Chapter 298

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Chapter 298: Kitano Shu

Only a few people, through various channels, learned about the operation and had been observing this special siege via satellites.

After everything settled, the big shots in front of the large screen, controlling the majority of the world’s resources, fell into collective silence!

Over fifty high-level summoners, equipped with advanced firearms and explosives, had combat power comparable to an elite special forces unit.

However, this formidable team faced total annihilation while besieging a mere ‘Rebel Butcher’!

Most unbelievably, the resistors, capable of teleporting to the substar at any time, couldn’t even escape!

Promptly, these people thought of a more terrifying question: If the resistors, who could freely teleport, were so fragile, how would those without the ability to teleport back to the substar fare against these two armored individuals?

The answer was evident!

Certainly, there were fearful individuals, but there were even more curious ones! They were intrigued by the idea that humans could reach such heights.

Even the mightiest substar beasts couldn’t be this powerful.

This apocalyptic, almost mythical ability was akin to godlike techniques. How did those two armored individuals achieve such a level?

They thought of sending those two armored individuals to the lab to unravel the mystery!

Members of the Summoner Association pondered, “So, how can we capture these two armored individuals and decipher their secrets?”

Supervisory Institution: “If the armored individuals are willing to cooperate, it will take a maximum of five years to decipher their secrets!”

World Federation: “The most powerful nuclear bomb should be able to take them out!”

Summoned Beast Resistor Association: “When did we get involved with this kind of stuff!”

Most importantly, from the footage, they recognized a familiar scene. Wasn’t this the skill of Bai Jingzhong’s summoned beast, ‘Super Thunderfire Steel Beast,’ from the Summoner Finals two years ago? Although the image was blurry, it confirmed it was the same skill.

The two armored individuals and the earlier ‘Super Thunderfire Steel Beast’ were undoubtedly connected. So, the question arose: What was the relationship between Bai Jingzhong and these two armored individuals? Were they from the same group?

Not long after Su Hao and Yashan moved into Huamanshan, they had to move again.

Su Hao, having experienced many ups and downs, was indifferent to it. Any place was fine for him as long as he could study space. He even planned to stay on the substar for a while and study the relationship between the substar’s ecological environment and biological characteristics.

Yashan, on the other hand, seemed a bit reluctant. This place was the base he had personally built, and he had been living well. Moving away like this, especially losing the splendid computer room he had built, made him a bit disappointed with the resistors.

Su Hao could understand this. In his view, Yashan, who was less than a hundred years old, was still young and lacked enough experience.

Seeing the large package behind Yashan, Su Hao’s eyelids twitched, and he directly asked, “Yashan, what are you doing?”

Yashan lifted the large package behind him and said matter-of-factly, “Boss Wei, we’re moving, right? This is our luggage!”

Su Hao said, “Just bring some daily necessities; throw away everything else!”

Yashan was stunned, “Huh?”

Regardless of Yashan’s confusion, he followed Boss Wei’s instructions. So, Yashan buried various items, including cameras, computers, precious tableware, pots, blankets, and miscellaneous items, with a pained expression, before setting out lightly.

To prevent accidents, Su Hao and Yashan, after escaping in random directions underground for ten kilometers, began low-altitude flight.

Suddenly accelerating to Su Hao’s side, Yashan shouted against the strong wind, “Boss Wei, where are we going next?”

Su Hao replied, “Just fly! Wherever we end up is where we’ll be!”

Yashan said, “Okay, Boss Wei!”

For Yashan, following Boss Wei was enough; he didn’t bother thinking much about anything else. However, there was one thing he had to remind Su Hao about, “Boss Wei, it’s almost New Year. Shouldn’t we visit the Morning Sun Courtyard?”

Su Hao was taken aback, realizing it was close to the year-end; in half a month, it would be New Year’s!

After some thought and to be on the safe side, Su Hao decided not to go back. Even though he had eliminated everyone today, it was highly likely that someone had noticed. High-tech methods were hard to guard against, especially considering the similarity between the flames and lightning Yashan used today and what he used during the summoner finals.

If discovered, suspicion would undoubtedly fall on Bai Jingzhong’s head. Returning might even jeopardize people like Sister Bai!

As for whether the opponents would use Sister Bai and others as a means to threaten them, Su Hao wasn’t sure. There was an unwritten rule in this world: don’t harm family members. He just didn’t know if the resistors would adhere to this rule.

Su Hao furrowed his brows and suddenly landed on a large rock protruding from a mountain gap. Yashan also landed beside Su Hao, quietly waiting.

