Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: You Rascal

“If I’m not mistaken, this girl is Princess Shui Nianyao of the Water Moon Imperial Dynasty.”

“She has remarkable talent, the highest grade Water Spirit Root. She can become my disciple personally at Mirror Moon Mountain.”

“The skills taught at Mirror Moon Mountain are all dishonorable assassination techniques. Isn’t it a waste for someone with such remarkable Water Spirit Root talent like Shui Nianyao to go to Mirror Moon Mountain? Wouldn’t it be better for her to come to my Canglan Mountain?”

“Or she could come to my Fire Maple Mountain.”

“Screw you, Liu Yan! With your active volcano, people with water attribute spirit roots have a life to live, can they even enjoy life? Why would they go there to join in the fun?”

“That’s right, among all present, no one is more unworthy of accepting Nianyao as a disciple than you, Liu Yan!”

At this moment, many mountain masters present had already begun to vie for this white-clad girl. Even the powerful fire cultivator Liu Yan joined in the competition. Compared to these excited mountain masters, Li Zhoujun seemed out of place.

“Extreme water spiritual root, back when I awakened my spiritual root, there was no spiritual essence within me…” Li Zhoujun looked at the scene in front of him, his thoughts went back to many years ago when his master tested his spiritual root and discovered that he had none, the despair and disappointment in his eyes at that time were truly heart-wrenching.

[Ding: The so-called extreme water spiritual root is nothing special, she’s not worthy of becoming a disciple of the host.]

“You say that as if someone is willing to become my student.” Li Zhoujun said helplessly.

[Ding: What do you know, host? You will find out later that the people who become your students are stepping on a huge pile of dog shit, okay?]

Li Zhoujun’s mouth twitched. “System, you sure can talk. Say more, I’m listening.”

At this moment, Shui Nianyao’s gaze was fixed on Li Zhoujun, who seemed out of place compared to the other mountain masters. Li Zhoujun smiled warmly at her, but he was surprised. Did this girl see him as an ordinary person but think he was a super powerful being hiding his abilities, wanting to become his disciple?

Oh no, how can he accept that?

However, in the next moment, Shui Nianyao’s gaze went straight past him and looked towards the mountain master of Canglan Mountain, with a confident look in her eyes.

When she was on her way to the Daotian Sect to participate in the trial, her father had specifically reminded her not to become a disciple of a seemingly ordinary mountain master on the Ascension Platform, as they had no future. As for the other mountain masters, she could decide for herself.

The mountain master of Canglan Mountain was a beautiful young woman. She saw Shui Nianyao’s gaze and wore a friendly smile as she said, “Nianyao, would you like to become my disciple? My Canglan Sword Art is a coveted technique for water attribute spiritual root cultivators.”

“Disciple Shui Nianyao pays respects to Master!”

Shui Nianyao was not one for many words, and she directly bowed to become a disciple.

“Very well, Nianyao, come and stand by your master’s side.” The mountain master of Canglan Mountain smiled.

The other mountain masters pounded their chests and stomped their feet in regret.

But there was no denying that an extreme water spiritual root was indeed suitable for Canglan Mountain.

“Congratulations to the mountain master of Canglan Mountain for gaining such a talented disciple. Canglan Mountain will have a worthy successor.”

In front of the seats of the various mountain masters, a middle-aged man wearing a robe embroidered with the sun, moon, and stars, with a dignified appearance, smiled and spoke to the mountain master of Canglan Mountain.

This person was none other than the Sect Master of Daotian Sect, Mu Taiyu!

At this moment, the mountain master of Canglan Mountain showed a respectful expression towards Mu Taiyu. “The Sect Master is too kind.”

Mu Taiyu smiled and remained silent.

Just then, a few young men and women walked onto the Ascension Platform. However, they all had the appearance of mid-grade spiritual roots and were not selected by any of the mountain masters. They could only stand there awkwardly, waiting with reverence.

If these people are not chosen as inner disciples after the trial ends, they will become outer disciples of the Daotian Sect. If they want to become inner disciples, they can only slowly cultivate and then attempt the trials of the various mountains.

Speaking of which, the ranks of disciples in Daotian Sect can be divided from high to low as follows: Sect’s Holy Child, True Transmission under the Sect Master’s Seat, True Transmission under the Mountain Master’s Seat, True Transmission under the Elder’s Seat, Inner Disciples, and Outer Disciples.

After a moment…Several dozen people arrived one after another, but none of them had the appearance of an extraordinary disciple with the best spiritual roots.

