Chapter 299

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Chapter 299: Warm Bed Service

Su Hao and Yashan flew at supersonic speed for five hours, finally crossing the seemingly endless ocean and stepping onto this chaotic land.

Just as Su Hao stood firm, he extended his mental tendrils, sensing the spatial fluctuations. He quickly noticed the difference in spatial dynamics here.

The amplitude of spatial fluctuations here far exceeded the central region. Summoning secondary star beasts became much easier, and occasionally, they could even break through the critical threshold, opening a channel to transport passing secondary star beasts here.

As if in response to Su Hao’s thoughts, the space slightly distorted five hundred meters ahead, and a round-eyed lazy monkey sat on the ground, munching on a large green worm. It seemed to enjoy the delicacy, with a blissful expression on its face.

However, after taking another bite, it froze. The not-so-big brain began pondering a question: Where is this?

When it saw Su Hao and Yashan staring at it from a distance, it screamed, threw the delicious green worm into the air, and swiftly ran away on all fours.

Su Hao revealed a satisfied smile, chuckling, “This place is nice!”

Yashan looked around, puzzled: How can you tell it’s a good place?

Su Hao and Yashan flew for another two hours over Beiyeshu, finally finding a human town. After circling around, they realized the surrounding area was mostly plains, unsuitable for hiding and constructing a base. So, after having some food in this small town, they continued flying north.

After three more hours of flying, the sky completely darkened, and they found a suitable place.

Many peaks stood here, covered in thick ice and snow, silent with only the occasional howling of wind from high above.

Comparing with the map, adjusting their direction, they flew towards distant lights. The map indicated a small town ahead called Huaiyuan Town, the forward station of Bugui Town, which most people coming to Beiyeshu would pass through.

After landing outside the town, Su Hao walked on thick snow, saying, “Let’s stay overnight in Huaiyuan Town tonight, and tomorrow we’ll buy some supplies and equipment.”

Su Hao and Yashan weren’t wearing much, which didn’t suit the icy environment. Yashan, shivering, asked, “Boss Wei, it’s unusually cold here. Do you have any way to keep warm? When we were flying, the black crystal armor protected us, but now without armor, it feels really cold. I tried using the fire dragon runic, but I couldn’t control it well, almost burning my clothes!”

Only then did Su Hao realize and curiously looked at Yashan, “Huh? Didn’t I inscribe the ‘high temperature’ runic for you?”

Yashan said, “Boss Wei, my core composite runic has a fire dragon, and when you were inscribing runes for me, you said the ‘high temperature’ runic overlapped with the ‘fire dragon’ runic, so you didn’t inscribe it for me. That’s why I haven’t…”

Then Yashan eagerly looked at Su Hao and asked, “Boss Wei, is the high-temperature runic warm?”

Su Hao casually drew a high-temperature runic, attached it to the outermost layer of Yashan’s clothes, and said, “Warm enough to break a sweat. Let’s go!”

Yashan was suddenly surrounded by a warm flow, making him shiver involuntarily. Feeling comfortable, he almost moaned, exhaled a long breath, relaxed all over, and followed Su Hao’s steps.

Muttering to himself, “How can anyone live in such a cold place?”

When Su Hao and Yashan entered the city, the streets were full of bright hotel signs. In addition to legitimate hotel advertisements, there were various informal ads displayed openly, very eye-catching.

By now, Yashan had reached the level of an elementary school student and could read all the characters. Muttering, he said, “Young girls, young women, young wives, warm bed…”

Then, in amazement, he exclaimed, “It’s quite humane, knowing it’s cold, they even offer warm bed services. Not bad! Boss Wei, should we get a warm bed service?”

Su Hao remained expressionless and said, “Yashan, you’re only thirteen after the new year!”

Yashan was puzzled, “What does that mean…”

Su Hao said, “Tonight, we each get our own room. If you want the warm bed service, go ahead and order it. You’ll find out once you do.”

If Yashan really ordered the warm bed service, Su Hao could predict the subsequent developments even with his eyes closed.

It would involve a blushing and seemingly seductive or innocent or charming woman knocking on Yashan’s door, only to be surprised by a thirteen-year-old boy. Then, her expression would quickly change from surprise to joy: What a great opportunity!

After that, regardless of Yashan’s resistance, she would forcefully try to do inappropriate things with him. However, Yashan, seeing through her scheme, would resist fiercely and eventually come to Su Hao to share this strange encounter.

Or perhaps Yashan would fall for a beauty trap, agree to the unreasonable requests of the woman, and when they were almost undressed, a group of tough guys would burst in, accusing Yashan, at such a young age, of seducing married women. This matter wouldn’t be resolved without a substantial sum of money…

As for what would happen in those romantic and picturesque scenes, Su Hao didn’t bother to imagine. He could simply bury them all and find another place if needed.

However, hearing Su Hao’s words, Yashan became even more curious!

After entering the hotel, Yashan found that the prices were indeed high. Even Yashan, who wasn’t short of money, widened his eyes. After choosing the two best rooms, Yashan tiptoed and leaned on the counter, asking the receptionist, “Little sister, how much is the warm bed service?”

The receptionist looked at this little boy in surprise, assessed him from head to toe, and couldn’t help saying, “Sir, are you sure you can handle it?”

Yashan asked, “Why wouldn’t I be able to?”

The receptionist smiled slightly, “Alright, I’ll get you a warm bed service, the one for young girls!”

Yashan hesitated for a moment, then suppressed his curiosity and shook his head, “Forget it! No need!”

The receptionist said regretfully, “What a pity…”

Although the hotel was expensive, the facilities were decent, providing heating. In no time, the rooms became warm.

Although the hotel charges are high, the facilities are decent, providing heating that quickly warms the room.

After a long day, Su Hao, exhausted, set up a vigilant watch and fell into a deep sleep under a thick cotton quilt.

Yashan tossed and turned, thinking about the warmth of the bed, and soon drifted into a deep slumber.

Overnight, after Su Hao and Yashan gathered their belongings the next day, they left the city but were blocked outside by a group of individuals.

Three men, tightly wrapped in large coats, approached, revealing only their eyes, staring intently at Su Hao and Yashan. The man in the middle spoke harshly, “I won’t make it difficult for you. Hand over twenty thousand, and you can leave, or else…”

He revealed a gleaming machete hidden in his coat, the implication clear.

Su Hao’s tone was colder than the surroundings, “You’d attack even a thirteen-year-old?”

The man sneered, “In this place, we recognize only money and blades, not age.”

Su Hao asked, “What if I refuse?”

The man replied, “Simple, we’ll strip you naked and take everything you have! Don’t even think someone will come to your aid; heroes of justice won’t appear in this land.”

Another man stepped forward, speaking gently, “Little brother, think carefully. In this forsaken place, do you want money or clothes? We don’t ask for much, just twenty thousand. For someone as generous as you, it’s a small price. Rest assured, we keep our word. Hand over twenty thousand, and we’ll let you go.”

With that, the third man pulled out his machete, ready to strike if Su Hao uttered a word of refusal. A blend of coercion and persuasion, these three were quite professional at robbery.

(End of this chapter)

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