Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: So it’s him, I almost didn’t recognize him with clothes on!

Next, people of some status exchanged business cards with Lin Beifan and established connections.

After all, even Old Huang had high expectations for him.

Amidst everybody’s praises, Lin Beifan pushed the indifferent Ye Xingchen forward and humbly said, “Actually, I don’t have any skills. I know nothing about stones. Everything is because of my brother here! Without him, I wouldn’t have earned so much money! He is truly remarkable!”

Everyone admired Lin Beifan even more.

Look, this is called grandeur!

Look, this is called spirit!

Look, this is called magnanimity!

To acknowledge achievements without arrogance and to support one’s own bodyguard brother!

This young man is capable!

In comparison, the bodyguard brother appeared somewhat inadequate.

He stood motionless, with a blank expression, as if his parents had just passed away. What can someone like this accomplish?

Indeed, the mindset of different people differs!

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “…”

At this moment, someone frowned and looked at Ye Xingchen, saying, “This person seems familiar. I feel like I’ve seen him somewhere…”

“Now that you mention it, he does look familiar!”

“Who is he?”

Lin Beifan proudly said, “Of course he looks familiar, because my brother here is not only a bodyguard, but also an internet celebrity! A very popular and famous internet celebrity, commonly known as a big online star!”

“An online celebrity? Who?”

“I still can’t recognize him!”

“I’ll give you a hint!” Lin Beifan said in a playful tone, “You’re so flirtatious, I love it!”

Everyone suddenly had an epiphany.

“Oh, so it’s that sexy stripper! Almost didn’t recognize you with clothes on!”

“No wonder you looked so familiar!”

“Boss Lin, your bodyguard brother is truly talented!”

“He dances so provocatively, haha!”

Protagonist Ye Xingchen: “Cough!”

Having made a lot of money and befriending Old Huang, Lin Beifan and his group left the gambling stone venue in a pleasant mood.

“Meiniang, today we made a total of 490 million yuan, plus the one 100 million we had before, making it a total of 550 million yuan. We should be able to do a lot with that, right?” Lin Beifan said proudly.

Liu Rumei was extremely excited, “Nearly 600 million yuan, we can indeed do a lot of things. Many plans can be put into action now! Boss Lin, your luck was really good today, you even found two big pieces of jade!”

“All of this was brought by Brother Ye!”

Lin Beifan proudly slapped Ye Xingchen’s shoulder, “If it weren’t for his suggestion to come here and gamble on stones, I wouldn’t have opened that 9 million stone! If it weren’t for him helping me pick, I wouldn’t have obtained the priceless treasure worth 400 million!”

“He’s my great benefactor!”

“Without him, I wouldn’t have what I have today!”

“Thank you, Brother Ye, I will definitely reward you generously when we get back!”

Lin Beifan spoke from his heart.

But each word of praise landed heavily on Ye Xingchen’s heart, causing him indescribable discomfort, equivalent to being slowly tortured.

If he could go back in time, he would never have suggested coming here.

And he definitely wouldn’t have helped handpick the stones.

You really have a loose tongue and wandering hands!

“Him? Forget it!” Liu Rumei rolled her eyes.

In her opinion, all of this was just luck, a blind cat stumbling upon a dead mouse.

And, Ye Xingchen’s performance today was terrible.

As a member of the entourage, representing Lin Beifan’s image, he had a gloomy expression and no trace of a smile. Stiff posture, unable to speak, as dull as can be.

In comparison, Lin Beifan behaved very appropriately.

He danced with long sleeves, making friends.

In front of others, he even maintained the face of his own bodyguard, willing to lose millions without hesitation.

After making money, he remained humble and didn’t forget to support his brother.

This made her slightly change her view of Lin Beifan.

This prodigal son is not entirely useless after all!

At this moment, the protagonist Ye Xingchen said with a weary face, “Boss Lin, I want to take half a day off!”

Lin Beifan was surprised, “Brother Ye, what’s the matter…”

“I drank too much last night, and my body still feels very uncomfortable. So I want to take a break and rest. I hope you can approve it!” Ye Xingchen came up with an excuse.

In reality, he just wanted to go back and soothe his wounded soul.

In the morning, he was ridiculed by everyone as a male stripper, and in the afternoon, he earned a large amount of money for this enemy.

His heart was too hurt, too tired, and he needed to go back and heal.

Lin Beifan showed empathy and said, “Brother, you’ve worked hard! Go ahead, rest well. I approve your leave!”

“Thank you, Boss Lin!” Ye Xingchen covered his chest and left dejectedly.

Only Liu Rumei rolled her eyes, feeling somewhat dissatisfied. “What’s wrong with Ye Xingchen? He’s a bodyguard and a driver, and he is currently on duty, responsible for your safety. How can he just leave halfway? What if something happens? He doesn’t have any professional ethics! Even if he made a contribution, he shouldn’t be arrogant! ”

“Don’t speak ill of my brother Ye like that!” Lin Beifan waved his hand, “He’s really tired, it’s already good enough that he held on until now. Let him rest properly! It’s getting late, let’s go!”

“Where are we going?”

“To the hospital, to visit Xiao Chen!”

Soon, they arrived at the hospital.

Lin Beifan held a bouquet of pale flowers, his face filled with heaviness, as he walked into the ward.

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