Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: It’s Going to Rain, Remember to Bring in Your Clothes!

Excitedly, Lin Beifan picked up his phone and logged into WeChat.

There were two large groups with around 1000 people combined, all of whom were his tenants.

Lin Beifan: Good afternoon, everyone!

Lin Beifan: I apologize for the interruption, not to collect rent, but I have a favor to ask of you all!

Lin Beifan: Lately, as the landlord, I’ve developed a passion for acting, especially for playing dead characters. Whoever helps me secure such a role, I will waive their rent for one month.

This message instantly drew all the lurking tenants out.

Zhang San: Mr. Landlord, you’re into acting now? Do you want to become a big star?

Li Si: With the landlord’s looks, if you enter the entertainment industry, it will definitely be a massacre! Hehe!

Zhao Hu: Of course! In terms of looks, I haven’t seen any celebrity who can compare to our landlord!

Liu Hai: I’m more concerned about the rent exemption! Landlord, are you telling the truth? Just by helping you get a dead character role, you’ll waive my rent for a month?

Wang San Shui: Mr. Landlord, is it really rent-free? I’m not well-educated; please don’t deceive me!

Lin Beifan quickly replied: It’s true!

After a moment’s thought, he added.

Lin Beifan: It would be best if it’s a master-level character or someone with extraordinary abilities! I’m a person who loves to portray skilled characters, so I’m counting on everyone’s help!

Zhang San: Understood!

Li Si: Understood!

In less than a minute, he received replies from hundreds of people.

Satisfied, Lin Beifan put away his phone.

With so many people helping, he won’t be lacking roles to play in the future.

Looking at the sky, Lin Beifan picked up his phone again.

Lin Beifan: It’s going to rain heavily, remember to bring in your clothes!

Zhang San: Landlord, are you joking? The weather forecast says it will be sunny all day today!

Li Si: Weather forecasts are sometimes inaccurate! But from what I see, it doesn’t seem like it will rain!

Zhou Wu: No matter what, it’s the landlord’s good intention. Thank you, landlord!

Despite the skepticism in the group, Lin Beifan didn’t reply.

Ever since he inherited the legacy of the Elder Tianji, whether it’s reading people or predicting the weather, he has been extremely accurate. The weather forecast is not as reliable as his predictions.

Feeling good, he mentioned it in the group to remind everyone.

Anyway, he had done his part, and whether they believed it or not was up to them.

Lin Beifan boiled a pot of water for himself and took the opportunity to bring in all the clothes hanging on the balcony.

Then, he made a cup of tea with the boiled water and leisurely drank it while browsing his phone.

Just then, a thick cloud floated over, and suddenly, it poured down with heavy rain.

The rain was extremely heavy, pouring down as if it were free.

What’s even more surprising is that it was a sunshower; the sun was shining brightly while heavy rain poured down at the same time.

The film and television city didn’t suffer much impact, but the area where they were located was covered in rainwater.

In the WeChat group, there was already a heated discussion.

Zhang San: It’s really raining, and it’s a sunshower!

Li Si: The landlord is amazing; you even predicted this!

Liu Hai: Oh no, I just hung my quilt out to dry, and I didn’t have time to bring it in. Now it’s all soaked!

Da Li: Mine too, I regret not listening to the landlord’s advice!

The heavy rain lasted for less than 15 minutes before it stopped.

It came and went in a hurry.

Lin Beifan hung the clothes that hadn’t dried completely back out.

He felt secretly delighted, “The abilities of the Elder Tianji are indeed very useful! If I gain more abilities in the future, won’t I become even more extraordinary?”

His mind couldn’t help but fly to the film and television city, ready to take on the second role.

Just then, he received a call with a familiar voice on the other end.

“Brother Lin, help me!”

Lin Beifan calmly smiled, “Help with what? Brother Bo! Look at you, full of energy, not at all like someone in trouble. Why would you need my help?”

“Brother Lin, you see through everything. I mainly wanted to ask for your help!”

“What help do you need, Brother Bo, just tell me!”

An excited voice came through the phone, “Brother Lin, I recently connected with a big celebrity. As long as I make a good impression on her, she will introduce an important role to me!”

“Now, she wants to rent a large house! After thinking about it, only you can help me with this favor!”

Lin Beifan helplessly said, “How can I help with this? Although I’m in the rental business, those houses are all ordinary. If the other party is a big celebrity, they definitely won’t be interested in my houses!”

“No, you can do it! Don’t you have a villa near the Jade Seal Park?”

Lin Beifan was puzzled, “Are you talking about my new house?”

“Yes, it’s your new house! That big celebrity is quite obsessive-compulsive, doesn’t like staying in hotels, and refuses to live in houses others have lived in. She only wants to live in a new house!”

“But she’s been searching for such a house for a long time and hasn’t found a satisfactory one!”

“I was thinking, don’t you have a villa? It’s just been renovated, everything is brand new, and no one has moved in, which perfectly meets her requirements! So, I came to you!”

Lin Beifan hastily said, “Brother Bo, this won’t work! That’s my new house, and I was just about to move in!”

“I know, but this opportunity is rare! Don’t worry, that big celebrity is loaded, and she won’t mistreat you! Just go ahead and ask for a high price, don’t show me face, hehe!”

“Well… okay then!”

Lin Beifan reluctantly agreed.

If it were someone else asking him, he wouldn’t bother.

But the one asking him to do this favor was Brother Bo.

Brother Bo’s real name is Huang Zhengbo, and they’ve been neighbors for over ten years. He is now 30 years old and has always dreamed of entering the entertainment industry as an actor and becoming a big star.

In theory, to make it big in the entertainment industry, one has to either be stunningly handsome or incredibly ugly.

However, he happens to look very ordinary, the kind you would lose in a crowd.

Moreover, he doesn’t have any influential background.

So over the years, despite playing hundreds of roles, he has remained at the bottom. With age, it becomes even harder to make a breakthrough.

But despite his lack of success in the entertainment industry, he is a loyal and dependable person, always ready to lend a helping hand.

Since childhood, he has looked after Lin Beifan like an elder brother, often taking him out to have fun.

Whenever someone bullied Lin Beifan, he would immediately step in to seek justice for him.

And when both of Lin Beifan’s parents passed away, Brother Bo helped with all the arrangements and handled everything properly.

So, Lin Beifan has always been grateful to him.

Now that he has the chance to help, he would gladly do so.

“Brother Lin, I’ll bring her over, you come quickly!”

“Alright, wait a minute!”

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