Chapter 291

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Chapter 291: The Ungraspable Rebel

After Su Hao understood the principles of short-distance teleportation, can he succeed?


It just requires a considerable amount of time to turn theory into reality.

And Su Hao is not short of time! He firmly believes that success is inevitable.

After obtaining the theory of short-distance teleportation, Su Hao organizes the required steps as follows:

1. Simultaneously mimic the magnetic fields of the main star and the auxiliary star.
2. Manufacture artificial spatial modules, capturing paired spatial modules.
3. Implant the paired spatial modules into the spiritual bodies of both teleportation parties.
4. Create a spatial teleportation balancer to ensure safe teleportation.
5. Attempt Su Hao’s own body teleportation.

Among these five, the most challenging is the first one—mimicking the magnetic fields of the main star and the auxiliary star.

The management office can send detectors to the auxiliary star, collect data on the magnetic field in the auxiliary star’s space, and use high-tech large machines to mimic the auxiliary star’s magnetic field.

However, Su Hao lacks both the magnetic field data of the auxiliary star and the industrial conditions to manufacture a magnetic field generator. It can be considered an insurmountable obstacle.

That’s the difficulty!

Nevertheless, as long as there’s a direction, Su Hao never fears challenges. He leaves the experimental base, climbs to the top of the mountain where the base is located, finds a smooth stone slab, and lies down.

Amidst the picturesque scenery, adjusting his breathing rhythm, clearing his mind, he gradually enters a state of deep contemplation: “The first challenge is that I don’t have the magnetic field data of the auxiliary star, and this core data is undoubtedly held by the ten major families. Even if I get lucky and obtain the data, I might not understand it. Those data parameters correspond to various machines… I must obtain magnetic field data that I can understand.”

“Perhaps, I can try to create runes specifically for detecting magnetic fields…”

“In a couple of days, I’ll go out and search for knowledge about various magnetic fields. It’s convenient to ask Chen Qingsheng, but it’s easy for suspicions to arise regarding whether I’ve deciphered the secrets of space. I’ll be cautious and try not to make enemies with the management office.”

“The second challenge is how to use runes to manifest the magnetic field. This can be attempted first with the main star’s magnetic field. After obtaining mature rune technology, I’ll try to create the magnetic field of the auxiliary star’s space.”

“However, there’s a special rune that can provide me with ideas!”

“The rest is relatively simple; I can set them aside for now. Next, I’ll fully tackle the magnetic field issue.”

“However, the current rune array plate is designed for the development of various skills, not necessarily suitable for creating various powerful magnetic fields. I need to start developing the sixth-generation rune array plate, specifically for spatial services.”

So, in summary, he needs to do three things:

1. Design the sixth-generation rune array plate.
2. Design the magnetic field detection rune.
3. Design the magnetic field generation rune.”

Thinking to this point, Su Hao enters the pinball space, records his thoughts in the log, then exits the pinball space, stands up, pats his buttocks, and walks down the mountain.

When Su Hao returns to the experimental base, he loudly shouts, “Yashan, is the meal ready?”

Yashan, with a reflex action, springs up from in front of the computer and replies, “Wait a moment, Boss Wei, it’ll be ready soon!”

Yashan quickly saves the video he edited, then happily runs to the kitchen to prepare food for Boss Wei.

It feels like returning to the past, and Yashan enjoys it. Learning various dishes and cooking for Boss Wei has become his favorite thing. In these two years, not only has Su Hao obtained what he wanted, but Yashan has also gained something. Now, Yashan is one of the leading figures in several organizations worldwide. When people hear the words ‘Rebel Butcher,’ they can’t help but shudder; a chill runs through them from head to toe. ‘Rebel Butcher’ No. 000 is truly a terrifying figure! He casually uses various horrifying punishments as if playing a game of dice. However, the content involves real and bloody torture.

The heartbreaking cries of human traffickers in the videos can penetrate the soul and reach deep into the heart. ‘Rebel Butcher’ No. 000 is like the archetypal villain in movies and TV shows. The only difference is that this villain seems to be doing good deeds by targeting ‘rebels’ who capture children.

Even though they might be doing a good thing, many people still see ‘Rebel Butcher’ as an outright villain, finding it hard to acknowledge him in their hearts. They believe that capturing them and killing them directly would be sufficient, questioning why the need for such gruesome torture, which violates basic human rights. How many would resort to such cruel methods to kill the innocent?

However, Yashan doesn’t care about all this. He doesn’t have a sense of right or wrong and isn’t concerned about the impact on others or potential serious consequences. He’s reluctant to engage in debates with those people because Boss Wei told him, “Don’t mind them. You’ve taken action, and regardless of how you’ve done it, it’s much stronger than those who only talk. Do you want to listen to the wailing of those weaklings?”

He is well aware of his purpose and knows that since the videos became popular on the internet, the grassroots workers of the Summoned Beasts Rebel Association have decreased significantly. Recently, it has become more challenging to catch child traffickers.

Not because they’ve become wiser, but because they are afraid. Many have resigned from the rebel camp and switched jobs. They weigh the cost: is it worth suffering such inhuman torture and death for money and promotion?

It can be said that Yashan’s plan has initially shown results, but success is still far away because he has yet to catch any rebel members above the manager level. This has thwarted his intention to eradicate all rebels systematically.

After eating and drinking, Yashan reports his recent work to Su Hao: “Our ‘Rebel Butcher’ organization has now recruited five enthusiastic members, from 001 to 005. They are all top-notch information technology talents. Every video we release can circulate on major websites for two hours, and the effect is excellent. There’s no need to worry about being traced. It seems that the progress is going very smoothly.”

Su Hao timely praises, “Well done, Yashan. Look, those rebels dare not show their faces!”

Yashan smiles awkwardly and then says, “But Boss Wei, I have a problem now. I can’t catch their core members. Continuously capturing these small fries is not a solution. What should I do?”

Su Hao responds, “Do you remember the method I taught you for problem-solving?”

Yashan immediately answers, “Using the goal decomposition method, dividing the main goal into multiple sub-goals, and then continuously dividing, subdividing until it becomes executable.”

Su Hao nods with a smile, “Exactly. Have you used this method to think about the problem?”

Yashan replies, “I have used it and tried, but the other party is very cunning. I can locate them, but I can’t catch them.”

Su Hao becomes interested, “You found them but couldn’t catch them?”

It’s important to note that Yashan is exceptionally powerful, with super high-speed flight ability, and, coupled with the ‘Life Detection’ skill, which extends to a range of 1,200 meters, who could escape from him?

Yashan scratches his head, looking puzzled and blaming himself, “In order to catch their manager, I released two human traffickers who abducted children, followed them to an old dilapidated building, and waited for a long time. When the suspected manager appeared, I immediately rushed up to catch him. But when I entered the building, he disappeared! I couldn’t find him anywhere, and ‘Life Detection’ didn’t sense his presence.”

He then adds with relief, “Fortunately, the abducted child was not lost!”

Su Hao falls into contemplation, “Is that so? It seems this rebel has some interesting tricks!”

Su Hao has always known that members of the Summoned Beasts Rebel Association possess the technology to go to the auxiliary star. However, he never thought that the high-level members of the rebel association could freely travel between the main and auxiliary stars.

No wonder rebels are like a sticky plaster; the Summoner Association has no way to deal with them!

(End of this chapter)

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