Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: I’ve Taken off My Pants, and You Want Me to See This?

Facing the approaching senior martial brother step by step, Bai Yiyi stood in front of Lin Beifan, her expression serious, her spiritual power condensed, ready to strike at any moment.

As long as the senior martial brother dared to make a move, she would undoubtedly fight back regardless of consequences.

On the sidelines, Lai Xiaoqing tightened her grip on the sword.

As long as the senior martial brother dared to harm Lin Beifan, even if she couldn’t win, she would charge in and endure to the end.

Senior martial brother Li Xun continued to advance.

Closer, closer!

That feeling became increasingly intense!

Senior martial brother was very excited, very thrilled.

Names can be changed, ages may not match, but that feeling is unmistakable.

In their past lives, they knew each other for over 20 years, sharing joys and sorrows, life and death, extremely familiar with each other.

As soon as they approached, there was a comforting feeling.

Because he was the only trusted partner, a good brother not to be let down in this lifetime.

Now, that feeling has returned!

So familiar!

Making him nostalgic!

The young man before him is undoubtedly the Ah Fei big brother he yearned for!

Just reincarnated, lost memories, didn’t recognize him.

But, they can meet again. How fortunate is that?

Heaven has been kind to me!

At this moment, Senior martial brother Li Xun has already arrived in front of Bai Yiyi and Lin Beifan.

Bai Yiyi stood in front, extremely vigilant, and said, “Senior martial brother, what do you want to do?”

Senior martial brother revealed a gentle smile, “Sister Bai, please step aside. I have a few words to say to Lin Beifan.”

Without hesitation, Bai Yiyi refused, “No, I can’t let you be alone together!”

“Sister Bai, rest assured, I will absolutely not harm your brother!”

“Still no…”

Senior martial brother immediately raised his fist and declared loudly, “I, Li Xun, swear here that if I break my word and do anything to harm Lin Beifan, let me be condemned by heaven and earth, and have no peaceful death!”

Bai Yiyi was shocked!

Everyone present was shocked!

In this world, oaths are not made lightly.

There are divine beings three feet above your head, and there is a divine will in the dark.

If you do not keep your oath, when you face tribulations in the future, the heavens will punish you doubly.

If you cannot pass through, you will perish, and the consequences are extremely severe.

Is it necessary to make such a solemn oath for just a few words?

“Sister Bai, is it acceptable now?”

Bai Yiyi hesitated.

Lin Beifan patted her shoulder from behind and said, “Since senior martial brother is sincere, let me talk to him for a few moments. As the senior martial brother of the outer sect, he should not make things difficult for me, a junior disciple!”

Bai Yiyi was convinced, “Alright, but don’t stay too far away!”

Saying that, she made way for them.

Senior martial brother finally came to Lin Beifan’s front, carefully examining him.

He looked younger than in their past lives.

His body was more slender than in their past lives.

Due to not experiencing the hardships of their past lives, his skin was more delicate, full of vigor, and his eyes sparkled with clear foolishness.

The only thing unchanged was that he still gave off a sense of trust.

This feeling transcends time and space, remaining unchanged through countless reincarnations.

Amidst the expectations of everyone, senior martial brother finally spoke. His voice carried a slight tremor, “Ah Fei… Lin Junior Brother, how have you been all these years?”

Everyone was dumbfounded!

At a time like this, wasn’t he supposed to be tough?

Saying things like, “Why do you have the audacity to take away my junior sister? What qualifications do you have to compete with me? Just you wait; one day, I will settle the score with you,” and so on.

In short, definitely not something pleasant.

But instead, he asked, “How have you been all these years?” and left us all speechless!

“I’ve taken off my pants, and you want me to see this?”

Is he joking?

Lin Beifan also seemed a bit bewildered.

After a moment, he recovered and respectfully said, “Reporting to Senior Martial Brother, I’ve been doing well these years! I grew up without parents, no siblings, but fortunately, the neighbors treated me kindly. I was raised by the community!”

“When I was 15, I heard that the Tai Xuan Sword Sect was recruiting disciples, so I came here from afar to seek apprenticeship and martial skills! Due to my inadequate background and mediocre talent, I made little progress in cultivation for three years!”

“Fortunately, I met my younger sister, Bai Yiyi. She gave me a second chance!”

“Now, I have finally advanced to the Extraordinary Realm, becoming an official disciple of the sect. It can be considered a journey from hardship to success!”

Although Lin Beifan spoke casually, Senior Martial Brother felt an extra pang of sadness.

Growing up without parents, no siblings, relying on oneself for everything, surviving to the age of 15 was no easy feat.

Afterward, joining the Tai Xuan Sword Sect, lacking both status and talent, he put in countless efforts, almost being expelled from the sect and ending up on the streets again.

Until now, finally advancing to the Extraordinary Realm and becoming a humble disciple of the sect, he felt satisfied.

How humble his existence has been!

1. This Chinese idiom translates to “I’ve already taken off my pants, and you’re showing me this?” It’s used to express dissatisfaction or disappointment when someone presents something underwhelming or irrelevant in a situation where more significant or appropriate matters are expected.

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