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Chapter 3

===003 Kindergarten Big Brother===

“Wait a little longer! Wait until Xiaohui’s health improves.” Su Hao’s mother, Huang Shujun, unexpectedly firm in her decision.

After she finished speaking, silence fell outside the room.

In the following month, Su Hao’s life became regular. He ate well, slept enough, and spent the rest of his time engaging in walking and crawling exercises. His visible recovery brought back the rosy complexion that every child should have.

The couple was overjoyed and took Su Hao back to the hospital for another check-up.

“Your child is already fine, there are no major issues. Bring him for a monthly check-up for the next six months. If everything remains normal, there’s no need to come anymore.”

The doctor was a short-haired lady in her fifties. Seeing Su Hao’s improved condition, a joyful smile appeared on her face.

“Why did Xiaohui’s condition change so much this month?” Huang Shujun asked, still somewhat worried.

“His sleep quality has been good recently, and the nutrition is also sufficient. Coupled with his strong vitality, it’s normal for him to recover faster.” The doctor patiently explained.

“Thank you, doctor!”

After expressing her gratitude, Huang Shujun left the hospital with Su Hao. Just as they stepped out of the hospital, her tears suddenly started flowing.

She couldn’t seem to stop them from falling.

Su Hao was bewildered, not understanding why Huang Shujun was crying like this. Could it be tears of joy? As he pondered whether he should wipe his mother’s tears, he realized that his arms were too short to reach. So he tightly held onto his mother’s hand instead.

Feeling the pressure of his fingers, Huang Shujun squatted down and hugged Su Hao, crying in pain. After a moment, she tearfully explained, “Xiaohui, it’s Mom’s fault. Mom shouldn’t have brought the negative emotions from work back home, making you scared and unable to sleep or eat properly. It’s Mom’s mistake!”

So that’s it! Su Hao suddenly understood. Everything in the world has its causes and effects.

Over the next three years, Su Hao’s health improved steadily. He ran and played just like any other four or five-year-old.

During these three years, Huang Shujun had mixed feelings.

She was happy that her son’s health was getting better. Besides that, his intelligence was exceptionally high, bordering on that of a prodigy.

One time, when she brought home some school assignments to grade, her son saw that she looked tired and offered to help her. At first, she laughed it off, not taking it seriously. But when she made a mistake, her son immediately pointed out the error, which surprised her greatly. So she gave Su Hao a simple test, and he answered everything correctly. She then increased the difficulty and he still aced it. When she asked Su Hao who taught him, he replied, “I taught myself by reading.” From then on, Huang Shujun was convinced that her son was a one-in-a-million prodigy.

However, she worried that her son was too clingy, to the point where it made her question her life. She even secretly searched online multiple times to find out if it was normal for a 5-year-old to be so clingy. Wherever she went, as long as it wasn’t during her working hours at school, Su Hao would follow her, appearing in front of her at any time and place. As long as she had her eyes open, she would always see her son.

This made her suspect that her son had some kind of strange form of autism, in addition to being a genius. She didn’t dare take him to a psychologist for fear that her smart son would notice and develop feelings of inferiority.

Aside from these concerns, she also worried about her son’s education. There was no doubt that he was a genius, but he wasn’t the type of genius who excelled in academics. So the question is, how to teach a child prodigy?

As a primary school teacher, she has taught many children, but when it comes to her own child, she is a bit unsure.

If it were someone else’s child, with her professional ability, she could easily talk about it and boast, but when it comes to her son, she hesitates. What if she teaches him in the wrong way? After all, she only has one son.

In the end, she asked her son for his opinion.

“Xiaohui, you’re at the age to go to school. Should we try going to kindergarten?”

“Either way works!” Su Hao said casually.

So Su Hao’s enrollment in kindergarten was decided.

For Su Hao, it was about finding a place to get through the most critical time at the age of five. As long as he gets through it, he believes everything will go smoothly thereafter.

The kindergarten is pretty good, with a high level of safety. With the bunch of little brats in the kindergarten, it’s impossible for anyone to beat him. With his current skills, he is more than capable of being the king of the kindergarten.

Su Hao carries a small backpack and successfully starts school.

On the first day of school, he made all the children who spoke loudly, caused trouble, and liked to hit others cry.

Since that day, whenever the kindergarten children saw Su Hao, they would call him “Big Brother.” The atmosphere in the whole kindergarten became very good, and the lead teacher of the kindergarten claimed that this was the best class she had ever taught.

As for what Su Hao did in kindergarten, it certainly wasn’t playing house with the other kids. Instead, he lay down on his own and pretended to sleep, and then began to study the space of the pinball.

He wanted to gain stronger survival abilities and live a better life. He needed a special place, and the most special place currently was the pinball space that could contain his consciousness and all information.

He needed to think about what this pinball space really meant to him and what it could bring him.

Is it only able to let him die without restrictions, then revive, then die again, and revive again in an endless cycle?

No! It must have many functions that Su Hao doesn’t understand, waiting for him to discover and use them.

Currently, the only things limiting him are his knowledge and imagination.

After getting through the crisis of childhood, Su Hao needs to learn everything he can at the fastest speed, including subjects like physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, as well as human industrial systems, information technology, hardware and software, and a series of knowledge. These things are the most important to him.

Because once he learns them, the pinball space can record them and they will be his forever.

Of course, Su Hao had also considered using the nature of the pinball space to record information and slowly learn later. But mere recording has no effect. Only knowledge that he truly understands and comprehends is truly his.

One afternoon, Su Hao suddenly heard a commotion outside the kindergarten. This made him feel uneasy, a bad feeling emerging in his heart.

Immediately, he heard the terrified screams of the teachers outside, as well as the frightened cries of the children.

Su Hao quickly got up and looked out of the window.

He saw a man in his fifties barging into the kindergarten with a knife, attacking any child he saw. Several children had already been injured and fallen to the ground, blood soaking the floor. The security guard at the entrance was clutching his chest and lying on the ground, moaning in pain.

The children panicked and ran away, while the young teachers in the kindergarten were filled with fear, trembling and lacking the courage to stand up and confront the assailant.

Su Hao immediately retreated and scanned the classroom. He realized that the classroom didn’t have a back exit, and the assailant was right outside the classroom door. If he ran out from the door, he would definitely be the first to be attacked. At this moment, he was trapped in the classroom.

Moreover, there was nowhere to hide in the classroom, only a pile of miscellaneous toys in the middle. He quickly ran towards the toy pile and swiftly picked up two plastic panels. He lifted his shirt and placed one in the front and one in the back.There was a little boy being chased, running into the classroom. As soon as he entered, he saw Su Hao and immediately shouted, “Big Brother!”

In the next moment, the boy who called Big Brother was knocked down by the assailant from behind with a knife.

The assailant’s face was full of excitement and pride, his eyes bloodshot, looking very terrifying. He looked up and saw a cool-looking kid standing in front of him, who was Su Hao. He raised the bloody knife in his hand again, feeling excited.

“You’re still coming even after I hid in kindergarten!” Su Hao lamented in his heart.


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My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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