Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Brother, Is That You?

For several consecutive days, Bai Yiyi was in a daze, filled with longing for her brother and had no interest in cultivation.

But today, she had to pull herself together because she had a task. As one of the invigilators, she was responsible for overseeing the entry assessment of the miscellaneous disciples.

After washing her face, she headed out.

On her way, many disciples warmly greeted her.

“Sister Bai, good morning!”

“Sister Bai, good morning. You look even more beautiful than before!”

“Sister Bai, please take care later!”

“Sister Bai…”

Bai Yiyi was already accustomed to such greetings and responded with a faintly polite smile.

There were also whispers among some people.

“Sister Bai seems a bit troubled today…”

“I noticed too. It might be a bottleneck in her cultivation! After all, the only thing that can bother Sister Bai is probably related to cultivation!”

“Sigh! If only I had Sister Bai’s talent and worked as hard as she does!”

“You better focus on overcoming the current challenge first!”

These words reached Bai Yiyi’s ears.

Regardless of praise or criticism, she took them in stride.

As for cultivation?

In the past, she was indeed dedicated to it.

But now, all she wanted was to find her brother.

She had already made up her mind. After the examination, she would leave the sect to gain experience. On one hand, she aimed to broaden her knowledge and enhance her strength. On the other hand, she was determined to search for her brother and reunite with him.

“Brother, where are you?”

“I miss you so much!”

At this moment, a handsome figure passed by her.

Seeing this person, Bai Yiyi’s body trembled, her indifferent eyes widened, and she blurted out, “Brother!”

Thinking she might have mistaken the person, she rubbed her eyes and looked again.

No mistake!

That person was her long-awaited brother!

He was actually standing right in front of her, alive and well!

There was no difference between him and the figure in her memories!

The overwhelming emotions of longing couldn’t be suppressed any longer!

Bai Yiyi hurriedly approached the person, grabbed his arm, and tearfully exclaimed, “Brother! It’s you! I finally found you!”

This scene shocked everyone present.

Mouths were wide open!

Eyes were extremely prominent!

The stunning goddess among the outer disciples, Bai Yiyi, was actually grabbing a miscellaneous disciple, calling him “brother”?

What kind of divine revelation was this?

Could it be that the miscellaneous disciple was truly the brother of the goddess?

But there was no news about Bai Yiyi having any siblings!

The crowd was both shocked and puzzled.

Holding onto Lin Beifan, Bai Yiyi appeared both puzzled and fearful, “Senior Sister Bai, why are you grabbing me? Why are you calling me brother?”

Excitedly, Bai Yiyi said, “Because you are my brother!”

Lin Beifan, perplexed, responded, “Really? But I’ve been an orphan since childhood, with no parents or siblings. How could I have a sister? Senior Sister Bai, did you mistake me for someone else?”

Watching Lin Beifan trembling, Bai Yiyi hesitated, then suddenly realized.

She had unraveled the mystery of her previous life and awakened her memories, knowing she had come from another world and had a brother who cherished her.

However, her brother was nowhere to be found.

So, her brother didn’t recognize her at all.

“Cough, sorry, you look a lot like a friend of mine. I mistook you for someone else!”

Bai Yiyi released Lin Beifan’s tightly held hands, pretending to be nonchalant, but her clear eyes still revealed excitement.

She stared at Lin Beifan intently, reluctant to leave for a moment.

“Really?” Lin Beifan touched his face, puzzled.

Just then, a hurried voice came from afar, urging Bai Yiyi to report for duty and prepare for the examination.

In a hurry, Bai Yiyi asked, “Junior Brother, what’s your name, how old are you this year, and where do you live?”

Lin Beifan respectfully replied, “Reporting to Senior Sister, my name is Lin Beifan, I’m 18 years old, currently a miscellaneous disciple of the sect, living right here. I’m preparing to participate in the entry assessment!”

“Good!” Bai Yiyi nodded happily.

Now that she knew her brother’s current identity and residence, it would be much easier to find him in the future.

Unexpectedly, the two were so close, the heavens were truly kind to her!

Just then, another urging voice came from afar.

Bai Yiyi knew she had to leave, reminding Lin Beifan before parting, “Junior Brother Lin, don’t leave. Wait for me here after the assessment; we’ll meet again!”

“Yes, Senior Sister Bai!”

The two parted ways, leaving a deep impression in everyone’s minds.

At this moment, another miscellaneous disciple approached, nudged Lin Beifan with his arm, and asked with envy, “Lin Beifan, do you know Senior Sister Bai?”

Lin Beifan nodded, “Yes, I know her. The dream lover of thousands of disciples in the Tai Xuan Sword Sect, who doesn’t know her?”

“I didn’t mean that! What I mean is…”

The disciple came closer, whispering in Lin Beifan’s ear, “Did you and Senior Sister Bai know each other before, like friends?”

Lin Beifan shook his head, “No, this is the first time I talked to her today. She mistook me for someone else just now!”

“I knew it! How could you possibly know Senior Sister Bai?” The disciple let out a sigh of relief, and the envy in his eyes turned into disdain.

Almost saying, “You’re not worthy to know Senior Sister Bai?”

Others who overheard also breathed a sigh of relief, no longer paying attention to the matter.

“The assessment is about to begin. I won’t talk to you anymore. Goodbye!”

The two went their separate ways to prepare for the assessment.

Lin Beifan arrived at the registration place, received his number plate, and lined up for the assessment.

The assessment was straightforward: demonstrate your cultivation level and then spar with another miscellaneous disciple to showcase additional abilities.

Cultivation level was a mandatory requirement. If your strength reached the extraordinary level, you would pass automatically. Otherwise, other criteria would be considered for evaluation.

Anyway, the sect had its own strict standards for judgment, and less than 1/10 of applicants passed each year.

Lin Beifan thought his chances of passing were almost zero, but he would give it his best shot.

Nervously waiting in line, Lin Beifan caught the continuous gaze from the other assessment area where Bai Yiyi was. Her eyes lingered on him as if never getting enough.

At this moment, a cautious voice came from nearby, “Senior Sister Bai, can we start now?”


Bai Yiyi turned her head and saw two miscellaneous disciples anxiously waiting for the assessment. Her face slightly reddened as she came back to reality, and she smiled, “You may begin!”

“Yes, Senior Sister Bai!”

The assessment in Bai Yiyi’s assigned area commenced.

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