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Chapter 29

===029 Departure===

With a low drink, Su Hao attacked Wu Yuntian again, delivering a punch to the chest.

Seeing Su Hao rushing straight towards him like that, Wu Yuntian couldn’t help but twitch at the corner of his mouth. If it were any other time, he could end the fight with just one slash.

Wu Yuntian suppressed the impulse to draw his sword and blocked the punch with his hand.


Su Hao didn’t expect his punch to succeed, so he quickly followed up with a side kick.

Wu Yuntian reached out to grab Su Hao’s ankle, but unexpectedly, a strong force struck his palm, causing it to go numb. He couldn’t grab firmly and ended up taking two steps back due to the unstable balance.

Seizing the opportunity, Su Hao pressed on.

“Sliding Shadow Step!”

Su Hao activated his combat technique, suddenly gliding towards Wu Yuntian and delivering an elbow strike. With the enhancement of his elite blood energy, his Sliding Shadow Step became incredibly fast.


After blocking Su Hao’s elbow strike, Wu Yuntian quickly retreated, creating distance. His expression became serious.

Su Hao wouldn’t give the enemy a chance to adjust. Since he had the advantage, he needed to find a way to expand it until victory was achieved.

“Sliding Shadow Step!” Su Hao swiftly approached Wu Yuntian from left to right, launching attacks using his speed advantage.

A fierce close-quarters battle unfolded in this open space, with sand and dust flying in all directions. Leaves blown by the wind couldn’t get within three meters due to the powerful qi.

The more he fought, the more serious Wu Yuntian became. He realized that his raw strength was slightly weaker than his son’s. His speed and quantity of elite blood energy couldn’t match up, but he just barely managed to suppress Su Hao due to his larger physique and stronger physical strength, as well as his richer experience. If Su Hao’s body grew taller and stronger, he might not be a match anymore.

Just a while ago, Su Hao was just an ordinary high-level martial artist, and the gap between them was almost insurmountable. It was unbelievable how, in such a short time, he could already fight on equal ground with him. It was quite incredible.

Not long after, because of impatience, Su Hao attacked a loophole exposed by Wu Yuntian and was pulled back by Wu Yuntian’s wrist, causing him to lose his balance. Then, Wu Yuntian raised his foot, kicking him far away.

Just before landing, Su Hao propped himself up with his hands and performed a somersault to stabilize himself.

Gasping for breath, he rubbed his hands and feet, which were slightly in pain from the battle, and Su Hao straightforwardly admitted defeat, saying, “Father, you’re really amazing.”

Su Hao said this sentence completely from the heart. Through his battle with Wu Yuntian, he learned a lot of close combat skills against enemies.

Wu Yuntian rarely smiled and said, “Soon, I won’t be your opponent anymore. Do you now know what level you are at?”

Su Hao pondered on the insights gained from the battle and nodded, “I should be a slightly lower advanced elite warrior than you, father. But didn’t I just enter as an elite warrior? Suddenly becoming advanced, it feels a bit unbelievable.”

Wu Yuntian agreed, “It’s good that you find it unbelievable.”

Su Hao was still reminiscing about the feeling of the battle. He couldn’t say he loved it, nor could he say he hated it. He only felt the joy of growth in battles.

Suddenly, Wu Yuntian said, “Xiangwu, you’re nine years old now, right?”

Su Hao nodded, “A little over nine years old.”

“You have met the requirements. So, I plan to send you to the Lingyun Warrior Academy in Lingyun Town in September for learning,” Wu Yuntian turned his head towards the direction of Lingyun Town.

“The Lingyun Warrior Academy?” Su Hao became interested.

Wu Yuntian nodded, “That’s right. I also studied there for a while back then, but unfortunately, I left before completing four years of study.”

Wu Yuntian paused and added, “What I can teach you is actually nothing more. I don’t even know how to become a master warrior, who is a higher level. But this world is big, not just what you see here. There are more things waiting for you to discover, to learn.

Honestly, even if you go to the Lingyun Warrior Academy, you won’t learn much more. The reason I want to send you there is that I hope you can systematically learn the theory of warrior cultivation, which is very important but something I can’t provide you with.”

After saying that, he turned to Su Hao and asked, “What do you think?”

Su Hao immediately responded, “Good.”

He secretly looked forward to it. He would finally leave Chashan Checkpoint and see the outside world. And now, he was no longer the helpless child he used to be. He was now: an advanced elite warrior. He would be an extraordinary person outside.

