Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Take from the people, use for the people!

Lin Beifan is currently at the seventh rank peak, stronger than ordinary postnatal experts but still inferior to innate experts, placing him in a semi-innate state. This is mainly because he has fused with the template of the Prince of Zhennan.

By chance, he obtained godly skills such as “North Sea Divine Art” and “Soaring Cloud Footwork”, and acquired a powerful internal strength, truly making him lucky. However, he does not love martial arts and has not learned it since childhood. As a result, his martial arts foundation is weak, which has caused him trouble.

Otherwise, he might have advanced to the next level and become a true innate expert! “Never mind, what I gain is my fortune; what I lose is my destiny! The Prince of Zhennan’s template is a very cost-effective one, possessing three great divine skills and a powerful internal strength. As long as I practice well, I have a chance to reach the pinnacle of the innate realm!”

“Besides, there will be a chance to merge with other strong templates in the future!”

“But this time, I have gained enough and it’s worth it!”

Lin Beifan was very happy. He does not love money but cherishes his life. In this upcoming chaotic world of martial arts, not having martial arts skills is very dangerous! Therefore, he took the risk of embezzling 2 million, which now seems worthwhile.

With the seventh rank peak of martial arts, although not invincible, as long as he does not offend innate and above experts, he can live comfortably. Worst case scenario, he can just run away! He has the top-level light skill “Soaring Cloud Footwork” and is best at running away! No one below the grandmaster level can catch up with him!

Therefore, after three years of hard work, he finally has the ability to protect himself in this world!

Lin Beifan jumped off the bed and opened two boxes, revealing a dazzling display of gold and silver treasures that made people want to grab them. The white figure outside the window squinted her eyes; the information was correct. Lin Beifan really embezzled 2 million taels of gold and silver jewels. A small official, a huge greedy person!

As she was about to take action, Lin Beifan sighed and said, “Three years as a clean and honest governor, one hundred thousand silver taels! No matter which dynasty it is, the officials live the most comfortable lives, while the common people suffer the most hardships and toil! Prosperity comes with the people’s suffering! Destruction also comes with the people’s suffering!”

The white figure outside the window froze for a moment. When the government prospers, the people suffer! When the government falls, the people suffer!

Such a simple yet profound statement! Since the other party knows this, why be so greedy?

At this moment, Lin Beifan grabbed a gold bar from the box and squeezed it hard, turning it into a pile of broken gold. Then he grabbed another gold bar and squeezed it into a pile of broken gold. Continuously.

The white figure was puzzled and frowned, “What does he want to do?” She quietly watched.

After about the time it takes to burn an incense stick, he had turned all the gold into broken gold, all the silver ingots into broken silver, and even divided the pearl necklace into individual pearls.

At this point, Lin Beifan changed into a black outfit and then took out a piece of black cloth to cover his face. After everything was prepared, he wrapped all the gold, silver, and jewels in a large cloth and slipped out secretly.

With a light jump, he disappeared in the courtyard. “What does he want to do?” The white figure followed. At this moment, Lin Beifan used the “Soaring Cloud Footwork” technique and quickly walked through the streets and alleys. When he found a house that was relatively run-down, he slipped in and left behind some broken silver before disappearing again.

It took about an hour, and he had almost toured half of the imperial city. And all his money was scattered.

“This is another way of taking from the people and using it for the people!”

“Done, let’s call it a day!” Lin Beifan patted his butt and went back to rest.

But the white figure who had been following him was very shocked: “He actually…”

After a while, she returned to the palace and met with the Empress.

The Empress was still awake and was very happy to see her: “Sister Qingxuan, why did you come back so late? How is the situation? Did he really steal my money?”

White Shadow’s expression was complex: “You could say he stole it, or you could say he didn’t!”

“What do you mean?” White Shadow reported to the Empress in detail what she had seen.

The Empress was very shocked: “Sister Qingxuan, what are you saying? Are you saying that he distributed all the stolen gold, silver, and jewels to the poor people and didn’t keep any for himself?”

“Your Majesty, it’s absolutely true! I saw it with my own eyes, and there was no falsehood at all!” White Shadow looked serious.

“This…this is great!”

The Empress slapped the table in excitement and exclaimed: “He’s a good official who cares about the people, and he’s exactly the kind of talent I need! Lin Beifan, you didn’t disappoint me! Hahaha…”

White Shadow hesitated: “But, Your Majesty, he also stole from the national treasury…”

The Empress didn’t care and laughed out loud: “What is the problem? The money goes into the treasury, but isn’t it still being embezzled by those corrupt officials? Instead, let Lin Beifan take it! At least he gave the money to the common people! But what makes me happiest is his character! Not only is he highly educated, but he also has high moral standards. I will definitely reward him heavily!”

The next day, Lin Beifan got up early in the morning and heard a commotion outside. He asked, “Dali, what’s going on outside? Why is it so noisy?”

“Young master, two things happened yesterday and everyone is talking about it!” Dali said in a buzzing voice.

“The first thing is that last night when everyone was sleeping, the poor peasants in the capital suddenly received a sum of money, ranging from a few taels of silver! Everyone is very excited and discussing this matter! Some say it’s the work of gods, while others say it’s the work of a hero…”

Lin Beifan nodded, “I see, and what’s the second thing?”

“The second thing is about you…”

“What about me?”

Dali hesitated, “They said that when you were ransacking a house last night, you took advantage of the opportunity to steal a lot of money, which has caused public outrage! Now, everyone is cursing you outside!”

“So that’s it!” Lin Beifan nodded calmly, realizing that the news had leaked. He didn’t know which son of a bitch leaked it, but given another chance, he would still do it!

Since he was destined to die, why not take a chance to grab some money and fight for a glimmer of hope?

At least it seemed that he made the right decision! Not only did he win a chance to survive, but he also improved some people’s lives.

As for the people outside, let them curse as much as they want!

He had no regrets!

Thinking of this, Lin Beifan instructed, “Dali, don’t pay too much attention to what’s going on outside! I’m going to the morning court session. You sneak out of the city and wait for me at our old meeting place. If I’m not in trouble within three days, you can come back!”

“Young master, you…” Dali became anxious.

“Rest assured, Dali. I have good fortune on my side and will be fine! Even if I can’t become an official, I can still treat you to the best things in life! I’m leaving!”

With a heart that was ready to flee at any moment, Lin Beifan went to the morning court session.

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