Chapter 3 – Poor and helpless, the rise of Chen Chang’an

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But since his master had spoken and told him to continue, don’t stop!

Of course Chen Chang’an listened to his master’s words.

Using the [God Level Massage Technique], he continued to give her a massage.

Chen Chang’an pressed his hands on Feng Wanxi’s back and both shoulders, moving in a disciplined and honest manner, not daring to press other positions.

With the layers of dresses, he could still feel the softness and smoothness of his master’s body.

A few more minutes passed.

Chen Chang’an was tired like a dog, sweating profusely, but he had accumulated another 11 filial points.

But his spiritual energy was exhausted, his ten fingers were weak, he really couldn’t do it anymore.

Fortunately, at that moment, Feng Wanxi spoke softly.

“Disciple, go and rest, and continue to massage your master tomorrow.”

Chen Chang’an nodded, “Yes, Master.”

Feng Wanxi added.

“It’s almost dark, remember to prepare dinner for your master.”

“No problem.”

Chen Chang’an was very happy.

Preparing dinner for his Master, it would definitely reap fillial points as well.

As the saying goes, to capture a woman’s heart, then you must capture her stomach.

Once caught, hehehe, when the time came her Master would not be able to escape his five fingers.

“Master, where’s the kitchen?”

Feng Wanxi raised her right hand and pointed to a thatched hut.

Chen Chang’an walked over to it.

He checked the [Filial Store] at the same time.

Now that he had 48 filial points, let’s see what he could buy at the [Filial Store].

In the store, the cheapest ones are red potions and blue potions, which are used to recover from injuries and restore spiritual energy, as well as some other functional items.

They can be purchased for only 1 filial point.

As for cultivation enhancement pills, the lowest prices are in the tens to hundreds of filial points.

Talents, mystical treasures, and heavenly treasures, then the price was even higher.

Chen Chang’an could not afford them now.

After looking around the [Filial Store] for a while.

Only then did Chen Chang’an discover what to buy.

Life skills in general.

Just like the types of [God Level Massage Technique], playing musical instruments, chess, calligraphy and painting, farming and cooking and feeding livestock and other life skills, they were all sold very cheaply.

It seems that now it is still necessary to be more filial to the master and earn more filial points to do so.

As for making himself stronger in cultivation quickly.

That was something that should only be considered later when he had more filial points.

Besides, he also had to make dinner now.

Chen Chang’an directly purchased the [Divine Cooking Art], which cost a full 20 filial points.

The other 1 filial point was spent on buying a bottle of blue potion to restore spiritual energy.

After all, he had just used the [God Level Massage Technique] to drain his spiritual energy, and it would take a day to fully recover with meditation.

And cooking with the [Divine Cooking Art] would also require spiritual energy.

Without spiritual energy, this would not be possible.

In this case.

Chen Chang’an still had 27 filial points left on him.

Chen Chang’an sighed.

“These points I’ve accumulated are quickly running out.”

Went to the kitchen.

Chen Chang’an helplessly discovered that there were only a few steamed buns that had been bitten twice.

Furthermore, there was no rice or vegetables in the kitchen, so how could he make dinner?

Is Master an immortal who did not require meals, how could she only eat a few steamed buns?

Shaking his head, Chen Chang’an left the kitchen.

“Master, I will go down the mountain to buy vegetables for dinner.”

Chen Chang’an saluted Feng Wanxi before heading down the mountain.

After Chen Chang’an left.

Feng Wanxi slept a few moments longer before rising leisurely from the boulder.

She took out her wine gourd again and took a few sips, burping and muttering to herself.

“My disciple’s cultivation qualifications are not good, and his cultivation is too weak, his spiritual energy is almost exhausted before he can massage a few more times earlier, he’s just poor and helpless, what a pity, what a pity.”

“Since I’ve taken him as my disciple, it’s better to do my duty as a teacher properly in order to enjoy his massage in the future.”

With that, Feng Wanxi stretched beautifully, showing off her alluring curves.

After being massaged by Chen Chang’an, Feng Wanxi’s face turned red and she only felt refreshed and comfortable all over, not even feeling the slightest bit tired.

Then, she turned into a spiritual rainbow and left the Feixian Peak.

On the other hand, half an hour later.

Chen Chang’an returned with a large bag of vegetables and meat in both hands, calculating in his mind what to cook for his master for dinner tonight.

But just then, scorn and ridicule came from behind him.

“Yo, look who it is, isn’t that Chen Chang’an, whom Elder Feng accepted as her direct disciple?”

