Chapter 297

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Chapter 297: Joy of Fierce Combat



From a distant place, the muffled sounds of explosions reached Su Hao’s ears. After swiftly clearing all the summoned beasts in the vicinity, Su Hao ran eastward.

“It seems Yashan got quite a hit!” Su Hao leaped from one mountain top to another, rapidly closing in. The radar detected a slight drop in Yashan’s life force, and Su Hao speculated that Yashan was caught off guard by a sudden bomb, resulting in some injuries.

However, the Earth Lord possessed an extremely strong vitality. Unless the bomb could instantly deplete Yashan’s life force or cause fatal damage, it couldn’t directly kill the Earth Lord.

Therefore, Su Hao wasn’t in a hurry. He thought it was a good opportunity for Yashan to experience the care of modern weapons, understanding that the Earth Lord wasn’t invincible, and death was the outcome of arrogance.

After this incident, he presumed Yashan would at least have some awe for modern weapons.

Su Hao stopped about seven to eight hundred meters away, observing Yashan’s battle without intending to intervene.

At this moment, Yashan looked quite miserable, surrounded by layers of summoned beasts in circles.

Moreover, from a very far distance, several snipers with armor-piercing bullets were keeping a close eye on Yashan’s figure. As soon as Yashan dared to stop, he would immediately gain a few extra holes in his body.

And if Yashan tried to break out, a summoned beast carrying a high-explosive bomb would rush to his side, detonating the bomb and sending Yashan flying.

Seeing this scene, Su Hao almost burst out laughing.

The true form of Yashan had long been hiding underground. The one playing around on the surface with the summoners was just a form condensed by the black crystal armor.

After the black crystal form was blasted apart, it quickly regenerated! This made those summoners seriously question their lives!

What exactly was their opponent? Why wouldn’t it die no matter how they bombed it?

They unanimously suspected that the humanoid monster composed of black crystal was an extraterrestrial being lurking on their home planet…

When the battle began, Yashan didn’t think so much. Encountering a group of summoned beasts, he got excited, raised his large cleaver, and charged into the fray. He had experienced this unparalleled feeling in the game before.

In summary, it was just one word: exhilarating!

Yashan, wielding the large cleaver, rampaged through the summoned beast group like a deadly bull. Each charge took away the life of one or two summoned beasts.

Incredibly vigorous!

Yashan himself was immersed in the pleasure of ‘fierce combat.’ The meaning of ‘fierce combat’ for Yashan was tearing others apart!

If others were to ‘tear’ him apart, he wasn’t sure if he could still immerse himself.

After discovering that they couldn’t budge Yashan, the resistors’ summoners executed their second plan—meat bombs!

At first, they caught Yashan off guard with the exploding meat bombs!

One arm was even blown away, and he lay on the ground in a daze!

After being shot in the head by a sniper rifle, Yashan, the Earth Lord, began to regain his composure!

His true form submerged underground, hiding while casually creating a false body on the surface to deceive the summoners!

What Su Hao witnessed next was a scene where a group of summoned beasts unleashed their firepower on the false body, while Yashan’s true form covertly transformed his black crystal armor underground.

As for Yashan’s head being shot by a sniper rifle and not dying…

That was because Yashan was too short; his real head barely reached his neck. The head of the Earth Lord was entirely composed of black crystal armor that he condensed!

At this point, Yashan’s transformation steel had already included all the summoners.

Su Hao revealed a faint smile: “It should be over now!”

However, the following scene didn’t unfold as Su Hao expected. Yashan’s actions left Su Hao astonished, prompting him to utter a perplexed sound: “Huh?”

Unexpectedly, Yashan didn’t immediately take down all the summoners at once. Instead, he brought several high-definition cameras from the base, quietly set them up, and aimed them at the battlefield.

The camera angles were intricate, and the cameras worked together to capture all the summoners in their frames.

What puzzled Su Hao was when Yashan had brought the cameras from the base. Could it be that he had this plan from the very beginning?

After setting up the cameras, Yashan started to act.

A large amount of black crystal armor suddenly rose in the location of the false Yashan, surrounding it. In a matter of moments, the false Yashan transformed into a nearly ten-meter-tall giant, attracting the attention of all the summoners.

In their view, this mysterious armored humanoid boss had gone berserk. Entering the second phase meant that the boss was close to being defeated!

For a moment, the summoners were even more enthusiastic. Victory was in sight!

When the emotions of all the summoners reached their peak, someone noticed the anomaly underground: “Something’s not right…”

But it was already too late!

Yashan, who had prepared a powerful skill for a long time, released it at full force.

“Super Fire Dragon Lightning Cyclone!”

In an instant, crimson flames accompanied by dazzling electric flashes surged, rotating and rising violently to a height of fifty to sixty meters. The intense flames burned fiercely, emitting waves of heat that distorted the air. Thin and sinuous electric serpents occasionally flashed blue light amidst the fiery clouds, creating a lethal and alluring beauty that made people unable to resist yearning.

The combination of the alien and runic symbols unexpectedly produced such a powerful attack. Even Su Hao, who had created all of this, couldn’t help but be amazed.

As the rotating flames gradually dissipated, those summoners from the resistance had turned into charred corpses, lying haphazardly on the ground.

No one escaped!

At this point, Yashan had already merged with the false Yashan. He roared towards the sky, then spoke in a hoarse and deep voice: “I am Resistance Butcher No. 000! Resistors, await my judgment!”

After saying this, the character from the scholar’s television extended his palm, grabbed towards the camera, and clenched his fist into the void.

After watching Yashan’s performance, Su Hao jumped in front of Yashan with a smile, “Yashan, I didn’t expect you to look quite photogenic. Have you ever considered becoming a star? I’ll provide the repertoire, and you’ll be responsible for the performance. It’ll definitely go viral worldwide!”

Yashan chuckled, “I’m good at chopping people, but learning to be those clean and fresh young idols? That’s not my thing.”

Su Hao casually joked, not taking it seriously. However, if Yashan wanted to try becoming a star, Su Hao wouldn’t object.

That’s the essence of a free spirit – do whatever you want.

Su Hao took out syringes and gestured to Yashan, “Let’s search the bodies of these summoners, find the syringes they carried. Hopefully, they haven’t been burned by your fire!”

Yashan nodded, and both immediately got to work. In the end, they found a total of fifteen syringes, including the eight they retrieved and the ones Su Hao found on his own – enough for Su Hao to study for a while.

After collecting all the syringes and ensuring nothing was left behind, Su Hao walked towards the base, saying, “Let’s go, let’s go back! We need to change our location again.”

Yashan nodded in agreement. After burying the bodies underground, he swiftly retrieved his beloved cameras. The material recorded today would be enough for him to release a special edited version titled ‘Complete Collection of Resistance Dragon Charcoal Poses.’

This surprise attack by the resistors turned out to be unexpected for Su Hao. He didn’t anticipate that they would use their own people as bait to lure Yashan, determining the location of their base through some special method, and then organizing this siege.

One could say that the planning for this siege was flawless. If executed by any powerful summoner, it would undoubtedly achieve the intended results. Unfortunately, this seemingly perfect plan targeted Su Hao and Yashan.

However, they didn’t consider using heavy modern weapons against Su Hao from the very beginning. No matter how perfect the plan was, it was destined to fail in the face of Su Hao’s absolute strength.

Because, in front of Su Hao’s overwhelming power, the effectiveness of the plan was not as strong as imagined.

(End of this chapter)

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