the attic and entered the room through the window with a smile and a bow, saying, “Zhou Chen.”

Recognizing this man with a scruffy appearance as one of those who blasted open the cave house at Hanging Sky Cliff earlier.

It should also be left by Xu Changge to protect him.

Xu Yuan remained silent for a moment and asked softly:

“What did you say about the Verifying Spirit Array?”

Zhou Chen smiled and bowed again:

“It’s normal for Third Young Master to not know as a newcomer in cultivation. Demonic beasts are difficult to tame, and if they directly enter the city, they may go berserk and harm people. To enter the city, demonic beasts need to pass through the Imperial Beast Division of the court or the Ninefold Assessment of various major sects. After passing the assessment, a special mark will be injected into their bodies, which allows them to enter the city.”


A trace of surprise flashed in Xu Yuan’s eyes. Such a thing actually existed in this world.

After pausing for a moment, Xu Yuan suddenly glanced down at the gigantic city that seemed to have no end in sight and asked with a hint of curiosity:

“Is this array covering the entire Jingjiang City?”

Zhou Chen nodded slightly, as if it was only natural:

“That’s right.”

Upon hearing this, a look of shock flashed in Xu Yuan’s eyes. This world actually had such a massive array? Numerous questions also surged in his mind. How was such a colossal array set up? Where did it draw its energy from?

Amidst his pondering, he couldn’t find an answer and decided to stop thinking about it for now.

After a pause, he looked at Zhou Chen and asked:

“What if a beast doesn’t have the mark and forcefully enters the city?”

Zhou Chen rubbed his scruffy chin and then smiled meaningfully:

“There are other protective arrays inside the city.”

“Other arrays?” Xu Yuan furrowed his brows.

This time, Zhou Chen didn’t immediately reply. He looked up at the sky as if searching for something.

After a moment, he suddenly grinned:

“Third Young Master, wait a moment.”

After saying that, his figure disappeared from Xu Yuan’s sight.

As Xu Yuan looked out the window, he couldn’t find anything with his soul perception. The speed of these bodyguards left by Xu Changge was too fast.

However, after about a dozen seconds of Zhou Chen’s disappearance, Xu Yuan suddenly saw a winged dragon-like demonic beast descending rapidly from above!

As Xu Yuan stared at it, Zhou Chen’s voice came again, light and ethereal from behind him:

“Third Young Master, take a look yourself.”

Xu Yuan was speechless. These powerful individuals around him suddenly disappearing and reappearing were like ghosts.

He nodded slightly and continued to fix his gaze on the falling-winged dragon.

The winged dragon fell from the sky and, upon entering the range of the Verifying Spirit Array, its natural sense of crisis made it flap its wings frantically.

However, one of its wings had already been crippled by Zhou Chen, and it continued to plummet helplessly.

When it reached a certain height, a white rainbow condensed in mid-air above the gigantic city and shot out instantly.

In silence, the winged dragon disintegrated into dust, leaving no trace of its remains.

“Third Young Master, that’s the fate of a demonic beast without the mark who tries to forcibly enter the inner city.”

Xu Yuan narrowed his eyes and stared at the scene intently. Zhou Chen’s voice floated again:

“Although it’s straightforward, can’t I use words to describe it?”

Xu Yuan gave him a glance:

“Well, even though it’s obvious, can’t you just say it directly?”

Zhou Chen coughed to hide his embarrassment and continued:

“Well, um, this array can not only defend against demonic beasts but also against people.”

Xu Yuan fell silent for a moment and suddenly asked:

“Does this array work against you as well?”

Zhou Chen grinned, shook his head, and said:

“It’s too slow and can’t hit me. Its power is also a bit weak.”

But after pausing for a moment, Zhou Chen sighed and added:

“Of course, these two arrays are just the ones that are always active. There are many major arrays in the city that are not usually activated. Once they are, even I wouldn’t be able to leave alive.”

Xu Yuan fell silent.

The automatic completion of this world already made him feel a sense of unfamiliarity and confusion.

Zhou Chen patted Xu Yuan’s arm in a friendly manner and said:

“Third Young Master, if it weren’t for these arrays in the city, the world would have fallen into chaos long ago.”

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