Chen Chang’an stopped in his tracks and turned around.

Behind him were three other disciples of the Immortal Life Sect.

Chen Chang’an knew the one in the lead, his name was Li Shengtian.

With a cultivation level of Level 3 of Qi Refining Realm, he was the leader among the assorted disciples and had the opportunity to advance and become an outer disciple this year.

Yesterday, Feng Wanxi came to the Workmen’s Courtyard to receive a disciple, and people thought that Li Shengtian had the best chance of becoming Elder Feng’s disciple.

But no one expected Feng Wanxi to accept Chen Chang’an as her disciple.

Chen Chang’an, with his mediocre qualifications, didn’t have the qualifications to become Elder Feng’s disciple.

As a result, Li Shengtian held a grudge against Chen Chang’an and always thought of getting back at him.

However, he knew that Chen Chang’an had been brought to the Feixian Peak by Feng Wanxi, so his chances of revenge were slim.

But he never expected that he would meet him today.

It seemed that this was a blessing from heaven!

Chen Chang’an spoke.

“Calling me for something? If it’s nothing, I still have to rush home to make dinner.”

Li Shengtian laughed loudly.

“A workman is a workman, all you know is cooking, even if you are accepted as a disciple by Feng Feng, a wild chicken can never fly into a phoenix!”

As he spoke, he took a large step.

Walking towards Chen Chang’an.

Li Shengtian was tall and burly, and his right hand clapped heavily on Chen Changan’s shoulder.

At the same time, the five fingers of his right hand bent and squeezed so hard that Chen Changan’s shoulder hurt.

Li Shengtian laughed coldly, “Senior Brother Chang’an, how does it feel to be Elder Feng’s disciple?”

Chen Chang’an raised his head and looked at him with cold eyes.

“It feels pretty good, but that’s none of your business, take off your dog paws.”

“Hmph, dog paws? I thought you were tired of living!”

“What if I don’t take it off?”

As he spoke, Li Shengtian squeezed harder, and a flash of cruelty flashed in his eyes; he was Level 3 of Qi Refining, while Chen Chang’an was only a Level 1 Qi Refining cultivator.

With fifty percent of his strength, he would be enough to crush Chen Chang’an’s shoulders and negate him!

Tsk, let’s see if Elder Feng still wants this trash disciple?

“If you don’t let go, then don’t blame me for being unkind to you, Senior Brother Li Shengtian.”

Chen Chang’an chuckled, cold intent appeared in his eyes, and spoke to Senior Brother in a heavier tone.

To say that once.

In these three years, Chen Chang’an, as a workman, he had no one to rely on and his talent was mediocre, so in order to survive in this fierce Nine Realms World orld, he had to keep a low profile and not cause trouble.

That was why he was able to survive for three years in this menacing world.

But now was different.

He’d become Feng Wanxi’s disciple.

More than that, he had opened up the system and started to rise.

If he kept a low profile again.

What was the difference between that and being a loser?

What other reason could he keep a low profile now?

“Hahahaha, Brother Chang’an, did I hear you right, you want to be unkind to me? Then let’s see what you can do!”

Li Shengtian laughed coldly.

The five fingers exerted more power, and the fingers were already embedded in Chen Chang’an’s flesh and blood flowed out.


Chen Chang’an endured the pain in his shoulder and smiled coldly, an aura of hostility rising from the thin air in his heart.

I spent three years keeping a low profile just because I didn’t want to cause trouble, do you really think I’m easily intimidated?

He immediately spent 15 devotion points at the [Filial Store] to buy a [Power Pill].

[System Prompt: will you use the Power Pill?”

“Use it.”

By using the [Power Pill], Chen Chang’an felt an unprecedented strength emerge within his body.

At this moment, Chen Chang’an’s strength was in no way weaker than Level 5 of Qi Refining Realm, and even directly into Level 6 of Qi Refining Realm!

That was worthy of a good item worth 15 filial points!

Chen Chang’an’s confidence had increased.

This Li Shengtian only has Level 3 of Qi Refining cultivation, you want to negate me?

Chen Chang’an put down the vegetables and meat he bought and grabbed Li Shengtian’s wrist.

”Click” a clear and crisp sound.

With a single strike, he actually instantly crushed the bones of that Li Shengtian’s hand.

Li Shengtian couldn’t help but cry out in pain.

“Ahhhhhh… it hurts…it hurts let me go… let me go… let me go… let me go!!!”

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