Chapter 295

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Chapter 295 Uninvited Guests

As long as one knows what they want, if it’s practically feasible, they can always find a way to create it. The greatest fear is having no goal.

Take Su Hao, for example, wanting to create a force field for the main and secondary stars. Once he understands the nature of the force fields in these two spatial domains, he can use runes to recreate them.

While generating force fields for paired ‘Twin Space Modules’ might be just one type among the main and secondary star force fields, Su Hao believes that producing all force fields will inevitably yield the paired ‘Space Modules’ he desires.

Su Hao’s progress with the ‘Force Field Generation’ rune is going smoothly.

However, unexpected visitors have arrived.

Stopping his ongoing experiment, Su Hao senses a large number of summoned beasts surrounding the base from all directions.

Currently, they are still outside the 5,000-meter range. Based on their estimated speed, they could reach the experimental base in just two minutes.

“It should be members of the Resistance Association; it seems they’ve discovered us!”

Su Hao calmly walks out, heading towards the computer room in Yashan.

The timing of the Resistance members’ arrival is perfect. Su Hao is contemplating how to capture some Resistance members to study the balance agent that allows humans to traverse space. Now, members of the Resistance Association have willingly entered his territory, personally delivering experimental material to his doorstep, greatly pleasing Su Hao.

Su Hao has also researched the balance organization inside summoned beasts. It is a tiny, water-drop-shaped organization with eight tentacles extending from each small unit, connecting to the surrounding flesh and blood, resembling two small stools stacked together. It looks quite peculiar.

This balance organization is spread throughout the body of every summoned beast. It is this unique water-drop balance organization that enables summoned beasts to traverse space smoothly without distortion or destruction.

This organization reminds Su Hao of a ‘wind damping device,’ also known as a fixed-floor artifact made of reinforced steel and concrete, crucial for preventing tall buildings from being blown over by the wind.

Although the structures are different, Su Hao speculates that there may be some similarities in the principles involved.

A wind damping device protects a building’s stability by effectively reducing resonance forces. Similarly, the balance organization in summoned beasts likely uses some principle to weaken the pressure from space teleportation, stabilizing the process.

The principle seems simple, but this balance organization is exclusive to summoned beasts and cannot be directly transplanted into the human body. Su Hao is very curious about how the Resistance achieves teleportation.

“Why didn’t we find a similar organization in the last Resistance woman we captured?”

This is something Su Hao cannot comprehend!

After finding Yashan, Su Hao says, “Yashan, we’ve been discovered, apparently by members of the Resistance Association. It seems that when we captured someone last time, we were tracked by something. You should bury the things in the base underground for safekeeping, and then come back later to retrieve them.”

Yashan replies, “Alright, Boss Wei!”

Then, with confusion, he asks, “Why wait to retrieve them later? Why don’t we just take them all out now?”

Su Hao laughs, “You make a good point, but let’s be cautious. I’m worried that while we’re out fighting, something might sneak in. Many documents haven’t been destroyed yet, and it wouldn’t be good if they were discovered.”

Yashan’s ‘Life Detection’ now senses the arrival of numerous summoners and summoned beasts. He eagerly says, “Got it, Boss Wei. Leave the enemies to the east to me.”

With the movement of his King Kong armor, the entire base sinks underground, and then he walks outside with Su Hao.

Black crystal armor gradually covers both of them. Once outside, they transform into two tall and powerful armored figures.

Jumping onto the mountaintop, they can vaguely see a large number of summoned beasts surrounding them— at least fifty advanced summoners and at least five hundred summoned beasts!

It’s like a small army attacking a fortress!

The mobilization of so many summoners is something neither Su Hao nor Yashan expected.

Su Hao turns to Yashan, saying, “Yashan, be cautious. Given this situation, there might be some heavy weapons with long-range attacks! There could even be high-explosive bombs.”

Yashan’s brain, initially heated by the surging blood, instantly clears up, accompanied by a tingling sensation and numbness in his mouth. He responds, “Isn’t that a bit exaggerated?”

Su Hao gestures towards the pile of summoned beasts in front of them, “Take a look for yourself. They are all uniformly B-rank or higher summoned beasts. Your ‘Resistance Butcher’ seems to be quite successful.”

Yashan proudly smiles, “Indeed!”

Su Hao says, “Let’s go! Don’t ruin the battlefield here; it’s such a beautiful place. We can have a proper fight with them outside the scenic area.”

Yashan looks at the clear river and beautiful peaks, realizing it would be a shame to damage them. He confidently declares, “Don’t worry, Boss Wei. When it comes to fighting, you can trust me!”

With that, the two head towards the summoned beasts, one from the west and one from the east.

The combat style of summoners is unique. They personally hide their tracks, control summoned beasts to attack enemies, locate enemy summoners, and then eliminate them.

They prioritize their own lives, and as for the summoned beasts, if they die, they die. They can always summon more. The secondary star’s secondary star beasts are endless…

Hence, scenes where trash talk precedes a fight rarely occur in the summoner world. Even television dares not portray it that way.

The tradition of lurking in the background and launching deadly attacks quickly and accurately has become ingrained in everyone’s blood in this world.

So, when the summoned beasts sent by Su Hao approach, the summoners hiding in the distance don’t jump out to mock Su Hao or draw aggression.

Instead, they uniformly command the summoned beasts to change direction and charge straight at Su Hao!

This is exactly what Su Hao desires; a swift end with a slash.

As for Su Hao’s summoned beasts…

Does Su Hao need summoned beasts?

No, he doesn’t! Summoned beasts would only distract him in the midst of battle.

His purpose in becoming a summoner is solely to explore the secrets of spatial teleportation, not to rely on summoned beasts for power.

This isn’t a game of summoner battles. In the time it takes to summon, he can already take down several summoned beasts with his blades! Su Hao conjures a main and a secondary longsword in his hands.

‘Sharp,’ ‘Penetration,’ ‘Hard’!

Three runes activate instantly.

Su Hao swings the two longswords in the air, adapting to the swordplay. Soon, he regains the feeling of a warrior, ‘killing one in ten steps.’

Su Hao’s footsteps become agile, like a butterfly gracefully dancing, never revealing where he’ll fly next.

Getting closer!

‘Earthquake Wave’!


‘Acid Spray’!


‘Poison Sting’!

For a moment, the summoned beasts unleash their skills, launching a relentless attack on Su Hao. Clearly, after the previous battle with Yashan, they understand the terrifying combat strength of these black crystal armored figures and must exert their full power; otherwise, they might still face defeat!

However, they are still too naive. It’s not a matter of ‘might face defeat,’ but rather, they are bound to face defeat!

Because they don’t know that the person they’re facing now is no longer the same black crystal armored figure they encountered before!

Facing the overwhelming attacks, Su Hao remains unperturbed, his steps unceasing.

The main sword in his right hand ignites a hurricane fire dragon, rising diagonally.

‘Fire Dragon – Horizontal Slash’!

(End of this chapter)

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