Chapter 296

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Chapter 296: Long Knife Leaps


A massive dragon flame swept through, clearing away all flying attacks of the summoned beasts.

The horned ox carcass, charging forward, separated and collided with a large rock behind.


Su Hao’s footsteps didn’t cease; he weaved through the summoned beast group, leaving a trail of splattered blood and severed limbs.

In this vast summoned beast army, not a single one posed a threat to Su Hao!

However, Su Hao seemed reluctant to engage with these summoned beasts. After breaking through their encirclement, he sprinted in another direction, seemingly attempting to escape.

Within two breaths, Su Hao pierced through the encirclement of resistance summoners, leaving them shaken.

They never imagined that a human could possess such power.

Or perhaps, the humanoid figure in the black crystal armor they saw wasn’t truly human?

Although the resistors hesitated to control their summoned beasts to attack Su Hao recklessly, seeing him about to flee, they instinctively commanded the summoned beasts to pursue!

This was exactly Su Hao’s intention—to distance himself from the base and the scenic area.

In such a beautiful place, it would be a pity if he unleashed the black crystal transformation, destroying the environment.

However, the resistors were unaware of the terrifying existence they were chasing, and they had no idea what kind of hell awaited them.

Even with the ability to teleport back to the secondary star at any moment, it wouldn’t save them!

Soon, Su Hao chose the perfect location for them.

The terrain here was flat, with lush greenery.

Su Hao stopped, turned around, and pointed his long knife at the oncoming horde of summoned beasts!


The ground exploded beneath his feet, and Su Hao disappeared in an instant. When he reappeared, he had already charged into the midst of the summoned beast group.

With the long knife in hand, he danced among the enemies like an elf, harvesting a life with every leap.

His figure was swift as the wind, mysterious and unpredictable. The summoners’ controlled beasts couldn’t keep up with Su Hao’s movements. Soon, the summoned beast army became chaotic, attacking haphazardly, losing all order.

The black crystal armor was incredibly tough, impervious to the beasts’ ambushes, bites, poison sprays, arrows, and claw strikes. Su Hao freely traversed the summoned beast group, and after the onslaught, the black crystal armor remained as shiny as new.

The razor-sharp long knife flashed, freezing the massive summoned beast in place. Its carcass separated, falling rigidly to the ground, while its assailant had already disappeared from its side.

What does it mean for a tiger to enter a flock of sheep?

This is what it means. Even if these sheep have someone commanding them, under Su Hao’s blade, they are just a group of soft and defenseless sheep.

However, Su Hao’s target was evidently not these summoned beasts. It was the summoners controlling them!

Su Hao has already locked onto the summoners’ positions, but he doesn’t recklessly rush to hack them down!

The reason is that these summoners possess the ability to return to the secondary star at any moment! As soon as they sense danger, they would immediately escape, and Su Hao has no way to prevent it!

After all, he hasn’t yet analyzed the skill of spatial lockdown.

Being able to perform spatial transfer is indeed this audacious!

These unscrupulous individuals have committed countless atrocities, but still, they live quite comfortably—such is the power of spatial transfer.

However, Su Hao has a plan for this.

Teleportation for summoners isn’t an instant affair. As long as he captures them before they react, he can deal with all of them at once.

Su Hao has calculated the total time needed for teleportation, approximately one and a half seconds!

And this one and a half seconds are under the condition of concentrated focus. If there is external interference, this time could infinitely extend or even lead to teleportation failure.

What can be done in one and a half seconds? For others, perhaps it’s just reading a line of text, but for Su Hao, it’s enough to do many things, such as capturing all these summoners!

The reason Su Hao is wielding his knife, weaving in and out of the summoned beast group, is not to relive the feeling of being a warrior. He wants to buy some time, transforming the land beneath the summoners’ feet into black crystal armor without their awareness.

Due to the resistors’ summoners having many subterranean summoned beasts, if Su Hao directly converts the surrounding two kilometers into a black crystal domain, the opponents might sense the danger and slip away.

Therefore, the black crystal transformation must be executed by bypassing these subterranean summoned beasts, quietly and discreetly.

And now, the timing is ripe!

Just as Su Hao was cutting down a ravenous beast.


The ravenous beast explosively detonated!

Instantly, flesh and blood scattered, and a powerful shockwave sent Su Hao flying far away.

The opponent had actually pre-set bombs inside the summoned beasts!

These highly dynamic meat bombs are extremely terrifying in their destructive power! As long as one is willing to pay the price, basically, whoever wants to die will have to die!

As the summoners awaited the outcome, Su Hao, who had fallen in an arc to the ground, seamlessly melded into the underground.

At the same time, the blood energy inside him was converted into a high-pressure electric current through core runes, exported out of the body, and, following the black crystal armor, reached the summoners’ feet.


For a moment, all summoners were electrocuted, convulsing and falling to the ground.

Simultaneously, a large number of black crystal spikes suddenly emerged from the ground.

“Splatter, splatter, splatter!”

Like nails piercing tofu, all summoners were impaled, and then the tips of the spikes grew barbs. With a sudden retraction, all summoners were forcefully dragged, lying motionless on the ground.

They were continuously shocked by the electric currents, leaving them numb all over, without even a chance to scream.

They hadn’t been electrocuted to death yet, but death was not far off! Although these summoners had strong physical qualities, they were still within the realm of ordinary humans, not as powerful as the extraordinary beings from the previous world.

Su Hao infused a large amount of blood energy into the resistors’ summoners, recording their body information into the ballistic space. Subsequently, the core runes continuously transformed the immense blood energy into powerful electric currents, raging through the black crystal armor and tormenting the resistors’ summoners.

Soon, in Su Hao’s perception, the life reactions of the first summoner gradually dimmed, then vanished, followed by the second, the third…

Su Hao aimed to wipe them all out in one go, without any intention of leaving someone for questioning.

No need! Because the opponents are in a state of alertness, and within two seconds, they could teleport themselves away.

It’s better to just electrocute them all at once!

The goal is to terrify the resistors until they dare not appear in front of him again.

This is Su Hao’s way of expressing his thoughts: We can bother you, but if you dare to bother us, sorry, we’ll just kill you!

As for considering them as experimental subjects, Su Hao doesn’t see the need because he has already recorded the summoners’ body information in the ballistic space, and having this data is sufficient.

Among these summoners, even the most physically powerful ones couldn’t withstand Su Hao’s continuous one-minute electric shocks. Soon, one by one, their life energy dimmed, and finally, all disappeared.

Su Hao searched their bodies one by one and unexpectedly found several syringes from some of the resistors, each containing around three milliliters of a transparent liquid.

“What is this… a resistors’ stabilizer?” Su Hao curiously held it up for closer inspection but couldn’t make heads or tails of it.

However, he had seen this kind of injection from the perspective of the flower spirit. Every week, the flower spirit would inject itself with one. Presumably, this was the key for the resistors to traverse space.

After recording it in the ballistic space, Su Hao put it away for future research.

After a brief search, Su Hao slowly stood up. With a wave of his hand, the black crystal spikes piercing the summoners’ bodies retracted, slowly pulling the corpses underground and burying them.

Kill and bury! Without charging any burial fees, where did this good fortune come from?

(End of this chapter)

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