After much consideration, Su Hao believed it was best to eliminate the resistors as soon as possible to prevent future troubles. The longer they waited, the more likely accidents would occur.

After a moment, Su Hao shook his head slowly and said, “We won’t go back this year. Later, send a message to Sister Bai! Say hi and then…”. After thinking for a while and not coming up with a good excuse, he added, “Say whatever you want, Yashan!”

Life is like that, with people and things constantly changing. If you count it, three years make a small cycle. Every three years, the people around you change, and everything becomes different. Su Hao had long gotten used to it!

His heart had become very casual; things he didn’t like or felt uncomfortable with, he kept at a distance. Things that made him comfortable and happy, he stayed with longer. Anything that touched his bottom line, he flared up, accompanied by thunderous means, and eliminated it directly.

He slowly learned to use emotions and power to express his needs. The things that made him wary had become fewer and fewer.

In the end, Yashan couldn’t come up with any good words and sent a very awkward message to Sister Bai, “Sister Bai, Sister Tian, Brother Hu Sheng, and all the Morning Sun family, Jingzhong and Jingyi wish you a happy New Year. This year, we’re studying in a faraway place and can’t come back for now. Don’t miss us.”

Then he sent some money to Sister Bai with the note “Congratulations and prosperity!”

Presumably, without Bai Jingzhong and Bai Jingyi in the Morning Sun Courtyard, they would have a happier New Year!

And by now, Su Hao already knew where they were heading next.

After sending the message, the two of them took flight again, skimming the ground, passing through mountain valleys, rivers, and crossing the Icefield Mountains. Finally, they crossed the ocean and arrived at another continent in this world – Kitano Shu!

This is another continent in the northwest direction of Zhongzhou, shaped like a seahorse, with the seahorse’s tail pointing towards the north of Zhongzhou, and it is the closest place to Zhongzhou, separated by five thousand kilometers.

Over half of Kitano Shu is covered by ice and snow year-round, with few human traces. Only a small part in the southern region has a few residents.

The cities here are mainly tourist towns, specializing in icefield products and a developed tourism industry.

Every year, numerous tourists come to Kitano Shu for sightseeing and exploration. Various ice and snow sports, in particular, attract visitors.

Of course, the most common visitors to Kitano Shu are not only tourists but also many summoners. Kitano Shu is the land of adventure for summoners.

There are three main reasons for this.

Firstly, it is a rarely visited place, allowing many summoners to realize their adventurous dreams. They like to bring their summoned beasts and freely traverse this dangerous terrain. Starting from a town called Bugui in the southeast direction of Kitano Shu to the northwest town of Leyuan, there is a path known as the most dangerous ‘Summoner Achievement Road,’ spanning five thousand kilometers. It is full of countless dangers, known as the ‘point of no return.’ Summoners who successfully traverse this road from Bugui, through the Icefield, to reach the northwest town of Leyuan are regarded as sacred summoners, surpassing even world-class summoners. This is the highest achievement a summoner can attain. Correspondingly, it is also the most dangerous. Every year, countless bones are permanently frozen here, and those who truly cross the Summoner Achievement Road are extremely rare.

Secondly, Kitano Shu’s space is highly active, with almost every moment having substar beasts accidentally transported here. From the lowest grade E to the highest grade S and even ‘Super Summoned Beasts,’ all can be encountered here. This is highly attractive to summoners. Many summoners who, like Su Hao, are unlucky and can never summon high-level summoned beasts, can capture their desired high-level summoned beasts in Kitano Shu as long as they have enough strength. It is a paradise for summoned beasts!

Thirdly, this is a place where the tentacles of major world organizations cannot reach. Organizations such as the Summoner Association, the Supervisory Institution, the World Federation, etc., have no substantial influence in Kitano Shu. The true controllers of this continent, which is not suitable for human habitation, are the various large and small adventure guilds and tour groups rooted here. In other words, in Kitano Shu, no one cares about your life or death! On this chaotic land, those who can survive are useful people.

Su Hao’s main reason for coming to this icy expanse is the second point. The space here is unstable, making it ideal for his spatial research.

Furthermore, through the information transmitted back by the Black Giant Bee, Su Hao has confirmed that the headquarters of the Resistors Association on this star is in Kitano Shu!

Su Hao is a person who understands reciprocity. The resistors took down his base, and he couldn’t just stay silent, could he?

As the saying goes, repay kindness with a gushing spring.

They destroyed Su Hao’s base, and Su Hao wiped them all out. Fair enough, isn’t it?

(End of this chapter)

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