Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: True Infant Pill, Martial Dao Mastery, I’ll Leave Only One Survivor!

Under the Eye of Insight, Chen Chang’an discovered that there were heavy, mysterious shackles above Feng Wanxi’s cultivation level, which seemed to lock her realm and seal her power.

He felt that once his master removed the heavy shackles in her body, her cultivation level would not be as simple as the Void Refinement Realm. It was hard to imagine how strong his master would be at that time.

Chen Chang’an sighed, “My master is really mysterious and extraordinary.”

Of course, Chen Chang’an was quite happy.

It was a good thing that his master was powerful.

Chen Chang’an narrowed his eyes and thought, “With only my current Foundation Establishment cultivation level and my treasures, it’s probably not enough to deal with five Nascent Soul stage cultivators. Let me find some good things in the Filial Piety Shop.”

Soon, Chen Chang’an found a pill and discovered a powerful talent, Martial Dao Mastery, in the Filial Piety Shop.

True Infant Pill: After taking it, one can temporarily possess the cultivation level of the Nascent Soul stage. It can last for the duration of an incense stick’s worth of time.

Price: 100 Filial Piety points.

Martial Dao Mastery: The strongest martial arts skill, instantly becoming a martial arts master. One can maintain a calm mind when facing enemies, evolve various attack methods, and even learn the opponent’s martial arts skills and divine abilities at a glance. One can also see through the opponent’s weaknesses and flaws at a glance, having endless uses…

Price: 300 Filial Piety points.

Then, Chen Chang’an didn’t hesitate and directly spent 400 Filial Piety points.

He bought the True Infant Pill and the talent, Martial Dao Mastery.

[System prompt: Host spends 400 Filial Piety points to purchase the True Infant Pill and Martial Dao Mastery. Current Filial Piety point balance: 222.]

With Martial Dao Mastery in hand, Chen Chang’an’s spirit was lifted, his eyes sparkled like stars, and his gaze was extremely sharp.

In secret, he watched those five demonic cultivators and instantly came up with a hundred ways to kill them. He was already a martial arts saint with rich combat experience!

“Five of you, get ready to face the raging wind!”

Chen Chang’an’s eyes were as deep as an abyss. After he finished speaking, he took the True Infant Pill and the vast and mighty power in his body was like a dormant volcano, erupting at this moment!

At this moment, the five demonic cultivators who were carefully looking for Feng Wanxi’s whereabouts all felt a terrifying power out of nowhere!

“Nascent Soul aura?!”

“Who is it? Show yourself!”

Five demonic cultivators faced a formidable enemy, their spiritual senses focused as they even wielded their treasures, searching for the traces of the mysterious person hiding in the shadows.

They speculated.

This person must have something to do with the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal!

Perhaps, he’s even hiding with the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal!

Sure enough, the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal was still there.


Even as their spiritual senses swept the surroundings, they did not find the person hiding in the shadows!

It seemed that this person’s hiding treasure was not simple.

“Come out!” The demonic cultivator roared, his face ice-cold and fierce.

The five of them exuded an astonishing murderous intent.

Without any doubt.

The moment Chen Changan appeared, these five demonic cultivators would instantly jump up and kill him without mercy!

Under the cover of “Black Concealment”, Chen Changan calmly watched the five demonic cultivators.

In his hand appeared a star-grade treasure, the “Shadowless Sword”.


Chen Changan removed the “Black Jade Robe” and covered it over Feng Wanxi’s body.

Losing the concealment ability of “Black Concealment”, Chen Changan appeared directly in front of the five demonic cultivators.

The five demonic cultivators were surprised.

They recognized the white-robed youth in front of their eyes.

He was the little white face by the side of the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal.

Since Chen Changan was here.

Then the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal, Feng Wanxi, must also be here!

One of the demonic cultivators shouted coldly.

“Little white face, where is the Azure Phoenix Sword Immortal?”

“If you don’t want to die, take us to her, or else! Don’t blame us for not showing mercy and tearing you apart!”

Indeed, they were demonic cultivators, cruel, ruthless, and ferocious!

Chen Changan held the Shadowless Sword, said nothing, and just walked step by step towards the five demonic cultivators.

The five demonic cultivators frowned.

For some unknown reason, they suddenly felt uneasy.

Also, wasn’t this little white face only at the Second Layer of Qi Refinement when he was in Lihuo Ancient City?

How did he become at the Nascent Soul Realm in the blink of an eye?

It seems that he was hiding his cultivation before.

Stepping three meters away from the five demonic cultivators, Chen Changan stopped his steps.

His gaze swept over the five people.

“I want to know some information about the young master you mentioned. So, I’ll leave only one person alive. Think carefully, who wants to stay?”

Cultivation levels: Qi Refining, Foundation Establishment, Golden Core, Nascent Soul, Soul Transformation, Void Refinement, Tribulation, Immortal Movement, Half Immortal. Each level also has nine sub-levels.

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