“Oh, by the way,” Wu Yuntian seemed to suddenly remember something and reminded him, “Qingqing, who is a little older than you in the Outpost, and Old Li’s son Zhi, have also met the requirements. They should be enrolling with you this year. You should take care of them more then.”

“What?” Su Hao was shocked. Going to school and taking care of children?”

Two months later, Su Hao had digested the surge in power after breaking through to the elite warrior level, reaching a level where he could freely and casually release his elite blood energy.

Su Hao updated the information about his physical condition:

“Age: 9 years and 7 months;

Height: 149;

Weight: 50KG;

Physical condition: Healthy;

Level: High-level elite warrior;

Elite blood energy: 31;

Combat skills: Basic knife technique (proficient), basic footwork (proficient); Shadow Glide (proficient), Cross Slash (skilled), Deceptive Thrust (skilled), Forceful Fist (skilled), Charge (beginner), Shield Strike (beginner), Jumping Chop (beginner);

Variable control: Blood energy enhancement function (proficient), muscle enhancement function (proficient), bone enhancement function (beginner), organ enhancement function (not started), five sense enhancement function (not started).”

From the above data, the biggest change in the past year is the addition of elite blood energy. The value “31” represents the amount obtained by converting ordinary blood energy into elite blood energy 31 times. Each conversion of ordinary blood energy yields “1” point of elite blood energy.

His conversion speed is very fast, being able to convert once per day. It would take 31 days to reach a full 31 points of elite blood energy.

In comparison, ordinary people conservatively estimate that it takes ten days to accumulate enough ordinary blood energy for one conversion. This shows the abnormality of Su Hao.

There is also the skill “Shadow Glide” which has progressed from “skilled” to “proficient”. During these two months, Su Hao occasionally sparred with Wu Yuntian and gained some insights, breaking through to a higher level with Shadow Glide.

When using Shadow Glide, he can even change directions at will during battle, creating multiple illusions, making it difficult for opponents to determine his next move.

Of course, his height has increased by a few centimeters and is now at 149 cm. His weight has reached 50KG, and even the amount of ordinary blood energy has increased, which is something to be happy about.

Today is the day Su Hao is reporting to the Lingyun Warrior Academy. He has already packed his essential daily necessities and is ready to set off.

The distance between Chashan Lookout and Lingyun Town is not far, only half a day’s journey on foot.

Including Su Hao, there are five people traveling together. The little girl, He Qingqing, the chubby Liu Cunzhi, He Qingqing’s father, He Jianyong, the father of Liu Cunzhi, and Su Hao. As for why Wu Yuntian is not going with them, his exact words were: “I can rest assured if you guys lead. I won’t go and I’ll stay behind to guard the village.”

Wu Yuntian is indeed very confident because his son, Wu Xiangwu, has combat power that is almost on par with his own, so there is nothing to worry about.

He Jianyong and Liu Cunzhi’s father both think that Wu Yuntian is too carefree. They are not at ease with their own daughters and sons going to the wilderness, so they insist on personally escorting them.

Before leaving, Wu Yuntian handed a bag to Su Hao and said, “This is the money I exchanged for your three years of spoils. Keep it safe. It’s not much, but it’s enough.”

Su Hao took the money bag and had his first encounter with the currency of this world. Curiously, he took out a shiny silver coin and asked, “Is this a silver coin?”

“This is called a silver yuan, which can be exchanged for 100 copper yuan, and 100 silver yuan can be exchanged for 1 gold yuan. You can see how to use it when you arrive at Lingyun Town. By the way, if it’s not enough…”

Su Hao immediately looked expectantly at Wu Yuntian.

Wu Yuntian said, “I don’t have any more either!”

Su Hao remained calm.

“Alright. Then I’ll set off.” Su Hao took the things and put them away.

It was Su Hao’s first time leaving this small village.

“A little bit excited!” Su Hao murmured with a smile.

“What?” He Qingqing, who had been paying attention to Su Hao, instinctively asked.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

My Journal of Godhood, 我的成神日志
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An accident gave Su Hao the ability to reincarnate infinitely. But who can tell him why he can’t live past five years of age every time he is reincarnated? The universe is dangerous and unfriendly to children. Su Hao decided on his first small goal — to become an adult. “How could I not even become an adult!” … Amidst Su Hao’s millions of reincarnations, one time after another. After obtaining enough knowledge, he discovered the way to become a god. This is a mortal’s path to divinity. Maybe… you can too!


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