Chapter 292

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Chapter 292: Concept of Spatial Locking Technology

In Su Hao’s view, the sudden disappearance of the rebels indicates their mastery of the ability to freely shuttle between the main and secondary stars. Since the other half of the main star’s twin spatial module is mostly located above the secondary star, once the mental tendrils follow the spatial network vibrations, opening a channel, the connection point is inevitably the secondary star. As long as the technology of the balance organization is mastered, one can easily move back and forth like summoning a creature.

According to Su Hao’s speculation, rebels likely have the technology of human balancers. As for the short-distance shuttle technology on the main star, it is currently under the control of the administration.

The administration covets the rebel’s human shuttle technology to the secondary star, and the rebels covet the administration’s main star shuttle technology. The Summoner Association covets the administration and rebels’ technologies, while the World Federation covets the military technology of the Summoner Association. The World Federation envies the transcendent status of the Summoner Association.

In this complex relationship, simplicity prevails.

What puzzles Su Hao is that the administration, with such powerful research capabilities, has not mastered the human balance organization. Instead, the rebels seem to have taken the lead in this technology. There must be something fishy that he doesn’t know.

Su Hao asked, “I’d like to see it for myself. When do you plan to take action to capture the rebel manager, and I’ll come along.”

Yashan eagerly said, “Sure, Boss Wei. I’ll edit this video first, and once it’s released, we’ll act immediately.”

Meanwhile, Su Hao was thinking: If the other party has shuttle technology, I can’t do anything. I can only take the person down while they’re unaware. However, I can try to implement spatial locking technology.

With that thought, Su Hao returned to his laboratory, his mental tendrils probing, sensing this irregularly undulating space, its form strange, twisted, chaotic, and profound.

Su Hao slowly fell into contemplation, “If one wants to interrupt the summoning process, how should it be done? The key to summoning is the spatial module…”

Su Hao sensed this strange space, observing the rhythmic, expanding, squeezing, and circulating spatial modules. The entire space world was in a state of flux.

As time passed, Su Hao discovered a set of spatial modules being born, squeezing other spatial modules while some also vanished.

A light flashed in Su Hao’s mind, and he couldn’t help but exclaim, “Vanishing!”

Su Hao remembered the ‘KFK1380’ project that the administration had been vigorously working on during this time. Wasn’t it an experiment on the disappearance of spatial modules?

At this moment, Su Hao suddenly realized, “So, the administration is also researching spatial locking technology. Hehe, the rebels probably don’t even know that their roots are about to be dug up.”

In Su Hao’s anticipation, the ultimate victor of this world would undoubtedly be the administration.

Knowledge and technology don’t represent everything, but from another perspective, they can also represent ‘everything.’

Su Hao entered the pinball space, examining the obtained data from the ‘KFK1380’ project. After a while, Su Hao left the pinball space and said helplessly, “It’s also a special magnetic field force field.”

“Well then, let’s design a force field perception rune and obtain the corresponding force field parameters!”

Next, Su Hao delved back into his laboratory, conducting experiments and trials day and night.

One week later, Yashan found Su Hao and said, “Boss Wei, Rebel Butcher 003 has sent a message. There seems to be rebel activity in Qingnan City, 500 kilometers from here. I’m thinking of keeping watch tonight. Boss Wei, do you want to join?”

Su Hao put down his current design work and said, “Certainly!”

After dinner, the two leaped into the air, activated light-absorbing runes, and flew low towards Qingnan City. In less than an hour, they arrived outside Qingnan City, landed, and took a ride into the city.

As the sky completely darkened, city lights illuminated the night. Su Hao and Yashan moved between various floors, resembling two superheroes roaming the city, upholding justice.

It wasn’t until 2 a.m. that they finally made a discovery.

Su Hao said, “Two kilometers to the east, there are two unconscious children. Let’s go check.”

They then stealthily tracked the unconscious children, quickly reaching the vicinity of the target. They saw a summoning beast carrying two men sneaking outside the city in the darkness.

The two men each held a sack.

Found them! Su Hao and Yashan quietly followed behind the two. Yashan opened his portable camera.

One trafficker whispered, “After finishing this job, we’ll meet our performance target, and then we’ll quit!”

The other echoed, “Exactly, doing this job is so dangerous nowadays!”

“It’s true, not worth it.”

“If we run into that butcher tonight, we’re done for!”

“Oh damn, you jinx, shut your mouth! How could I team up with a fool like you!”

“What did you say? Who are you cursing!”

“I said: Shut up quickly!”

“You’re not any better!”

Su Hao followed the two to a run-down rental house. The two placed the children in one of the rooms, sighed collectively, and quickly left the place, determined to quit this line of work.

Su Hao and Yashan paid no attention to the two traffickers, quietly observing from the shadows, waiting for the rebel manager who would take charge of the children.

Under Su Hao’s radar, those two traffickers couldn’t escape.

After about half an hour, a woman dressed in a provocative manner, resembling a chicken head, appeared and opened the rental door.

Su Hao squinted; he understood that this woman was the person they had been waiting for!

However, the other party was extremely cautious, with two invisible summoning beasts lurking nearby. There was also a large black cat in a hidden corner, remaining vigilant and ready to act.

Su Hao slowly infiltrated underground, coming up beneath the woman. Suddenly, he rose, and in the woman’s astonished gaze, he grabbed her neck and slammed her forcefully onto the ground.


The ground shook. ‘Level 2 – Lightning!’

A powerful electric current was channeled into the woman by Su Hao, instantly leaving her charred both inside and out. Feeling it wasn’t secure enough, Su Hao grabbed a brick from the wall.


Then he viciously smashed the brick onto the woman’s forehead.


The woman shivered, her eyes rolling back, becoming limp and motionless.

Only then did Su Hao relax. Once given the opportunity, the person could have been teleported to the secondary star!

Not waiting any longer, Su Hao infused blood essence into the woman’s head, duplicating her consciousness into the pinball space, locking it in a small dark room.

At this moment, Yashan lowered his voice and said, “Boss Wei, you’re truly amazing. I’ve learned how to capture people! I’ll go get those two traffickers first and test the effectiveness!”

Su Hao nodded, then approached the two sacks, opening them to reveal two unconscious children.

A moment later, Yashan returned, carrying the two men.

Skillfully extracting a phone from the woman, Yashan unlocked it with fingerprint recognition and directly dialed the public security team’s number. In a hoarse voice, he said, “There are two abducted children in the rental room at 104 Xxx Street. Come quickly.”

Turning to Su Hao, he said, “Boss Wei, let’s hide on the side and wait for the public security team to take the children away!”

Su Hao agreed.

Soon after confirming the children had been taken away, Su Hao and Yashan kept the captives, leaped into the air, flew out of Qingnan City, changed direction, and flew back to the base at low altitude.

Upon returning to the base, Yashan eagerly began preparing means to deal with the three captives.

Three cameras were activated, recording the movements of the captives from all angles. Just as Yashan was about to wake up the woman, Su Hao suddenly called a halt, “Yashan, wait a moment!”

With that, Su Hao summoned a black giant wasp. This was Su Hao’s second summon, the ‘Begin Monarch,’ not sent to the administration.

First, Su Hao allowed the numerous parasitic units of the ‘Beginner Sovereign’ to infiltrate the woman’s body. After confirming successful parasitism, he exited the cell, indicating to Yashan that he could proceed.

After waking up the provocative woman, she observed her surroundings and burst into laughter, somewhat crazed, “So, you’re Rebel Butcher 000! This is your execution ground, right? I’ve seen you on videos before. It’s truly an honor to visit here this time.”

(End of this chapter)

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