The leaders of the various mountains naturally did not start fighting over them, instead waiting for these disciples to gather before slowly selecting.

Suddenly, a young man dressed in black robes, surrounded by intense flames, stepped onto the Ascension Paltform.

“This youngster has extraordinary fire spiritual roots, and if nothing unexpected happens, he is the genius young man from the Ye family in Dragon Flame City, Ye Yu.”

“No need to say, most likely he came for Fire Maple Mountain and the reputation of Liu Yan.”

The leaders of the various mountains sighed at this moment.

Sure enough, this young prodigy named Ye Yu directly paid respects to Liu Yan and stood beside him.

Li Zhoujun, who witnessed this scene, couldn’t help but envy.

“This is Yunju Mountain’s leader, why haven’t you paid respects?” Liu Yan pointed at Li Zhoujun and scolded Ye Yu.

“Disciple Ye Yu pays respects to Yunju Mountain’s leader,” Ye Yu saluted Li Zhoujun with clasped fists.

But a hint of disdain flickered in his eyes.

Yunju Mountain?

Isn’t that the incompetent leader of Daotian Sect?

He really acts like he’s all that.

Li Zhoujun naturally noticed the disdainful look in Ye Yu’s eyes.

“No need for excessive courtesy,” Li Zhoujun lightly chuckled, not paying attention to Ye Yu’s gaze.

An hour had passed, and it was almost the end of the trial.

But just at the very last moment of the trial’s end.

A young man dressed in plain clothes, with an ordinary face, slowly walked onto the Ascension Platform.

As this plain-clothed young man entered the Ascension Platform, the masters of the various mountains all sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Oh my god! It’s a holy-grade wood spiritual root!”

“Disciple! Look at your master over here!”

“Nonsense! Who is your disciple? He’s my disciple!”

“Disciple! Most of the direct transmissions and inner disciples on my mountain are female. Come to my mountain…”

Just as the plain-clothed youth appeared, the leaders of the mountains exploded in excitement.

“Are you willing to become my disciple?”A sound like booming thunder suddenly echoed throughout the venue.

The mountain masters all fell silent and turned their gaze towards the speaker.

This person was none other than the master of the Daotian Sect, Mu Taiyu!

As Mu Taiyu spoke, the mountain masters dared not speak to vie for disciples anymore.

You should know that even the arrogant and self-centered Liu Yan, who treated everyone with contempt and could move mountains and boil seas, would have to respectfully treat the master like a grandson.

“Disciple Kufeng Chun, greetings to Master.’

The young man in plain clothes bowed respectfully to Mu Taiyu.

“Come here,” Mu Taiyu smiled faintly.

Unfazed by praise or humiliation, Kufeng Chun walked calmly to Mu Taiyu’s side.

“Holy grade spiritual root… damn…”

Li Zhoujun saw this scene and felt envious.

[Ding: Envious of what? There’s more than one holy grade spiritual root on the field, and this wood attribute holy grade spiritual root is not favored by the system.]

“Are you still picky about other people’s holy grade spiritual roots? The master and these mountain masters can sit still even if there are holy grade spiritual roots present,” Li Zhoujun rolled his eyes.

At this point, he just wanted to deceive someone with a medium grade spiritual root and then go to his own Yunju Mountain. That would be nice.

[Ding: Hidden holy grade ice spiritual root discovered!]

[Ding: Host’s disciple collection mission has confirmed the target!]

[Ding: The mission has been changed from collecting disciples to collecting the owner of the holy grade ice spiritual root as a disciple. After completion, the host will receive generous rewards!]

“F*** my mission change! You rascal, can you still play like this?!” Li Zhoujun widened his eyes.

But as the system prompted, Li Zhoujun’s gaze suddenly turned towards a young girl in green robes among the more than a thousand new disciples of the Daotian Sect who had stood on the Ascension Platform after passing the final trial.

This young girl had a delicate appearance, but it wasn’t the kind that would instantly captivate someone.

However, after looking at her for a while, one would sigh from the bottom of their hearts – how could there be such a beautiful girl in the world?

At this moment, a transparent panel appeared above the young girl’s head in Li Zhoujun’s eyes.

[Target]: Su Nan
[Age]: Sixteen
[Cultivation]: None
[Talent]: Medium grade wood spiritual root, holy grade ice spiritual root (hidden)

“It really is a holy grade ice spiritual root, but can I really take in such a genius with such talent?”

Li Zhoujun felt a bit uncertain.

[Ding: You can do it, host, after all, you have me, this mantis shrimp-like system!]

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