Chapter 294

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Chapter 294: The Role of Collapse Runes

Su Hao’s testing method was quite simple.

Design runes capable of accurately testing various force fields in space, inscribe these runes into the body of the “Beginning Sovereign,” have the “Beginning Sovereign” return to the sub-star, activate the runes, and measure the spatial force field data of the sub-star.

While Su Hao’s detection method differed from the entrusted agency’s, both achieved their respective goals.

As for the ‘force field detection rune’ and ‘force field generation rune,’ Su Hao already had ideas.

Upon learning the need to simulate the spatial fields of the sub-star and home star with runes to manufacture an “artificial space module,” Su Hao immediately thought of a rarely used rune: ‘Collapse’!

This rune could create an extremely strong gravitational field, similar to a weakened version of massive matter, instantly compressing objects into the gravitational center.

For Su Hao, the most important aspect of this rune was providing a concept for generating force fields.

Blood and qi energy first transformed through basic runes like ‘biological force field (fundamental force one)’ and ‘deflection force field (fundamental force two)’ into special force fields. Then, combinations of basic runes such as ‘biological radiation wave source (emission wave),’ ‘biological radiation wave receptor (radiation wave receiver),’ ‘effect enhancement (catalyst),’ and ‘directional control (constraint force field)’ produced various effects.

The function of the ‘Collapse’ rune allowed Su Hao to quickly find an efficient basic rune sequencing method and helped finalize the framework for the sixth-generation rune array.

In just three months, Su Hao used the ‘Collapse’ rune in reverse to design the first space field detection rune.

This rune array had four rings, with the outermost ring covered in densely packed tentacles, crucial for space field detection.

The effect of this rune was simple: after activating the rune, the tentacles would deform and shift under the influence of various force fields, magnetic fields, electric fields, and so on.

Su Hao only needed to calculate the direction and displacement of each tentacle during a unit of time, then reverse-engineer the spatial field force to obtain a set of effective data.

Then, in various locations on the sub-star, repeatedly activating the rune and collecting a large amount of data would easily reveal patterns.

Thus, more precise data on the sub-star’s spatial field could be obtained.

Su Hao gave himself a mental pat on the back for his cleverness.

“Let’s start collecting data, beginning with data from the home star. If feasible, we’ll then collect data from the sub-star.”

Su Hao left the experimental base, flew to the top of a low mountain, and stood at the highest point.

In Su Hao’s radar perception, within a circular range of seven kilometers, there was no one else around. It was perfect for collecting data here.

In the next moment, Su Hao transformed into the “Earth Sovereign,” rapidly ascending, with a dark gray crystal armor covering his body, becoming an extraordinarily splendid suit of armor!

‘Golden Sand’!

Soon, the surrounding airspace was covered with countless black crystals, densely packed like sand. Subsequently, the myriad black crystal sands grouped together, forming one rune array after another. These arrays floated in mid-air, facing various directions—up, down, left, and right—at least in the thousands.

Su Hao’s blood and qi flowed through the inscribed runes, activating them. However, it seemed like nothing happened; everything remained as quiet as before. But upon closer inspection, one could observe the outer tentacles of the rune arrays undergoing subtle movements and changing positions.

Su Hao sat down in place, patiently waiting. At the same time, the precision of the ball space recorded every tiny change in the tentacles on each rune array.

Without rest, food, or drink, Su Hao maintained the stillness of the rune arrays. It continued until the complete cycle of a day had passed by the next afternoon.

Su Hao let out a long sigh, dispersed the floating rune arrays in the sky, stood up, and stretched his stiff limbs, complaining, “Just sitting and doing nothing is unexpectedly exhausting! It seems daydreaming isn’t suitable for me!”

After indulging in food and drink back at the base, while tidying up, Yashan reported on recent developments: “Boss Wei, three days ago, when I was patrolling in Lingluo City, I discovered two groups of human traffickers. After following them, I encountered an ambush by over a dozen summoners who even used firearms, startling me. Those people should be rebels; I managed to take down most of them, but unfortunately, only caught two, and the rest teleported away.

I think the human traffickers in Lingluo City were bait they threw out, hoping to capture me!”

At this point, Yashan chuckled, “The two captured individuals are locked up. I inject them with an anesthetic every few hours, fearing they might wake up and escape. They’ve been hungry for several days and are on the verge of dying! Boss Wei, do you want to take a look?”

When Su Hao was studying runes in the laboratory, Yashan wouldn’t disturb him. Any matters had to wait until Su Hao came out on his own.

Su Hao stood up, stretched lazily, yawned, and said, “Let’s go! Take a look. After that, I’m going back to sleep!”

As he spoke, Su Hao summoned the “Beginning Sovereign,” a black giant wasp, while transforming himself into the “Earth Sovereign” just in case.

Bound to a cross were a man and a woman, their faces pale without any color of blood. After starving for days, their breath was extremely weak.

Su Hao approached directly, recorded their consciousness information, then used the “Beginning Sovereign” cells for parasitism. After finishing, he waved his hand and turned to leave, saying, “Alright, I’m going back to sleep. Enjoy yourself.”

Yashan revealed a smile.

After returning to the laboratory, Su Hao went straight to bed. Yashan could do whatever he wanted, as long as it didn’t disturb his sleep.

“How do those legendary figures who only need to meditate and practice, never having to sleep, achieve such greatness?” Su Hao first had a thought, then tossed it out of his mind and drifted into a deep sleep.

He slept until the next afternoon when Su Hao finally woke up.

After freshening up, he regained his energy. “Now that data collection is complete, the next step is to analyze various force fields on the home star.”

Su Hao’s consciousness entered the ball space, pulling up all the information collected yesterday. There were a total of 1024 force field detection runes, recording force field changes from various directions.

After excluding the influence of the planet’s rotation and revolution, Su Hao began to reverse-engineer the magnetic field effects of the rune changes. Little lights manifested, presenting the macroscopic model in front of Su Hao with different-colored lines.

At first glance, the colorful lines intertwined complexly but followed a certain pattern.

Simulating according to the force field trends, Little Light eventually aggregated the entire force field, forming a funnel-like shape.

Su Hao exclaimed, “The region of the universe where this world exists is indeed miraculous, gathering so many force fields in a complex way, creating this unique world.”

“Not only that, what’s most unimaginable is that coincidentally, life was born here, evolving into humans after a long time.”

“Even more coincidental is that I ended up in this world!”

Since it exists, it’s inevitable.

Even though Su Hao coming to this world had become inevitable, he still found it unimaginable.

If such a thing hadn’t happened to him, with a gun pointed at his head, he wouldn’t believe it either.

Sorting out the complex emotions in his mind, Su Hao summoned the “Beginning Sovereign,” the black giant wasp, and began drawing the ‘force field detection’ runes on its body.

The drawing process wasn’t complicated; Su Hao just needed to control the transformation of the “Beginning Sovereign’s” body into the appearance of the runes.

After a successful attempt, Su Hao sent the “Beginning Sovereign” back to the sub-star. Then, he entered the ball space, controlling the black giant wasp’s transformation through the little black room.

The black giant wasp first disintegrated into individual cell groups, then aggregated according to a pattern, forming ‘force field detection’ runes, floating in mid-air.

After setting up the information collection program and entrusting it to Little Light, Su Hao paid no more attention. Instead, he transformed the pinball space into a rune experimentation platform and began designing force field generation runes.

“Designing ‘force field generation’ runes is much simpler!” Su Hao quickly immersed himself in the design of runes.

(End of this chapter)

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