Chapter 293

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Chapter 293: Be polite, please.

Yashan saw this fearless attitude for the first time and sneered, “You seem quite stubborn! I wonder if you’ll still be able to laugh in a moment. I’ll give you ten minutes to spill everything you know, maybe I’ll go easy on you.”

The woman looked around and asked, “Is it just you? Where’s your assistant? I always thought ‘Resistance Butcher’ was a team!”

Yashan waved his hand in front of the woman, saying, “I need answers to my questions. First question, what’s your name?”

The woman chuckled, “Do you think I would…”


Yashan slapped her, silencing her. After she regained her composure, he said, “I asked for your name! Second question, are you male or female?”

The woman was stunned. Did he really need to ask? Can’t he see with her ample chest?


Her other cheek swelled from the slap, and Yashan’s voice came from behind his thick black crystal armor, “Exceeded the time limit for answers. Third question…”

Before Yashan could finish, the woman grimaced, “You’re crazy…”


Another slap. Yashan continued, “Interrupting someone is impolite. Please be more courteous.”

The woman understood. The guy in front of her, clad in black crystal armor, was an insane person she couldn’t communicate with. She angrily shouted, “Butcher No. 000, just wait, I’ll remember you!”

Yashan instinctively tried to slap her again, but she vanished into thin air.

“???” Yashan looked at the empty space, confused. Where did she go?

While the woman spoke earlier, her surroundings distorted suddenly. Then, as if summoned away, she swiftly disappeared.

Yashan hurriedly went to inform Su Hao, “Boss Wei, the woman suddenly vanished. Probably teleported away.”

Su Hao smiled casually, “Good, hope she ran far away.”

Yashan, understanding Su Hao’s plan, didn’t ask further. Instead, he said, “Alright, then I’ll go record another episode of ‘The Fear of the Resistance Butcher for Ten Minutes.’ I’m sure fans are eagerly waiting.”

At this point, Su Hao had used the cells of “Shijun” to host the woman and incorporate her consciousness into the pinball space. In other words, she had become Su Hao’s spy, infiltrating the resistance organization.

Crucially, this spy was unaware of her own role!

Based on Su Hao’s observation, this alluring woman exuded a promiscuous aura, likely having connections with many people—perfect for spreading the cells of “Shijun.”

Maybe the so-called Resistance Association will, in a few years, become Su Hao’s ‘own people,’ just like the Custodian.

However, what disappoints Su Hao is, “Although 【Shijun】 is good, the number of cells it can control is limited. A single 【Shijun】 can probably control only about three hundred people. I wonder if after evolving to level seven, it can control more. If it’s unlimited control… that’s impossible! And it’s meaningless!”

Su Hao decided to take some time to evolve more 【Shijun】 because he found it incredibly useful.

Su Hao’s consciousness entered the pinball space.

The voice of Little Light immediately sounded, “Welcome back, Mr. Su Hao. Showcasing the latest logs for you, manifesting newly recorded conscious perception scenes.”

Su Hao directly said, “Manifest newly recorded conscious scenes.”

Next, the environment simulation showed the current scene of the woman. She stood on a platform in front of a grand and magnificent palace, bowing her head and waiting quietly.

After a moment, a man in a suit walked out of the palace, looking at the woman’s swollen face with an inexplicable smile. “Hua Yao, Mr. Luo has allowed you to enter!”

At this point, Hua Yao finally looked up, and the surroundings were manifested. All that could be seen were towering trees and branches that seemed to cover the sky.

As for the palace… wait, the majestic and enormous palace was actually built on the branches of a giant tree!

Looking up, it was a dense expanse of green leaves and branches, with only sporadic sunlight streaming through, brightening this eerie forest slightly.

From all directions, the view was filled with intertwining branches and leaves, covering the sky, as if a tiny ant had climbed a gigantic banyan tree.

Such trees were not just one; they connected into a vast expanse, almost reaching every corner of the planet. The landscape was entirely green and lush.

Most of the auxiliary star beasts that ran, jumped, and crawled actually lived in the trees!

The environment of the auxiliary star was unexpectedly unique.

The impression it gave was large, surpassing imagination. Only when humans stayed here could they truly feel their own insignificance.

Before seeing it, who could have imagined that a gigantic palace of humans would be built on an immensely huge tree?

Hua Yao ascended the steps, walked into the palace, and then entered a side hall. Knocking on the door, she pushed it open. Inside, a middle-aged man resembling a big-bellied boss was sitting at the boss’s desk, lying back in the chair, crossing his feet on the table. The socks had two holes, revealing playful toes.

This was Luo Zong, one of the five esteemed bosses of the Resistance Association. He swayed leisurely, took a deep drag of his cigarette, exhaled in delight, and then a greasy smile appeared on his face. His small eyes squinted into a line, “Oh, isn’t this Hua Yao? How did you end up looking like a pig’s head after a beating?”

Hua Yao subconsciously revealed a coquettish smile and was about to go forward to pinch Boss Luo’s shoulder when he disdainfully said, “Stay away, don’t come near me until your face recovers its beauty!”

Hua Yao rolled her eyes, playfully narrated the events, adding some spice, and then concluded, “That Butcher No. 000 is definitely a lunatic!”

Boss Luo exhaled smoke and then laughed, “But No. 000 really did something extraordinary! A talented individual! I never thought it could be done like this. Now the number of our youngsters is decreasing rapidly, and the production of the balance agent has dropped significantly!”

Hua Yao helplessly said, “Unfortunately, we have been unable to determine his location… Boss Luo, what should we do now? We can’t let him continue like this!”

Boss Luo glanced at Hua Yao, grinned, and didn’t say anything, just chuckled.

Su Hao, who observed everything, never imagined that the higher-ups of the Resistance were like this!

However, through the conversation between Hua Yao and Boss Luo, Su Hao still gained some useful information.

First, the Resistance worldwide gathers children for a purpose related to producing the so-called ‘balance agent.’

Second, the Resistance can freely travel to and from the auxiliary stars, where there are dedicated bases.

Most importantly, when Hua Yao contacted the man in a suit and Boss Luo, the parasitic unit of 【Shijun】 successfully sensed and infected both of them.

Although the quantity was not large, over time, the cells of 【Shijun】 would undoubtedly grow slowly, reaching the point of completely infiltrating both of them.

“The seeds planted in the Resistance Association have started to sprout, just waiting for them to grow slowly!”

In this world, even though humans have powerful spatial teleportation technology and strong mental abilities, fundamentally, they are ordinary people. Once parasitized by the cells of 【Shijun】, there’s no way for them to escape.

Su Hao closed the manifestation of Hua Yao’s scene, the dark room disappeared, and the surroundings turned into a spacious experimental platform. Various scattered basic runes and a four-ring incomplete rune array appeared on the platform.

This was Su Hao’s envisioned sixth-generation rune array, adding the fourth dimension to serve the functions of ‘reception’ and ‘feedback.’

Next, Su Hao delved into the research of the sixth-generation rune.

The top priority was to design runes capable of detecting spatial field data.

Once successful, it meant that Su Hao had entered the realm of ‘controlling spatial teleportation’ as a skill.

As for the method of detecting auxiliary star spatial field data, Su Hao had already figured it out.

(End of this chapter)

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